WD is trying to make NAS storage easy, so most of the hard work like building the RAID array is done at the factory.
Next you need to create a password for the default admin account on the My Cloud DL4100 and then click next. The next step is setting up your personal cloud.  If you want to be able to access your files from outside your home you must fill in this information as you need that account to login remotely. Wi-Fi is a local area wireless technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the internet. One important tool for finding and measuring WIFi signal strength is Net Spot.It provides two ways of measuring WLAN signal strength. If you wish to measure signal strength throughout your network area, you have to do a full site SURVEY.
When setting up and maintaining a wireless network, one has to maintain good signal strength in all areas within the network perimeter.
If you need more range, consider upgrading your wireless standard, up to Wireless N or Wireless G with MIMO. One can also buy a WiFi repeater, which is a piece of hardware you can use to boost the signal between the router and your device. The computer case itself can be a significant barrier to the Wi-Fi signal – one should positioning the case so that it doesn't come between the network card and router antennas.

Go to wireless settings and change the channel to either 1,6 or 11 if living inside US or to 1,5,9 or 13 if outside. As low security like WEP can be easily broken by hackers use a higher security option like WPA2.
Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector: It is an excellent program that sniffs out Wi-Fi networks and shares pertinent information about them, such as how close or far away they are. Depending on your brand and model of wireless router, you may be able to replace the built in software with a replacement open source solution that adds much more capabilities and the option to increase the power to your wireless antenna. Adapters: Wireless network adapters ( known as wireless NICs ) are required for each device on a wireless network. Wireless Routers: Wireless routers function comparably to traditional routers for wired Ethernet networks.
Wireless Antennas: Access points and routers often utilize a Wi-Fi wireless antenna that significantly increase the communication range of the wireless radio signal. Guest wireless network: If you frequently let visitors use your wireless Internet connection, having a router that offers a guest network lets you do more conveniently and securely. Detachable antennas: Opting for a router with external and detachable antennas gives flexibility to upgrade to higher gain or directional varieties if necessary. This is something you’ll want to enable if you want to use the WD My Cloud mobile app on your iOS or Android smartphone and tablet.

All newer laptop computers incorporate wireless adapters as a built-in feature of the system. One generally deploys wireless routers when building an all-wireless network from the ground up. Your visitors will get their own SSID to connect to, and you can isolate it from your main network, ensuring that outsiders won't have access to local network resources such as PCs and printers. If you just need to measure your wireless network signal strength in one location, then Discover Mode is all you need. You need to upload a map of your area that is drawn to scale, or you can draw one using NetSpot's map drawing tools. These can connect to a network resource such as the Internet via a wireless network access point.
Such an access point (or hotspot) has a range of about 20 meters (66 feet) indoors and a greater range outdoors.

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