This tutorial will explain iCloud's webmail interface and some of its features that you can use to make your iCloud email account do even more. The toolbar provides access to a search box as well as icons you'll no doubt already be familiar with, such as Archive, Trash and Reply. If you'd prefer not to view the folders or want the extra space to read emails, you can collapse the view using the Hide Mailboxes option, just above the list of messages.
The next few features will be accessible via iCloud's mail preferences which you can access via the settings cog, located on the top-right of the window, and selecting Preferences. If you've decided to switch away from iCloud for email or would prefer your emails to also be archived at another email address, iCloud can be set to forward your emails to another address. As soon as you enable forwarding, iCloud will divert a copy of any emails received to your chosen email address.
You can set a colour for the messages when they arrive into your inbox as well, though this is only reflected on the iCloud webmail interface and doesn't alter the appearance of emails when received on your Mac or iOS device. Be careful though, if you plan on creating a new iCloud account in the future, an alias name cannot be used for an iCloud account.
You can select which alias to send from when composing a new mail message using the drop-down menu that will appear within the window.
You can also opt to use a mail alias as your primary email address if you're not happy with your iCloud address. Again, the changes only apply to the iCloud webmail interface but it will mean any messages you send will, by default, use the option you select here. Whilst vacation notice messages aren't really suitable for use outside of a work environment, there may be times when you need to use one.
Unlike certain providers such as Microsoft Exchange and even Gmail, there's very few options that you can change.
Vacation notice will let people know when you're away without needing to respond personally but remember to deactivate it when you return. The problem with Mail's rules is that they only work if Mail is open on that particular Mac. Server-side rules are the same sort of thing except that they are applied to messages as they arrive and before they ever get to your inbox.

You're limited to the criteria and actions that your rules adhere to when compared to rules within Mail, though there are still plenty of options to allow for better mail management. Now that we have a rule set up, any messages that meet its criteria will be filtered accordingly. Have you ever created a new Apple ID, but your old account still remains tied to your tablet? A traditional 3-column view displays your folders, list of messages and the message body, along with contact information at the top. They'll still appear to be from the original sender and you can even choose whether or not to keep them within iCloud by checking the option Delete messages after forwarding. These are ideal for when you're wanting to send and receive mail using iCloud but would prefer not to give out your personal email address. You'll be presented with your current iCloud address and the ability to add up to three additional aliases. When deleting an alias, only you can re-use it and it will never be able to be used by anyone else. This means you can't create an alias for a family member and be able to convert it to a full iCloud account at a later date. Any aliases you create will be accessible by Mail and able to be used when sending and receiving mail.
This will automatically populate with whatever mail aliases you've previously created. You can override this selection using the drop-down menu within iCloud's compose window. There's a simple checkbox to enable or disable it and a text area to enter your desired response. Rules allow you automatically perform certain actions on messages, such as move them to a folder if they contain a certain word in the subject or have them go straight to the junk folder if they're from that company you keep getting messages from, despite unsubscribing a hundred times! If your Mac is switched off, all of those emails that you had wanted to automatically manage will just go to your inbox.
I'm going to set up a rule that automatically moves any emails with a certain subject to the Junk folder.

The rule's criteria will appear and you can alter it however you wish or delete it accordingly. Check out Envato Studio's servicesBrowse the latest resume templates for Photoshop and Word. Or perhaps you share your iPad with your sibling or spouse and you don’t want their purchases being  charged to your account. When she’s not reviewing gadgets, she’s usually browsing patent databases or interviewing experts to track down the hottest tech trends before they even happen. You can send and receive from an alias and all emails still go to your iCloud inbox, but you can delete or disable the alias at any time, preventing further emails from being received. This is so that you don't create a temporary alias that might have received confidential information, only for someone else to use the same alias and attempt to request it again.
In this instance, it's better to simply create a new iCloud account and use mail forwarding.
Luckily you can easily change the Apple ID that’s associated with a device by following these simple steps. If you would like to view more information about the Apple ID currently signed in to the device, press the top option.
Once you select the Apple ID you want associated with the device, it will automatically be linked to the iTunes and App Store. This guide will tell you how to change the Apple ID tied to  iTunes and App store purchases as well as the iCloud.
Once you tap on sign out (in step 3 above), you will see a pop-up message (See image below).

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