The use of technology to influence the presidential campaign has been widely reported, especially in regard to analytics tools designed to alert campaign teams of how voter turnout went in various swing states. The Obama campaign call tool, by contrast, supported 7,000 users and made over two million calls on the last four days of the campaign. And according to the blog, the Obama team made use of practically every AWS service in the book, including ES2, Route 53 and SQS among others, to integrate sophisticated data modelling, social coordination and multi-channel media management. The Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) held the most voter file information in order to give the Obama campaign managers the best look at what was going on; this was put alongside an analytics system on EC2 Cluster Compute instances. James is editor of CloudTech, with a passion for how technology influences business and several Mobile World Congress events under his belt. Cloud Tech promotes industry thought leadership content from industry brands, businesses and analysts, partnering with writers and bloggers to deliver insight and advice on cloud IT strategy to our extensive audience of CIOs and IT managers. Automatically Start and Stop Amazon VMsLast week I came across this post Scheduling Start and Stop Times for Azure VMs. Let me introduce you to AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell and show you how to Automatically Start and Stop Amazon VMs. You’ll need to create a Start and Stop Powershell script for each Amazon VM with the correct Instance ID. I’ve set the Post Execution Pause to 90 seconds which seems to be enough for the VM to start.
A great tip for Amazon VMs is to assign elastic IPs, if not the external IP will change every time the VM is shut down.
When you open the new Amazon MP3 app, you get to decide if you want to shop for songs or head straight to the player to play any music that you have in your cloud.
If you decide to shop, you can decide after purchasing if you want to save your songs to the cloud drive or directly onto your device.
Here is what the cloud music player looks like after saving your purchases to your cloud drive. Obviously the smart thing here is to attach all of your purchases to your personal Amazon cloud so that you can later download them onto any device of your choosing.
Of course the music industry is crying about any method that makes it easier for people to access and listen to their music. So while the platform is a little barebones, it definitely works, it seems pretty consumer friendly pricing wise, Amazon’s landed a solid opening blow in the streaming music wars.
Now if they would only automatically link all my previously purchased music to this cloud player I would be really happy. On a somewhat related note, if the above shots are from Kellex’s phone, he has some seriously bad taste in music. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Liu, a research manager with Accenture Technology Labs, took advantage of the way that Amazon organizes its EC2 domains to come up with his estimate, which strikes us here at Wired as a bit of a lowball guess. But Liu used a few tricks to link all of Amazon’s Domain Name System and IP addresses to actual server racks used by the Internet giant.
Nobody knows for sure, but because it buys so many servers, Amazon has probably joined Google, Facebook, and others and come up with custom, energy efficient server designs that are different from what you’d see in most corporate data centers.
Most of us can look into our crystal balls and see that a handful of tech trends which became big in 2013 will probably get bigger next year: cloud computing, big data, the rise of tablets, the Internet of Things.
But market research firm IDC has gone one better by predicting how these trends will unfold next year a€” and generate billions of dollars. People and companies will buy smartphones and tablets, a market expected to grow by 15% over 2013. The four hottest emerging markets, Brazil, Russia, India, And China (often called BRIC), will up their spending by 13%, IDC predicts, with China leading the way. IDC also predicts that, for the first time, other emerging countries will collectively start spending big on tech.
2013 was the year that companies stopped kicking the tires on cloud computing, and started buying it big time.
IDC predicts that the cloud will drive $100 billion worth of spending in 2014, up 25% over 2013.

Cloud computing is also going to get increasingly specialized, with more cloud services for specific industries. IDC expects Amazon Web Services to lead the way with "an avalanche" of new services for developers and businesses in 2014. Then all of the IT companies that did well in the pre-cloud era (like Cisco, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, VMware) will step up and chase Amazon and Google with their clouds, too. Spending on big data technologies and services will grow by a hefty 30% in 2014, surpassing $14 billion, IDC predicts. Big data is where companies tap into huge volumes of data stored in their own data centers and elsewhere on the Internet. That means companies may be less interested in buying "Facebook for the enterprise" chat apps. By mid-2015, virtually all enterprise software will have some sort of social feature built in, IDC says. Industries will turn to cloud players like Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, and others to host their industry-specific clouds.
In 2013, big IT vendors like Cisco and Salesforce started to release their first IoT products. By 2020, 30 billion inanimate objects will be made "smart," and added to the Internet, controlled by apps. Posted in cloud computing, coding, hacks, python.Tagged amazon web services, AWS, boto, coding, ebs, ec2, hacks, python, s3.
James has interviewed a variety of leading figures in his career, from former Mafia boss Michael Franzese, to Steve Wozniak, and Jean Michel Jarre. My last two post Ultimate Guide to Citrix Lifecycle Management and Citrix Lifecycle Management Deep Dive did leverage Amazon AWS for testing.
The first time you run it, it will create an encrypted profile which contains your AWS Access Key, Secret Key and Default Location. At the moment it doesn’t support Powershell as an event, so I leverage command line instead. The money you’ll save will pay for the Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager license itself. If you shutdown the EC2 instance, a small fee of $0.005 is charged per Elastic IP address not used. Unlike Pandora, it seems not only to be continuously streaming data, but at a much higher kb rate as well.
I have an rooted OG droid that I swap out roms on every month or so (currently running cyanogen mod 7).
That’s the number that Huan Liu came up with when he did a bit of internet sleuthing. But he also found that Amazon has a relatively small footprint in other parts of the world.
Then, by guessing that each server rack has 64 machines in it, he came up with his total numbers. Companies will also beef up their data centers with new hardware that works better with mobile devices.
That includes the hardware cloud service providers will need buy to keep up with customer demand.
Worldwide tablet sales will grow by 18% and smartphones will grow by 12% next year, IDC predicts. By the end of 2013 $423.1 billion will be generated by smartphones and tablets that cost less than $350, IDC predicts. But in 2014, Android developers will start making more money catching up, but not surpassing, the money thatA  iOS developers make, IDC predicts. They use computers to instantly sift through that data to predict business conditions and serve customers. Instead of building a new product or service by itself, companies will increasingly use social tech to crowdsource development from many sources like customers, partners, startups.
An early example is GE's Predix, a cloud service that helps big industrial companies build products, it says.

It will allow billions of new devices to join the Internet creating what's called the Internet of Things (IoT). Only use AWS if you’re have some non-trivial process (more involving than just a plain old vanilla LAMP stack), or else you’re not really capitalizing on the benefits of using this “cloud computing” by AWS anyway.
Caution, this is just enough for you to wrap your head around the major concepts and get your first hello world instance off the ground.
You could do this using the tools from Amazon like the example right above, but the following example uses a Python wrapper to EC2’s API called boto – for the sake of learning! You can use what they call an Elastic IP, which is basically them giving you an IP address, which you can then assign to any instance you like. You could have 1 instance running, and if it crashes, you could fire up a second instance and re-map your Elastic IP to the new second instance, in hopes that the outside world don’t notice an interruption in service while you do a post-mortem on the 1st instance that crashed. A couple of months back, the music player on my droid stopped recognizing most of my music files, other than ones that I had purchased and downloaded in the last year or so. Imagine how beneficial this could be for up and coming local bands to get their music discovered while also getting paid.
It appears as though you have to connect your phone to a computer to upload previously purchased Amazon MP3 tracks to the cloud by pulling from your SD card. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. Beginning is always the hardest, I hope this will help lift you off the ground as I document the things I found out the time-consuming way.
Think of EBS as a really big USB drive, and just like a USB stick, it’s a raw device that needs to be formatted first. Subsequent snapshots are also incremental deltas from previous snapshots, thus you save space.
It’s interesting to note that if you took the first snapshot (which would be a complete binary copy of the volume), then take a second snapshot (which would be only the bits of data that changed from the first snapshot), you could actually then delete the first snapshot and still be able to completely reload the entire volume from your second snapshot!
Meaning, your server will have 2 attached EBS volumes: the first EBS vol (ext3) is where it boots Ubuntu from, and where the MySQL server lives and runs from. Definitely read it, it also discusses how MySQL operations should be flushed before taking a snapshot. Please also do note that in the free tier, they charge you when you own an Elastic IP but do not use it by assigning it to an instance! All of my burned in files, that I transfered over from my computer…just became invisible. It has some issues, most of which AG ironed out for near gapless play, although it seems to do a little better when you don’t skip to the next song.
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The obvious upside of this setup is you can use a low-powered VM (to save money), and when your site gets popular and you need to scale up – just quickly turn off that low-powered VM (the EC2 instance), fire up a beefier EC2 instance and attach to it the same EBS. Similarly, ignore the AMI creation process, that’s advanced stuff you can visit later.
Although you’re fine if you just want to keep just daily 1 snapshot (unless you have a reason to want many daily snapshots). Apparently behind the scenes, transparent to you, AWS does a forward merge before you delete the 1st snapshot. For example, Sao Paulo has only 25 racks of servers,” Liu wrote in a blog post discussing his findings.
Poweramp will let me play the music by browsing to the file folders, but the on board player on both my droid and my xoom…only sees the downloaded material. Be sure to download your X509 certificate and private key (these are both files you download from your Amazon account). I’m going to wait until Google releases their cloud solution, let them battle it out head to head.

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