Tap the iCloud Drive icon to open the app, and you’ll be able to browse all your files stored on your iCloud Drive. Still, the iCloud Drive app is a good start, and a step toward more advanced file management on the iPad.
800-961-1963-resetting apple iphone and apple id password & fix apple errors, So that if someone steals your iphone, then the thief is not able to know your login details or reset the phone to factory defaults. Hackers use find my iphone feature to lock down ios devices, demand cash, What’s really cool about apple’s find my iphone feature is that customers can log onto a desktop and laptop to hunt down their misplaced ios-based mobile device. Iphone ios 7.1 bug allows thieves to disable find my iphone - Apple added on a layer of protection with ios 7, requiring those who is hit delete account and the find my iphone disable switch at the same time. 800-961-1963-resetting apple iphone and apple id password & fix apple errors - So that if someone steals your iphone, then the thief is not able to know your login details or reset the phone to factory defaults.
Hackers use find my iphone feature to lock down ios devices, demand cash - What’s really cool about apple’s find my iphone feature is that customers can log onto a desktop and laptop to hunt down their misplaced ios-based mobile device. How to adjust visual effects in ios 7 - An iphone with ios 7 software, left, is displayed next to an iphone with the older ios 6 operating system.
Common iphone 6s problems and their fixes: slide to update, touchscreen, wifi, bluetooth, camera - Apple iphone 7 is scheduled you might find this quick fix guide useful — and we suggest that you read this before you decide to go to the apple store.
Lost and found: here’s how to locate your iphone when it goes missing - Your iphone lock as of ios 7 and later, which securely stores your apple id in apple’s activation servers and automatically links to your device. Hewlett-Packard is recalling about 6 million computer power cords after 29 reports of the cords melting or charring, the U.S. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Samsung has added a new entry to its growing catalog of smartwatches with the debut of its Gear S. Just_Me_D Posts 37,179 Posts Global Posts 37,433 Global Posts Re: How do I get documents from my windows PC to my icloud drive?
Last Post: 09-18-2014, 09:29 PM Can I delete certain apps from iCloud that I'll never use again?
When an iPhone user sends a text message to a non-iPhone user like an Android phone, the message is sent through SMS, as is indicated by a green message bubble. There are several reasons why an iPhone may not be sending SMS text messages, often it’s service related. If any of those service related issues are the problem, you’ll need to either regain a stronger cellular signal with the iPhone, or reactivate a cellular service plan if applicable, or insure the proper contact is being messaged. Most iPhone users have iMessage enabled, but some may have accidentally (or intentionally) turned off SMS support. If SMS sending is disabled, only iMessages will be sent, meaning no Android or Windows phone users could be contacted, and anyone without iMessage enabled wouldn’t be reachable through text either.

Resetting network settings can be a pain because you lose wi-fi passwords and custom DNS, but it can also be a cure-all solution for many common networking issues with iPhone, including the inability to send messages. When the iPhone boots back up again, all network data and settings are trashed and so you’ll need to re-join networks, but on the plus side, it usually fixes any weird networking issues. Sometimes simply deleting a message thread and recreating a new message is sufficient to resolve a message sending failure.
Literally millions of people of all ages, from children to seniors, use iMessage without any problem. Anyway, to your issue, I notice that many people have a hard time differentiating the blue message and green text bubbles, anyone who is color blind or has vision issues tends to have this problem (along with the tiny text on everything and lack of buttons) this is just one of many ways that Apple has dropped the ball on accessibility in favor of The Jony Ive-ification of user interfaces, which translates to bad user experience in favor of a mockup user interface that looks good on paper in Industrial Design 101 class but would fail any User Interaction Design class. We are not allowed cameras at my workplace, so I fixed that problem using some silver paint. I found a very simple solution to an sms message not going to an android phone from an iOS device.
Recently some pictures and movies stored in my iCloud account have found their way onto the Internet and theya€™re, wella€¦ embarrassing. On your iPhone go to Settings > iCloud, tap on Photos, and ensure that the My Photo Stream option is switched off. So, the first step is to create a very difficult to guess passworda€”one made up of letters, numbers, and characters. Two-factor authenticationa€”a scheme where youa€™re asked to confirm certain interactions with Apple on a trusted devicea€”can be helpful for changes to your Apple ID or for verifying purchases from Applea€™s online stores.
Return to the homescreen and swipe to the last page of apps, and you’ll be greeted by a new iCloud Drive app icon. The app lets you perform basic file management tasks as well—you can select files and delete them or move them to other folders. Presumably, Apple wants you to go through apps and iCloud Photo Library for this sort of thing. Unlike its previous smartwatches, however, this one packs its own 3G data connection, which means it doesn’t have to be tied to your smartphone at all times. Sending text messages by SMS is also the fallback when an iMessage doesn’t send for whatever reason.
If the cellular connection or service is not the issue, continue on with troubleshooting techniques to fix SMS transmission from iPhones.
Simply hold down the Power button and the Home button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
Go back to Messages app at this point and try to send the text message, it should work just fine.
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So, unless you specifically tell me to look for blue and green, I will not notice the diffrence.
Help says I can, but in fact I can’t even though iPhone is set up to send (and does send) SMS. If youa€™d disabled photo sharing from your iPhone to your iCloud account those pictures would have remained on your phone. Although this latter feature is intended for sharing images with just those friends you choose, when your career can be ruined by an unwisely shared image ita€™s best to leave all your images on the phone. In this case ita€™s not a bad idea to delete embarrassing images one by one in iPhoto and the Photos app. Despite all the a€?hackinga€? thata€™s gone on in the last couple of years people remain careless about the passwords they create. However, two-factor authentication doesna€™t do you any good when someone has glommed onto your password and then accesses your photos as this isna€™t the kind of interaction that triggers an alert to your trusted device.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Apple dumbed-down great hardware in the name of their religion called Software Simplification. Should you later wish to share an image, do so via email, message, or a social media account where you select specific images to share. If you use a single word or simple sequence of numbers as a password, ita€™s the work of a moment for nea€™er-do-wells to run a script that generates a series of common passwords and break into your account. Our own Dan Miller provides the steps for doing exactly that in his How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication for iCloud.
Tap and hold your finger on any file’s icon to get at options to rename your files, share them, or view info and a preview of them. Message had blue bubble and the information (I) says “number not registered with iMessage.” No kidding! Now when you want to back up your iPhone youa€™ll need to connect it to your computer and back it up via iTunes.
Once you tap on sign out (in step 3 above), you will see a pop-up message (See image below).

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