The poor 802.11ac results are disappointing because otherwise, the DIR-868L is a solid router. Having recently looked at a couple of items from D-link it seems a natural extension to look at one of their recent Routers. Finally we're at a point where wireless 802.11ac is becoming a potentially usable technology with both internal and USB-based laptop adaptors now available.
Buying Guide 25 best laptops in the world We're fans of the D-Link router design, though we can see the blank black tower getting the cold shoulder from certain quarters.

The D-Link DIR-868L takes all the best elements of previous D-Link routers and wraps them into a single package. When we first saw the cylindrical design of the D-Link DIR-868L we really didn't know what to think since its physical design was slightly different than what we had seen before. D-Link heeft deze router ingestuurd, exact op de prijsgrens van 99 euro volgens hen, maar wanneer we naar de verschillende online winkels kijken, kost hij op sommige plaatsen toch meer. D-Link DIR-868L er ikke testens eneste router uden eksterne antenner, den skiller sig dog ud ved at være cylinderformet.

We certainly love the cylindrical design and its performance over 802.11n was one of the best recorded on test here. As such it has superb wireless ac performance, class leading wireless n performance and tops it off with an appealing price tag.

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