This tutorial will show you how to add or delete email accounts in your Mail app in Windows 10. When you add or remove accounts in your Mail app, the account will also automatically be added or removed from your Calendar app. You can use this option to add Microsoft accounts (ex: Outlook, Live, Hotmail, and MSN accounts) to your Mail app. If you like, you can use step 14 below instead to add POP and IMAP accounts with advanced setup instead. You can use this option to add an Exchange ActiveSync or Internet email (POP and IMAP) account with advanced setup to your Mail app.
If you wanted to specify a port number for your IMAP (incoming) or SMTP (outgoing) email server, then after the name of the server enter a colon followed by the port number, another colon, and 1. If you sign in to Windows 10 with a Microsoft account, then you will not be able to delete that account in Mail. Edit: in frustration, and not really thinking anything would change, I kept hitting that [Sign-in] button.
I want to delete my account from windows mail but I can't because it's the one I log into windows with. As a workaround, you could switch your account to a local account, then switch it back to a Microsoft account using the email address you wanted instead. Thanks - well its the same email address at my domain it's just that Microsoft thinks it's an outlook address so I have Sync Off in windows mail for that account and the same address added as a gmail address works fine! In addition, if you added the Google account as an alias to your Microsoft account, it could see it as an Outlook account. Another reason why you’d want to delete an old iPhone backup from iCloud is if you know it contains a corrupted file. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving a note in the comment section below.
This works, how ever, I belive and I’ve only seen it show the last back up as in one made since a big change. Some people might not know how to do the backup thing especially if they are visually impaired like myself.
That’s a great guide if you want to delete an iCloud backup, but make sure you have an iTunes backup at hand for restoring, you never know when you might need it! Press and hold the power button and the home button at the same time for 10 seconds or until the device turns off, after that let go of the home button and keep hold of the power button until it turns on and you see the apple logo. I can not delete the data in iCloud it show the message like below then i try to turn off and delete it from my PC it still impossible please help thanks!
This backup cannot be deleted because it is being used to restore another device, or a backup is currently in progress. What do you do if the phone tells you that by removing iClod (not a typo) you wil be also removing all your photos..

I deleted my iCloud account and everything, but all the music is still there with a cloud next to it for download? A tech at the iPhone store deleted an old backup because I needed more storage (even though I had bought more) an all my appts that were created on the old phone (4) were wiped out of my calendar. Hi, i wan’t to ask when you delete a backup from icloud then you delete the account, do you delete it permanently or not ? This is great information but what I have been unsuccessfully trying to find out is if you agree to delete *AND TURN OFF* your account – how do you then turn it back on?
I have done these step both on my laptop and on my iphone but all i get is can not delete at this time …Try again or cancel .
Apple introduced some major improvements to the Photos app in iOS 8 with the new iCloud Library and number of new editing tools. You have an option to recover the deleted photo in case you’ve deleted it accidentally. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. The new Mail app brings improved performance and a familiar three-pane email UI, with a toggle to quickly move between your email and calendar. Do step 3 or step 4 below depending on if you already have an account added or not to Mail. The account will now be added to the accounts list in the left pane of Mail to be able to switch between accounts. Mail App looks like the first screenshot ONLY if you have already loaded at least one email account. So this super simple new App that makes everything so much easier, requires me to create a new bogus GMail account just so I can configure it in W10Mail and get access to the screen you saw. But, then, the other major factual inexactitude with the tutorial: You CAN'T add just any old Internet email address like you could with OLE, Windows Mail, or Windows Essentials Live Mail. You no longer need a desktop machine to manage your data as everything can be done directly from the device.
Even if the first 5GB are free, you probably will go over this allocated storage, especially if you have several iOS devices, and you will be required to pay a monthly fee for increased storage. You will now see all your latest backups for all your devices that are connected to iCloud with the same Apple ID.
How then can you show older back ups let’s say from ewhen I first got my phone last year. I am doing this to try and recover some lost notes, but i accidentally backed my iphone up again.
However, now when I try to backup my iphone it says I have too little storage and need to purchase more.
Because i am trying to delete my account and make a fresh Backup but i get always the old one specialy with my notes app it doss not back it up at all,and it is turn on.

I removded my phone from icloud backup; however, how do I remove the contacts from her device?
I am doing it for more space, so I want to be sure I can still use iCloud easily on my phone after.
If you want to add a POP3 or IMAP account, and Microsoft doesn't recognise its domain settings, sorry pal, you're sh!t outa luck. Just as when there were no accounts already configured, the choices now (after entering your mail address & password) are [Cancel] or [Sign-in]. And then all of sudden on about the 5th attempt it started prompting for POP3 & SMTP server names!
You can't turn off Reading Pane, even though users have been asking for it for over a decade now (and Microsoft's original security advice was to have it turned off in case viruses were auto-activated by opening mails). As you can see on the image below, it is taking a big chunk of my iCloud storage, with a size of 6.7 GB. I sign in to icloud site try to manage from there but you don’t have many choice, can some one help with that? If you click Sign-in (and yes, that hyphen IS wrong, but Microsoft put it there) and the DNS auto-discovery settings are not set up, then the response is "We couldn't find info for that account. You can't configure ANYTHING about the screen to make it more usable, you can't even remove the background picture it imposes on you - I haven't seen anything uglier, except perhaps Windows 2.0 back in 1990-whenever. Problem is nothing is happening when I press any button or icon and this display is on the main screen since yesterday. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Mail leverages the familiar and rich capability of Word to that allows you to easily insert tables, add pictures and use bullets and color to your text. This can be pretty confusing for someone who is doing this for the first time - I thought I was in a parallel universe where my Windows 10 worked differently from yours. COME ON, even f&ckin Linux is easier to use than that - how was anyone supposed to deduce that repeatedly trying the same unproductive option would eventually have results?
I even checked the date of your post to see if maybe you had based this on a pre-release version of 10 or something.
So it was a pretty pointless exercise finding out the POP3 and SMTP server addresses, then, wasn't it?

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