With that in mind, you’d be surprised to learn that electronic books can take significant amount of storage space.
While a typical book found on the iBooks Store is about two megabytes in size, a textbook with enhanced features like audio and video will typically require anywhere between a few hundred megabytes to up to two gigabytes of storage, per textbook. Downloading from the iBooks Store and using iCloud features requires an Apple ID and Internet access. To enable the feature, open the iBooks app on your Mac, choose Preferences from the menu and tick the box under the Store tab labeled “Download new purchases automatically”. With Sync Collections enabled, deleting any purchased book presents you with options to remove a local copy from this device or from all your other devices with Sync Collections enabled. To enable Collections syncing in iBooks for Mac, tick the “Sync bookmarks, highlights, and collections across devices” box under the General pane of iBooks Preferences. Collections syncing is a great time-saver, even more so if you want to remove a downloaded book from all devices at once. If Sync Collections is enabled, attempting to remove a book from an iOS device brings up the option to Delete This Copy or Delete From All Devices. Step 4: To delete the selected book(s), hit the red Delete button in the upper left corner next to the Move option. Step 2: Choose a desired Collection at the top of the iBooks interface or select “All” to display all books and PDFs kept on this device. You’ll hopefully put this knowledge to work in order to manage iOS storage space more efficiently than before. As is our wont, we’re open to your thoughts and suggestions regarding future how-tos. Although iCloud backup files are encrypted with SSL, the "iCloud back doors" are a big threat. Free download iPhone Data Recovery on your PC, or iPhone Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac OS X. This is the image shows you that you can transfer all iCloud photos from photo stream to local computer. Once you safely transfer all photos from iCloud to computer with iPhone Data Recovery, you should delete the photos from Photo Stream. To delete photos from Photo Stream, access your iOS device, go to Photos > Albums > Photo Stream, select the images to be deleted and tap the Trash icon or click Delete. Note: Keep in mind that Photo Stream saves images for 30 days, so you'd better remove the private images soon after they are taken.
To turn off Photo Stream on iOS devices: Go to Settings > iCloud > Photos, then turn off My Photo Stream. To change your iCloud password, access Manage Your Apple ID > Password and Security > Change Password. To set up two-step verification, access Manage your Apple ID > Password and Security > Two-Step Verification.
The security questions can provide you with a secondary metod to identify yourself online or when contacting Apple Support. When using a public computer, you'd always sign out when your session is complete to prevent other people from accessing your account to steal your personal data, including photos.
With all this tips, you can best protect your iCloud photos, text message, contacts, notes, call history and other important data. Cheaper iCloud storage prices just went into effect, making the service more competitive with Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive.
The new prices make Applea€™s storage more in line with competitors like Amazon, Dropbox, Google, and Microsoft (see chart). You can choose for each app whether or not to include its locally stored data in an iCloud backup. If you are an Outlook user who wants to sync your contacts, tasks and calendars with your iOS devices using iCloud, you may have been frustrated with some of its… um, deficiencies.
The main problem, for me, was that any new appointments or contacts I would create did not get saved to the iCloud folder by default, so it was always an extra step to move them after creating them. I also had problems with appointments, birthdays, and holidays randomly moving to different days–sometimes months from the actual date. I, personally, never experienced any issues with contacts syncing through iCloud as long as I remembered to copy them to the iCloud data folder, but I know people who did have problems such as duplicate contacts and so on. Once you are set up with a Windows Live email account, you will need to download and install the Microsoft Office Outlook Hotmail Connector which allows Outlook to access the account.
After installing the Connector, you need to add the Windows Live Hotmail account to the desktop Outlook program. If you weren’t using iCloud already, then just move the items from their current locations to the corresponding folders in the Windows Live data file. Note: Windows Live does not support sub-folders, so if you were using folders to create groups of contacts, you will not be able to keep them in separate folders if you move them to Windows Live. If you already had a Windows Live account with data in these folders, you may need to do some clean-up after you move the iCloud data in. I’d also suggest checking all your recurring appointments to ensure they have a correct recurrence pattern. As you scan the recurrence patterns for your appointments, you’ll notice the items from iCloud will be written in all caps.
To make desktop Outlook save new contacts and appointments to your Windows Live account, you will need to change the default data file.
Export your rules in Outlook before changing the default data file for new contacts, appointments, and tasks. Now, you may be wondering why you couldn’t have set iCloud as the default data file before, when you were using iCloud to sync. In the Add Account screen of iOS, add a Microsoft Hotmail account to sync with Windows Live. You also want to set Exchange to be the default account for new items you create on your device(s). Deselect iCloud and select Exchange for the groups you want to show in your iOS apps for Contacts, Calendar, and Reminders. You may want to do some tests, creating and editing dummy data in both Outlook and on your device(s) and checking that everything is syncing as you’d expect. Once you are satisfied that everything is syncing, you can open the iCloud Control Panel on your computer and uncheck the boxes to sync contacts and calendars. Once you are confident everything is working correctly, you can either delete the contacts, etc. Finally, you have to go into the iCloud account under Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars on each of your iOS devices, and disable those items from syncing. I have found that Toodledo syncs my tasks and notes automatically between my iPhone and Ooutlook 2010 on my PC desktop (Windows 7). After several months of having things set up this way, I have to mention a few more caveats.
As for Exchange sync, it is working well, except for one major bug, and it is an Apple bug that has been around a long time and never fixed.
So now I have the arduous task of fixing all my contact birthdays in Outlook, and then I don’t know what I am going to do about syncing. And second, and more importantly, it was frustration at random deletions and numerous duplications in my contacts that finally drove me to seek an alternative to Icloud.
PS – As for the Birthdays, I have always just entered them in Outlook as separate recurring all day events, presumably this would be a crude but simple solution? I described how to get rid of the iCloud items left on your device in the comment above yours. This may sound crazy, but I have actually gone back to iCloud since discovering the birthday bug mentioned in my comment above.
I knew Notes and Tasks were not supported and was quite happy for them not to synch – but didn’t realise that meant they would vanish from my PST file! Sorry, of course you had already explained how to get rid of the items left on the device – I was trying to ask how on earth I get the ones that have mysteriously stuck on the Ipad over to Outlook, and you have now explained that. Contacts are still misbehaving, though it seems as if it is an ever changing and improving situation. The problem with all of these is that each and every one promises that it will work, but all come up short in one way or another, and you don’t know what that will be until you spend an enormous amount of time trying it.

Despite the larger capacity options available, it’s not uncommon to find yourself desperate to free up space for a movie rental, photos or app.
If you are an iTunes Match subscriber, it is recommended that you show only music that has been downloaded to your device. How to delete songs from your iPhone is part of a continuing series of iPhone tips, tricks and basics.
It’s not working for me everytime I swipe it left or right it will not show the delete button. Thanks, I’ve been trying to do this all evening and FINALLY I came across the correct advice. There are some songs I want to delete, but they appear faded on my phone and I can’t swipe to bring up the delete button. Email notification: samsung galaxy note 4 (n910) , Learn how to set email notifications on the samsung galaxy note 4 email notification to turn on and turn off email box and turn on or turn off.
Email setup samsung galaxy note 4 verizon wireless, Set up your personal and corporate email quickly and efficiently on your samsung galaxy note 4. How turn facebook notifications samsung, How stop facebook notifications samsung galaxy s4 turn facebook facebook sync apps" everytime turn . If you use Outlook 2013 32bit you can set up the iCloud and use it with at least one limitation: Outlook crashes if you use the (default) People view in Contacts. To apply a different view to all Contact folders, open the Folder list (Ctrl+6) and select a Contacts folder not in the iCloud.
After upgrading to iCloud2, you may not be able to type or paste notes into the notes field of appointments and meetings because the appointment or meeting is read-only. I'm not sure if iCloud is confused about who the meeting owner is or if Apple made all meetings read-only to prevent iCloud from resending meeting invitations. In addition to being plain text only, text in the Notes field of Appointments stored in the iCloud can't be selected by dragging the mouse over it. Users are reporting outgoing messages getting stuck in the Outbox after installing iCloud 2.
CompanionLink synchronizes Outlook data with phones and other supported desktop applications and web-based services (like Google). Your sync-software can sync only default folders of Outlook, but you need also subfolders and public folders?
About Diane PoremskyA Microsoft Outlook Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1999, Diane is the author of several books, including Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginners Book.
And last week, we shared an excellent tip on clearing ‘Other’ storage occupied by Safari’s Reading List, app caches and temporary data. Although iBooks and the iBooks Store are available in all App Store countries, some content and features may be unavailable in certain countries due to regional restrictions. You’ll agree that using your Mac for keeping copies of all your iBooks Store is a sound strategy, right?
On the other hand, it can pose a major headache in cases when a book is no longer available for re-download. Alternatively, pull down on any Home screen and search for “iBooks” to launch the app straight from Spotlight search results. If iBooks Sync Collections is enabled, you’ll be prompted to either Delete This Copy or Delete From All Devices (selecting multiple books changes the wording to Delete These Copies). Choosing Delete From All Devices removes the book from your bookshelf across all devices with iBooks Sync Collections enabled.
The following steps outline removing a book from an iOS device with iBooks Sync Collections disabled. You’ll be prompted to Delete This Copy, or Delete These Copies if you’ve selected more than one book in the previous step.
But any idea why the bottom bar, “my books, featured, top charts, etc” disappeared on my mini Ipad?
Then you can run this tool to log into iCloud account, download iCloud backup files and save the photos and other data on your computer. This can ensure iCloud photos safe, because it will not only prevent images from being uploaded in iCloud but also delete any photo saved within Photo Stream.
You'd better use a password that's easy for you to remember but difficult for someone else to guess. None of the other services can handle automated iOS backups, but all have various options for photo uploading and synchronizing and local file access through iOS apps.
With iCloud Photo Library enabled, each connected iOS and OS X devicea€™s photos dona€™t count against storage, but rather only the entire master, full-resolution set stored on Applea€™s servers.
The primary issue is that iCloud moves all your contacts and calendar data into a special iCloud data folder which is not fully compatible with Outlook, resulting in a slew of difficulties. Actually, I knew this all along, but I thought Microsoft Exchange Server was a business service and that regular people like me could not use it. Once you do this, you will see a new data file in the left sidebar of Outlook with folders for each of your Windows Live email addresses as well as the other standard Outlook folders like Contacts, Calendars, Sent Items, etc. Then you’ll need to move or copy all the items you want to sync from your iCloud data file to the corresponding folder for the Windows Live data file. Outlook should handle duplicate contacts when you copy them, but you will have to look over your appointments to check for duplicates. To do that, right click the Contacts folder in the left sidebar, choose Properties, and then click the Outlook Address Book tab. But before you do this, you will want to make a backup copy of your Email Rules, because you’ll lose them when you switch default data files. In iOS, you set it up as a Microsoft Hotmail account, no matter which extension you have for your email address. It might take a long time to finish the first time after you’ve added all your contacts and appointments. I closed it to install OC, so when I re-opened desktop Outlook it did not prompt me for Windows Live account credentials.
When you sync with Exchange, every time a contact is edited, the birthday gets shifted by one day. Firstly, should I “expect send and receive” to continue to take much longer than before? Basically, you have to turn it back on (in iOS), and then off, and it will ask you about deleting them from your device.
Apple released iCloud version 2 not long after I did the switch to Exchange, and I thought I would give it it a try.
If I cancel it I can then do a manual send and receive that works, but the next automatic one hangs. I just got an Android tablet and am trying to decide if I want to even bother with syncing to it. If I could be paid for all the time I’ve spent fixing sync-related problems over the past 10 years, I’d be rich! We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.
If you are on the go, it can be difficult to find areas where you can free up storage space. Open your Music app and navigate through either Artists, Songs or Albums to the song you would like to delete. However there are limitations and there are problem if there is an IMAP account in the profile. If you don't see your contacts when you click the To button, your address book is likely corrupt. Outlook will tell you that you can't forward the item and will offer to make a copy in your default calendar. You can use Ctrl+A to select all, use Ctrl+arrow keys or double and triple click in a word to select the word or the paragraph.
This is the field at the bottom of an appointment or contact that displays linked contacts.
Companionlink supports all versions of Outlook, including Outlook 2013 32-bit and 64-bit, and Windows 10. The synchronization of data will always take place between selected folders and the user can choose several pairs of folders that need synchronizing.

OLMixedFolders can synchronize any Microsoft Outlook subfolder or public folders with your Outlook default folders. Because of the way Outlook 2010 handles accounts, the default data file is less important for mail handling and to to-do bar drives the default. Selfie is always your own enjoyment, but these private photos stored in iCloud can be leaked and exploited maliciously. It's preferable to use long passwords that are a mix of numbers, symbols and capitalizations. The two-step verification requires you to put in the passcode, and then Apple will send a code to another Apple device. Subscribers at the 500GB tier are automatically upgraded to 1TB since the price is the same. Without iCloud Photo Library, all locally stored photos are backed up unless youa€™ve disabled Photo Library in Manage Storage. And if I attached a reminder to an appointment, I would always get a warning about it not being supported for the folder, even though the reminder still worked–mostly.
For appointments, you’ll want to switch to list view and sort by name without grouping to make duplicates easy to spot. I edited all of mine just to ensure I’d have no further issues like I was having with moving appointments. A few minutes after it completes processing in Outlook, you should see all the information start to appear in the respective apps on your iOS devices.
I chose to keep it, leaving it deselected in each app, knowing it will become outdated after some time. It seems like a lot of steps, but unless you have a big mess of duplicates or corrupted data, it doesn’t take all that long to set up. While she enjoys living in the country, the rural lifestyle sometimes conflicts with her craving for cutting-edge technology. I think it would put them in a separate group on the iPhone if it does duplicate them, but I can’t say for sure. A problem was that the process appeared to get rid of all my Notes and all my Tasks in Outlook as well as the Rules. I have now followed your instructions through to the end so I wonder if I need to go back over some bits? If you don’t have all of those items in Outlook, you can either share them one at a time before deleting, or find an app that lets you email multiple contacts.
The Synchronisation Log just shows the same long routine repeating over and over again even when there are no reported errors. I read somewhere that it didn;t like more than three levels of folders so I went through outlook and got my whole email folder system down to three levels. What if you stayed with iCloud 1 and use the CodeTwo sync tool I mentioned in my follow-up post? If you make it a habit to regularly sync your music, then you can safely delete songs on your iPhone, freeing up valuable space. I was amaze how easy to delete it hahahaha laughing at myself after .you just swipe it towards left and the delete will appear. In the end, this tip was a workaround and there should be an easier way to do it, but I’m very grateful! Expand the Change views button and select Apply current view to other folders, expand the iCloud entry and select the iCloud contacts folder.
If your receive errors after reinstalling iCloud1, find the iCloud data file and delete it.
This creates a duplicate (but editable) appointment in the iCloud folder and you can delete the original appointment. You can find her helping people online in Outlook Forums as well as in the Microsoft Answers and TechNet forums. When the folders where your calendar and contacts are is set as default, the user "experience" is generally a little better. However, outlook wont let me send email out from my mac account or any of my other email accounts (gmail, work). That's because when you take a photo on an iOS device, the photo will be save in both camera's album on the device and the Photo Stream on iCloud. The ideal passwords are at least 14 characters long, use terms that are not related, and replace certain letters with numbers or symbols.
If you suspect that someone knows your Apple iCloud username and password, change your account password immediately. You can use iPhoto, Photos, or Image Capture, among other tools, to sync or copy and delete photos from an iOS device.
When using Outlook on the desktop, snoozing reminders saved in iCloud never worked properly. This article will explain how I switched from using the troublesome iCloud to using Microsoft Exchange for syncing my Outlook contacts and calendar with my iOS devices.
You can also create multiple Outlook aliases (up to 5 per month), a handy feature if you need extra email addresses for special purposes.
If you look at the screen shot below, you can tell which items came from the iCloud folder because the recurrence pattern will be in all caps. In your Contacts and Calendar apps on iOS, you can go to groups and choose which data sources you want it to show. The safest thing to do would be to make sure you have a backup of your contacts & calendar from Outlook (copy them to a new PST file, then close it). I also had my system set to send and receive automatically every 10 minutes and I wondered if the first huge send and receive was getting into a muddle because of this, so I set it to every 1 hour.
The advent of iTunes Match will also help, since the subscription based service will allow you to download any song where you have wireless coverage. Once you edit them in Outlook, you will see the recurrence pattern in plain English and not all caps.
Then it would be safe to wipe them from your iPhone, copy them to Windows Live in Outlook and then begin syncing to iOS with Exchange.
I personally prefer to just use tasks on my computer because the Reminders.app in iOS is so weak.
The Notes and Tasks were fairly easy to get back as I was backed up from the previous day, but I was not expecting them to depart. I have been finding and deleting them – but having looked carefully at the time of the error and the time of the cancel and it seems to me that I have created the error myself by cancelling!
It has stopped hanging now, though I have not yet set it back to every 10 minutes – but I have done several manual ones quite close together with no problem. I’m sure other folks who read this will appreciate having one more option to look into. Not that I would do something crazy like that, but the option is there if I were to need space while on the go.
Or, read the comments section after this article for some additional workaround suggestions. Since our goal is to do away with iCloud, you probably want to deselect that and only show information from Exchange.
I want to run it this way for at least a few weeks to see what comes up and then I will post a write-up on it.
I probably moved them myself because I didn’t realize at the time that Windows Live would not sync them.
I think I have now tested both contacts and appointments going from Ipad to Outlook, and from Outlook to Ipad and going to both if I enter them online. If you don’t want to do that, I guess the options would be to continue using iTunes or iCloud sync for tasks, or try to find a third-party app that syncs with Outlook tasks. If you subscribe to my newsletter or to the comments on this post, you should get a notification when that is published.

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