Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources over a network rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. When you store data on, or run programs from the hard drive, that’s called local storage and computing.
Suppose you are the CIO(chief information officer) of the company and your responsibility is to make sure everyone gets the right hardware and right software to perform their jobs. Instead of installing a suite of software for each computer, you’d only have to load one application.
The front end includes the client’s computer (or computer network) and the application required to access the cloud computing system. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and Software as a service(Saas) : we will explain them below. Private cloud and hybrid cloud – A public cloud sells services to anyone on the Internet.
Test and development – Probably the best scenario for the use of a cloud is a test and development environment. Big data analytics – One of the aspects offered by leveraging cloud computing is the ability to tap into vast quantities of both structured and unstructured data to harness the benefit of extracting business value. File storage – Cloud can offer you the possibility of storing your files and accessing, storing and retrieving them from any web-enabled interface. Disaster recovery – This is yet another benefit derived from using cloud based on the cost effectiveness of a disaster recovery (DR) solution that provides for a faster recovery from a mesh of different physical locations at a much lower cost that the traditional DR site with fixed assets, rigid procedures and a much higher cost. Backup – cloud is now the major player when it comes to the factor of remote data backup.
Missionwe will help you to protect yourself from online threats, blackhat hackers and create a safe and fearless virtual space. AboutWe will help you to protect yourself from online threats, blackhat hackers and create a safe and fearless virtual space. Servers are backed up continuously 24×7, in scheduled snapshots as often as every hour for quick point-in-time restoration via an onsite business continuity appliance that then optionally encrypts and compresses the de-duplicated data to redundant and secure off-site locations for disaster recovery protection. In the event of a disaster rendering all your servers or your site inaccessible, Panurgy’s full business continuity solution can bring up all your protected servers in our cloud, from your latest backup within 2 hours, restoring services like email, and providing you access to all your servers and data. The backup appliance is capable of quickly restoring any file, folder, mailbox, database or entire server or workstation image at LAN speeds, and also of virtualizing any server that becomes non-operational, thus ensuring continued operation of the network in the event of a server failure. Traditional backups at best may be able to restore data that is a day, a week, or even more than a week old (losing all data since) and take hours to days to restore. In the event of a failure of a protected server, Panurgy can bring the failed server online in a virtual environment on the BCDR appliance in minutes, resuming full operation, with data as little as less than one hour old (depending on configured snapshot interval), and this server will continue to run and be available in a virtual environment, and continue to be backed up, while the source server is repaired.
With its fast virtualization capabilities, our NAS-based BCDR device can be configured to function as a replacement server, if needed. Our optional ownCloud feature of Total Data Protection extends the best-in-class data protection from your servers to your Windows and MAC PCs and laptops as well – providing synchronization-based critical workstation data backup, as well as Dropbox-like syncing of your selected files across other devices, such as your smartphones and tablets, as well as optionally secure file sharing and collaboration with other members of your organization as well as 3rd parties.
Use the contact form or phone number below to contact us today to learn how Total Data Protection can protect your data, and give you peace of mind! The HP t510 Thin Client – a significant upgrade in virtualized desktop performance with built-in energy efficiency, smart connectivity features and easy set-up guides for your PC-like multimedia needs. LogicMatter offers a low cost, flexible service to design, host, and manage Big Data Analytics platform and solutions.
The Big Data Analytics platform and solutions can be built specifically to solve complex customer problems as varied as video analytics, clickstream analytics, fraud detection, sales performance analysis, and financial analytics. Data Source Integration – This platform enables collection, processing, storage, and transformation of both structured and unstructured data exclusively for analytical purposes.
This combination of flat-file based (Hadoop) storage and relational SQL-based query decouples data collection from analysis. The data platform is flexible to the extent that you can easily connect any of your favorite visualization tools (such as Excel, PowerPivot, Qlikview). One of the key design tenets of LogicMatter’s Big Data Analytics services is to enable continuous analytics and iterative data discovery, both real-time and historical. Big Data Lake – We help companies who need to dump massive data into big data stores, with an intent to use them at a later point or make available for data mining or machine learning systems. Some may argue that software-defined networking (SDN) is just another buzzword in the world of IT. Software-defined networking is a way to describe abstracting network functions in order to virtualize or control by software. This is done by decoupling the operating system (software) that makes decisions about where network traffic is sent from the underlying hardware that forwards traffic to the selected destinations.
The SDN model allows network administrators to achieve the network agility required by increasingly virtualized and dynamic applications. This is especially true in a cloud computing architecture because it allows the administrator to improve network service velocity and customize network operations  in a flexible and more efficient manner.

In order for SDN to deliver on its full promise, it must be enabled by open networking standards that can be easily integrated with current infrastructures. With SDN, the network  is abstracted onto software, leaving more choice and flexibility in purchasing hardware.
A software-defined network is also portable, which allows the flexibility in choosing and moving to cloud storage, public or private.
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You are under constant pressure to deliver more with less, even in the face of declining budgets and spending constraints – while your IT department requires higher performing systems for their more demanding workloads.
The HP Integrity rx2800 i2 Server offers always-on resiliency with built-in continuity, resiliency, and availability features running HP-UX 11i v3 keeps your business running without interruption. The HP Integrity rx2800 is Server is NEBS Level 3 certified with optional –48 Vdc power supplies that enable equipment operability in network facility environments.
With the HP Integrity rx2800 i2 Server you reduce your solution acquisition costs: hardware, OS, and support by up to 58% less cost vs. Reduce power consumption with the first UNIX rackmount server to earn ENERGY STAR® compliance. The HP Integrity rx2800 i2 Server saves data center costs by reducing your floor space that allows 20 servers per 42U rack instead of 5 servers, compared to similarly performing rx6600. With the rx2800 i2 Server you can avoid switching costs with familiar, easy to deploy form factor that fast tracks your upgrade process. The HP Integrity 2800 i2 Server with HP Insight Control featuring iLO 3 enables administrators to proactively manage HP Integrity server health, deploy servers quickly, reduce power consumption and control Integrity servers remotely from outside the data center.
The HP Integrity 2800 i2 Server Converged Infrastructure approach is delivered through a common architectural framework, based on a standard set of components and management tools. Now with the increasing number of employees your hardware and software requirement also increases.
That application would allow workers to log into a Web-based service which hosts all the programs the user would need for his or her job. In theory, a cloud computing system could include practically any computer program you can imagine, from data processing to video games. This entails securing a budget, setting up your environment through physical assets, significant manpower and time.
It is a very tedious task to backup your organization data on local disks and manage them properly.
Got any questions or doubts regarding hacking or information security, ask here and I would feel glad to help you. This unique solution replaces management-intensive, slow, unreliable tape backups while providing much more – starting with peace of mind.
It can quickly process a wide variety of unstructured data including documents, text, Excel, XML, weblogs, video, audio, call logs, machine logs (devices, sensors, RFID), clickstream (e.g.
It allows one to easily add data sources of known and unknown kind without impacting the analysis, a big challenge with today’s analytics solutions. This model built iteratively and stored in the ADS; forms the basis for powerful analytics. With an integrated data discovery platform, you can now connect a visualization tool directly to either Hadoop or ADS to develop the analytics. Deliver Data as a Service (DaaS) to 3rd party systems that need to leverage powerful data processing and embedded analytics to generate a new revenue stream for the enterprise. The trend to use new asynchronous integration methods that would need data hubs for the next generation mobile, tablet and web applications rises.
Adopting an SDN methodology has a myriad of benefits including flexibility, scalability, redundancy, and performance. In addition, a growing network can be more easily supported by SDN because a network administrator or engineer can simply add more virtual switches or routers rather than purchase costly equipment and licensing. Abstracting your network onto a cloud could present many benefits as well: less hardware to manage onsite, lower energy bills, and greater uptime.
Over the last 3 years, theCUBE has interviewed more than 1,000 guests at dozens of shows; EMC World is one of the most popular programs every year.
You need an affordable UNIX server that you can install quickly and justify easily.The HP Integrity rx2800 i2 Server is the economical and easy way to boost performance in your mission-critical data center or remote office, compared to the previous 2U Integrity servers.

Thermal Logic Technologies on the rx2800 i2 server also provide intelligent power and cooling, and the fully N+N redundant high-efficiency power supplies support power metering and capping. The new HP System Insight display is a slide-out system diagnostics display that makes it easy to find troubleshooting information at the front of the server. In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. Services like Web-based e-mail programs leverage existing Web browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox. At any time and place you have high availability, speed, scalability and security for your environment.
He likes to get his hands dirty with web application penetration testing and he also loves to build tools in python. Panurgy’s Total Data Protection Solution provides a comprehensive, secure solution at very reasonable rates. Data transformation is delayed until you need to do the analysis reducing upfront costs and wastage. You can run ad-hoc queries against Hadoop for exploratory analytics and immediate access to data. Expand DW capacity  big data technologies like Redshift and Hadoop to offload less frequently used data and improve DW performance.
Enterprises are tapping into big data platform as a shared database service, to be provisioned across a number of application development teams for data ingestion and access. EMC has expanded far beyond storage to become a “federation” of companies in the EMC family: EMC, VMware and the newly launched Pivotal.
With compact scaling you can run entry-class UNIX workloads with outstanding performance and scalability.Out-of-the-box savings lowers your TCO with performance, floor space and energy efficiencies.
To counter such growing demands It will be wonderful if we just have to install a single hardware and a single software.
Currently he is doing his B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engg and also works as a freelance web developer. The data platform is designed to be cloud-native and build on the powerful, flexible Amazon AWS Cloud platform. On the other hand, it can simultaneously process structured data from familiar enterprise data sources such as ERP, CRM, and SQL Databases.
The flat file-based storage allows you to scale quickly and handle large amounts of known and unknown data. Hence, it supports all the powerful, traditional analytical techniques  (reports, dashboards, scorecards, ad-hoc queries, etc.). You can also run ad-hoc queries against the ADS, which has a clean data model to work with. When a network requires additional resources, there will be considerable cost in buying new hardware and licensing. The live broadcast schedule for theCUBE at EMC World will be a full 3 days, Monday May 6 – Wednesday May 8, 10am – 5pm Pacific. State-of-the-art management tools help you simplify administration, ease serviceability, enable remote management, and improve overall IT staff productivity—and the 2U rx2800 i2 Server integrates seamlessly into existing rack infrastructures. Reduce OS licensing fees using HP-UX with up to 50% lower price per core than earlier Integrity Servers.
It uses Hadoop technologies with the LogicMatter-designed Analytical Data Store (ADS) to capture, store, process, map, transform, and cleanse data.
For the standard, canned reports and dashboards, you connect to the ADS to gain historical perspective. Guests include many CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, thought leaders and end-users from a broad spectrum of topics. This data discovery platform uses the file-based storage from Hadoop for fast, flexible data processing and combine it with the powerful SQL-based relational integrated data warehouse, the ADS, to enable low-latency, iterative analysis. Coverage this year will include spotlights focusing on the disruptive and growth opportunities for EMC and its ecosystem. The big data analytics platform enables the delivery of continuous analytics and visualizations, both real-time and historical, via the increasingly popular Tableau. For those attending EMC World in person – our broadcast location is part of EMC SQUARE, conveniently located outside of the solutions pavilion.

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