In Direct Deduplication to cloud, the cloud storage is defined as the storage target in the MediaAgent. Deduplication to Tape (Silo Storage) is supported in the Deduplication Using Cloud Gateway configuration.
Create a deduplicated storage policy by selected cloud library as the data path library.See Creating a Storage Policy with Deduplication for instructions. To create a secondary copy with deduplication, see Creating a Storage Policy Copy with Deduplication. Configuring the Cloud Storage Library.Refer to Getting Started a€“ Cloud Storage to configure the library. Creating a deduplication enabled storage policy with a disk library.See Creating a Storage Policy with Deduplication for instructions.
The following license is required for each MediaAgent that uses cloud storage libraries for data protection operations. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. With the continuous increase of cloud storage adopters, data deduplication has become a necessity for cloud providers.
Data Deduplication is a technique of reducing the storage space of data by eliminating the duplicate copies of the data. Cloud storage is usually used to store a huge amount of data’s by various number of people.
Many people now store large quantities of personal and corporate data on Personal Computers.
Secure deduplication is a technique for removing duplicate copies of storage data, and provides security to that stored data.
The duplicate file in the cloud can be removed by HMAC code and saves the storage space by removing redundant file. The security of data is another important factor which is found using the AES encryption algorithm.

It excludes the security problems that may arise in the practical deployment of the present model.
The process of hashing the data is enhanced using Hash based Message Authentication Code algorithm. Insights into the inner workings of the computer storage industry -- the issues and trends that may affect you as an end user or an IT professional. Everyone is talking about the benefits of storing data to the cloud for sharing information among friends, to simplify moving data between different mobile devices, and for small businesses to back up and provide disaster recovery (DR) capabilities.
The net effect of deduplication is to increase available capacity and perhaps forestall the need to buy additional capacity.
Deduplication eliminates redundant data segments from the backup and reduces the size of the backup data. Provide the access credentials as required.See Create Cloud Storage Library for instructions. In this setup, even if the data on the primary copy is not deduplicated, data on the secondary copy can be optimized by using deduplication. By storing a unique copy of duplicate data, cloud providers greatly reduce their storage and data transfer costs. I’m a PhD student at EURECOM & SecludIT under the supervision of Refik MOLVA and Sergio LOUREIRO. Today I’ll first explain what data deduplication is and why it became interesting for researchers. To maintain the security of data while duplicate check of encryption techniques is proposed.
It is a model for enabling global, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. 2: Architecture for secured authorized data DE duplication in cloud using hash based message authentication code. A 20 year veteran of the technology industry, Wayne has domestic and international marketing and sales experience with IBM, HP, CA and Compaq.

This is particularly useful in Cloud Storage where data is transferred to the storage target over WAN. The deduplication database resides on the MediaAgent (or on a designated volume that is attached to the MediaAgent), and the deduplicated data is stored in the library. Unfortunately, deduplication introduces a number of new security challenges. We propose PerfectDedup, a novel scheme for secure data deduplication, which takes into account the popularity of the data segments and leverages the properties of Perfect Hashing in order to assure block-level deduplication and data con dentiality at the same time. Then I’ll explain how deduplication can be combined with encryption, in particular convergent encryption.
The existing deduplication technique uses a file level deduplication technique which is not in efficient manner for identifying and removing the identical files. Storage and server technologies have been Wayne’s recent focal points with vertical industry experience in Healthcare and Government in his background as well.
Deduplication with Cloud Storage not only reduces the storage space requirements, but also reduces the data that is transferred over the network resulting in faster and efficient data protection operations.
The deduplication database resides on the MediaAgent (or on a designated volume that is attached to the MediaAgent).
The cloud library is designated as the silo storage destination and data is migrated using schedules. We show that the client-side overhead is minimal and the main computational load is outsourced to the cloud storage provider. In the proposed system block level data deduplication techniques for hashing the content of the file and to find the duplication. For specialized user the duplicate files can be uploaded normally, but for normal users duplicated files can be uploaded by using the key generated by the admin. The proposed authorized duplicate check scheme incurs minimal overhead compared to normal operations..

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