Good Luck to Coach Bonnie as she competes in her third Olympic Weightlifting Competition with her team in Elmira NY today! Did you sign up for our Olympic Lifting Seminar with Bonnie’s coach Steve Tria and his coach JP Nicoletta yet?!
Head on out to the WAXMAN’S GYM AFFILIATE WEIGHTLIFTING INVATATIONAL this Sunday to cheer on your Crystal Riggs and Dominick Cognata as they represent TEAM PRECISION! As a service designed to help gym owners manage their businesses, WODconnect is involved with different kind of gyms in different stages. In addition to helping gym owners personally, we thought it would be a good idea to collect our thoughts in a series of blogposts. So having a sincere mission is important, as completing that will be the most rewarding thing. When Mikko Aaltonen and his crew were in the process of opening their gym Reebok CrossFit 33100, it wasn’t long until they faced their first possible threat. As the world map is filling up with functional training and CrossFit gyms, competition is indeed growing.
You don’t have to specialize in any field of training, but make something your speciality.
When you have determined what you would like to be in a general level and why, it’s time to ask, how? In our future blog posts we will share our thoughts about different areas you need to include in your plan and process towards opening a gym.

Before going further, go ahead and play a little with some financial estimates based on your initial business plan.
Fill in your monthly estimates and insert a sum for equipment purchases (and affiliate fee) in the beginning.
After going through different phases of the process with the help of our upcoming posts, you’ll most probably want to return to the excel file, make your final estimates and determine your realistic budget.
Seminar is on May 9th from 9am-4pm, covering the Olympic lifts snatch and clean and jerk, along with warm ups and accessory lifts. If you are ZOMBIE you will start the WOD exactly 2 minute after the living people and try to catch them!
The only people who don’t do burpees are the living who don’t get caught and the Zombies who catch people.
In most cases we work with gyms from the very beginning of their life cycles, so we have the opportunity to witness the twists and turns of the process from close. A week after they had received their loan, they heard that a big functional training gym with significantly lower prices was going to open in the same, relatively small city. Something that you can use to promote your gym, and that will come up when people talk about it.
The subjects we will cover include choosing the right services, space, equipment, handling insurance, staff, programming, customer management, marketing and different tasks related to opening.
Estimate amounts of onramp clients and coaching hours you could manage each month, then see what it does to the numbers.

The founder of WODconnect is a gym owner and has the experience of opening and managing three CrossFit gyms in Finland, and the growing gym network in Finland often turns to us when they need advice. That didn’t discourage the future gym owners though, as they already had experience from another gym and a clear vision of what they were doing. Don’t just randomly come up with a speciality, but choose something that you know you can master.
Based on a careful market research, think about what kind of services, prices, and customer base do you want to have. This excel gives you a quite realistic image of your costs and revenue of the first year and shows how long it would take to start making profit with the estimated amounts. Doing this helps you picture your future business and takes you already one big step closer to your goal. Dedicated gym owners that make wise decisions and realistic plans won’t have to worry about getting bankrupt though.
This is important, as your reasons, your mission and vision, will guide you throughout the processes of founding and running a gym. Wrong reasons will direct you to make poor decisions, deliver poor service and eventually your business, your quality of life and the sport will suffer.

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