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Seeking solution to banking dilemma, Colorado sets up first financial system for marijuana trade – Colorado’s legal marijuana industry may be booming in the few months since legalization, but due to conflicts with federal money laundering laws, it is still largely being denied banking and other financial services.
Hunting $2 trillion in offshore assets is first order of business for India’s new prime minister – Fresh off his inauguration, Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi launched an initiative to track down an estimated $2 trillion in undeclared offshore assets. Venice mayor is detained on corruption charges in Italy – Italian authorities arrested the mayor of Venice as well as 30 others involved in a political corruption scandal. With charges against Cryptometrics execs, Canada takes anti-corruption crackdown to individuals – Amid a multi-year effort to step up anti-corruption enforcement, Canadian prosecutors and Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are taking aim at individuals involved in bribing government officials overseas. High level executives at Walmart have stepped down amid bribery scandals – A management shakeup at Walmart demonstrates the longer-term effects of a corruption that tainted its international division. Lawyers a leading source of scams targeting struggling homeowners in US – Fraud schemes promising homeowners relief from foreclosure or crushing mortgages remain pervasive across the US, and lawyers are now among the leading perpetrators, according to data compiled by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Bank of America may have to pay $12 billion to settle a civil probe – The fine would settle a civil suit from the Justice Department and other states for alleged misconduct that fueled the US mortgage crisis. UK’s central bank launches new cybersecurity initiative – Pointing to major concerns over cyber attacks against financial institutions, the Bank of England announced it was launching a program called CBEST that would share information on cyber threats and conduct security tests on UK institutions.
French bank faces a range of consequences for sanctions violations – BNP Paribas is considering a change in management as it tries to reach a settlement with US authorities over sanctions violations.
Dutch company pays $21 million in settlements for sanctions violations – US prosecutors say Fokker Services BV conspired to violate sanctions against Iran, Sudan and Myanmar by selling aircraft parts and services to those countries. Diplomats from the world’s largest economies put pressure on Russia – Leaders of the G7 agreed that they would impose harsher sanctions on Russia if it continues to act in aggression on eastern Ukraine.

Other recent exclusives include Troll Hunters, Rage to Riches and Leprechaun goes Egypt. Seeking a way out of the dilemma, state lawmakers have enacted legislation that would create uninsured cooperatives to provide marijuana businesses with basic services like checking.
A team of current and former judges and regulators will be charged with identifying so-called “black money” and collecting taxes owed to the Indian government. Prosecutors say the public officials pocketed the funds that were meant for an underwater flood barrier project. Last week, RCMP investigators announced criminal bribery charges against the former CEO and COO of Cryptometrics, along with another former employee in the UK.
Although most people in critical positions have left the retail company quietly, Walmart has gone to great strides to present its new compliance structure.
The group analyzed calls to a hotline set up for homeowners to report suspected scams involving foreclosure assistance or mortgage modification, and found that almost 60 percent involved a lawyer or law firm.
At least $5 billion of that sum would go toward consumer relief, bringing the total tab from the government to $18 billion in penalties.
The program will combine intelligence on cybercrime risks from the private sector and government security agencies. A look inside a “dumps” site – Over the past two years, cyber criminals have made off with huge volumes of credit and debit card information through data breaches like the one that struck Target.
Among the executives leaving the French bank is Chief Operating Officer Georges Chodron de Courcel, who is also the chairman of the bank’s Swiss subsidiary which is the focus of the US investigation. The US Department of Justice said the company hid the illicit transactions by avoiding US companies they knew were vigilant on export controls. Pro-Russian separatist militias continue to occupy the region and the situation remains volatile.
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The cooperatives would still require approval from the Federal Reserve, a step many observers find unlikely. India has long struggled with offshore tax evasion, with some analysts estimating that the nation loses tens of billions annually.
Authorities are also investigating whether the politicians accepted more than $34 million in bribes in exchange for contracts for the infrastructure project.
The three men allegedly led a scheme to funnel bribes to officials at Air India in order to win contracts for facial recognition technology.
Investigations from the US on the Mexican branch of Walmart and investor lawsuits have the company in talks about nearly half a billion dollars in settlements. US prosecutors opened criminal and civil probes into 15 banks and payment processors in a Department of Justice-led operation known as “Operation Choke Point”.
While the program is voluntary, a representative from the British Banker’s Association said he expects widespread participation.
The bank is also expected to pay over $10 billion in penalties and may be subject to a dollar-clearing ban. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that further restrictions on trade, energy and finance would follow if Russia does not show cooperation.
In February, FinCEN issued guidance that acknowledged legal marijuana businesses as legitimate and laid out standards for banks to deal with them, but many institutions criticized it as inadequate.
Representatives from Modi’s political party have stated that combating offshore tax evasion will be “a priority” for the country’s new administration. Last month, several Milan officials were arrested for allegedly rigging bids for contracts in the Expo 2015 world fair held in that city. A third participant in the corruption scheme became the first individual to be convicted under the Canadian Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act last month. Cybersecurity blogger and researcher Brian Krebs digs through “McDumpals,” one of the larger dumps sites, and notes how data breaches are fueling its growing size and sophistication. Attorney General Eric Holder said he wants to resolve several probes on financial institutions in response to the financial crisis before leaving office (via The Wall Street Journal).

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