Enter the TXN code from your store receipt or the Order Reference number from your email confirmation if you purchased it online. If you are asked to now enter a SKU code, you can find this on your receipt or email confirmation. You will now be asked to enter an email address which is what you'll use every time you login to your Cloud account, so please make sure it is correct. An Order Reference number (online purchases) which can be found on your confirmation email.
During installation you'll be asked to login so the software can start the process of backing up your most important files including your music, photos and documents.
When you turn your internet and computer off, the backup will be paused and will resume again once you turn both back on.

If you have only signed up to Knowhow Cloud Backup, you'll need to add on additional computers or upgrade to another account.
Please note: You need to use the same login that you created when you first registered the Cloud account. Your unique 10 digit reference number starting with 74, or 6 digits if you're looking for a repair.
Once you've set up your Cloud account, you will be able to start enjoying automatic back up of your files, securely online.
You will not be charged anything at this time - this is only needed to renew your account after your subscription ends, so you can continue to keep your files safe and secure. When asked, click Next then Finish and you'll be taken to the main Control Centre screen which will calculate how long your initial backup will take.

The time it takes depends on the amount of files being backed up and your internet upload speeds. The following will help you with the initial set up, including installing the desktop software and backing up other computers. You can still continue using your computer and the internet while backing up as it continues running in the background. When you click on the completed download file, a User Account Control pop up might appear; click Yes to proceed.

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