For the past four years, The Chronicle has honored some remarkable people in this community with our annual Bezonki awards.
Three of the six Bezonki awards, crafted by local artist Alvey Jones and named after his comic strip that’s published monthly in The Chronicle.
But the awards are forward-looking, as well as an opportunity to recognize and honor the foundations that are being built to make our community strong. Like the individuals and organizations that receive these awards, each of the six physical Bezonkis is unique, made in part with bits salvaged from equipment at the former Ann Arbor News – a nod to our profession’s past.
Among many other things, Ryan Burns is the driving force behind Ignite Ann Arbor, an event that’s been held eight times since 2009.
He’s an engineer who’s also on the board of A2Geeks, a nonprofit that promotes the local tech community.
Ryan received the Bezonki from Paul Courant, one of last year’s winners – an economist, former University of Michigan dean of libraries and provost, and a geek in his own right. To Ryan Burns: In recognition of his efforts to highlight the creative energy of this community, reminding us that almost everyone has something to teach, and something to learn. Previous stewards of this Bezonki: Trevor Staples (2011), Ann Arbor District Library digital archiving team (2012) and Paul Courant (2013).
Linh Song and Dug Song have official job titles – Linh is executive director of the Ann Arbor Public Schools Educational Foundation and teaches international social work at the University of Michigan School of Social Work.
But it’s their deep commitment to their community that makes this couple truly remarkable, on top of their professional accomplishments. It’s their support of the Neutral Zone that connects Linh and Dug to last year’s winner, Lisa Dengiz, whose community work includes co-founding that nonprofit for teens. To Dug and Linh Song: In recognition of their individual and joint efforts that help make our community stronger, smarter and a more creatively playful place to live. Previous stewards of this Bezonki: Summers-Knoll School (2011), Roger Rayle (2012) and Lisa Dengiz (2013). The idea of giving people the tools they need to become engaged citizens is one that The Chronicle embraces. To Finding Your Political Voice: In recognition of their contributions to create more informed voters and better citizens to improve our community. Previous stewards of this Bezonki: Paul and Claire Tinkerhess (2011), Jim Toy (2012) and Linda Diane Feldt (2013). Whenever someone mentions a cool project that involves Washtenaw County or Ann Arbor city government, Mary Jo Callan is usually involved or leading the effort – affordable housing, funding for nonprofits, fostering the local food sector, creating ways to invest in our local economy, and much more. As director of Washtenaw County’s office of community & economic development, she is the least bureaucratic bureaucrat we know – someone who works to answer “yes” when asked for help, within the confines of a sometimes maddening labyrinth of federal, state and local regulations. Mary Jo’s leadership in the county is one way she’s connected to last year’s winner, Derrick Jackson, director of community engagement for the Washtenaw County sheriff’s office. To Mary Jo Callan: In recognition of your patience, good humor, intellect and mastery of navigating the political terrain to make this community a better place to live and work.
Previous stewards of this Bezonki: Matt Yankee and Jason Brooks (2011), Jeff Micale (2012) and Derrick Jackson (2013). When the planning commission reviewed his latest project, a condominium development on Kingsley Lane, not one person came to speak against it at the public hearing. Tom received his Bezonki from the 2013 winner Ann Arbor Active Against ALS, a nonprofit that’s doing significant work to improve our community.
To Tom Fitzsimmons: In recognition of his ability and willingness to create new developments that honor the context of the past – and not totally piss off the masses. Previous stewards of this Bezonki: Yousef Rabhi (2011), Anna Ercoli Schnitzer (2012), Ann Arbor Active Against ALS (2013). When we told Jeannine that she’d be receiving a Bezonki, she immediately asked whether it instead could be awarded to everyone involved in projects that have strengthened the Buhr Park neighborhood. We hope it’s clear from that why we’re honoring Jeannine – as well as all those involved in the Cobblestone Farm Market, the Buhr Park Children’s Wet Meadow Project and its new extension, the Buhr Food Forest. So on their behalf, Jeannine received the Bezonki that was given last year to Dan Ezekiel, an educator and activist who knows the power of a collective effort.
Bezonki winner Jeannine Palms (second from right) with Andy Brush, Yousef Rabhi and Mary Morgan. To Jeannine Palms and all the volunteers who’ve contributed countless hours on the Buhr Park Children’s Wet Meadow Project, the Cobblestone Farm Market, and other efforts in the Buhr neighborhood: Thanks for making our community a better place, and for showing us how the power of one is magnified when people join together for a common cause.
Previous stewards of this Bezonki: Vivienne Armentrout (2011), Common Cycle (2012) and Dan Ezekiel (2013).
Yousef Rabhi prepares to enter the Chronicle of Bezonkia, an interactive multimedia experience from the creative minds of Donald Harrison and Alvey Jones.

A sticker with The Chronicle’s logo is affixed to a portable wooden teeter totter made by Chronicle co-founder and editor Dave Askins. Oxford: Pipeline ProtestMICATS (Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands) is reporting that two of its protesters have been arrested for locking their necks with bicycle U-locks to pipeline construction trucks being used for the Enbridge Line 6B pipeline expansion.
These are some of the images that we found within the public domain for your "Top-down And Bottom-up Processing" keyword. We have provided the original source link for you to also credit the image(s) owner as we have done here. It’s likely one of the reasons Adobe decided to shift to a subscription model was so that they could bring in more beginners and amateurs that had never had affordable access to the software.
You first time opening up Photoshop, especially if you’re only jumping on board now with Photoshop CC, is going to be confusing.
In this recently released episode of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, Photoshop master Terry White shows you how to do the 10 things most beginners are wanting to do when they first open up the program. The folks at National Geographic just did a solid favor for all the adventurous outdoor photographers out there. Want to see how a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer responds to a request for free images in exchange for "credit" from a major news corporation? Some unlucky fellow was minding his own business in Disney World recently when he happened to accidentally walk in front of a couple as the man was proposing to his girlfriend.
We've shown you Getty's Olympic stockpiles and Canon's massive gear room, it's only right you get a peek inside Nikon's operation as well.
Fujifilm ambassador (and author of this rather controversial article) Samuel Zeller is lending a helping hand to all the Fuji users out there. Hands up, cheeks bulging, food properly presented to the camera, if we didn't know better we'd say this squirrel had been perfecting her photobomb skills ahead of the big moment. There's big news that's making waves in the world of photography education: the well-known photo school Brooks Institute has announced that it will be closing, ending a 70-year run. The Inuits in the region call them "American Flowers," but in reality they're old, rusted, leaking fuel containers; ten thousand of them scattered across the otherwise-pristine Greenland landscape on what used to be an Air Force base during World War II. This morning we woke up to an interesting bit of data from Canon Professional Services in our inbox. Some photographers find editing simply dull, but what if you could turn it into entertainment?
Mabuasehube in the Kalahari Desert region of Botswana, known as the place of big lions was to be the destination of our biennial “Legends” trip and my 1st real bush trip with my Fuji X-series kit. The challenge would be reach - as all photography is from the vehicle and unlike private game lodges and East African parks, vehicles may not leave the track. Simen Johan is a Scandinavian fine art photographer and sculptor, who has been creating ground-breaking conceptual works for over two decades. Like many other photographers, I’m always on the lookout for gear and techniques that will stimulate my interest in photography and lead to new ways of shooting. Recently I got a message from a person who said that they liked my pictures, but unfortunately they don’t have a "photographic eye." This inspired me to write the following article about basic aesthetics and their relationship to photography.
In a creative and refreshing new campaign, British designer and retailer Wren Kitchens teamed up with 5 popular parent bloggers to show the world the mess behind those perfect Instagram food photos. Every time the Olympics roll around, there are more photographers and less spots from which to shoot the games. Yesterday I spent my morning taking some photos in New York City along the Hudson river with my 4x5 camera.
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They were crafted by local artist Alvey Jones, whose Bezonki cartoons are published monthly in The Chronicle. Until this year, each winner of a Bezonki has been a steward of the physical award for a year. We’ve asked that they take responsibility for passing along their Bezonki to highlight the great work of others, as they encounter it in the coming months or years. It’s been described as a more democratic, less arrogant form of TED talks – funny, friendly five-minute talks by local residents sharing their expertise and insights.
In addition to raising a family, their volunteer work spans support for the new Ann Arbor skatepark, to helping organize their neighborhood’s Memorial Day parade, to serving on boards for several nonprofits.

Its goal is to educate residents about issues and candidates, and to develop informed voters who can participate in their community at the local, state and federal levels. This kind of grassroots education could be a model for other neighborhoods throughout the city. He received it from Linda Diane Feldt, one of last year’s winners and another terrific community builder. We’ve sat through countless meetings that draw concerned residents, protesting developments either downtown or in the neighborhoods. Here’s what she wrote: “For me, seeing a team or a group, instead of just an individual, working in various capacities to make a difference in their community would allow others to see themselves being involved. Dan couldn’t attend our open house, so 2011 Bezonki winner Yousef Rabhi – current chair of the Washtenaw County board of commissioners who worked on the Wet Meadow Project when he was a kid – gave Jeannine the award. 15 festivities were held at the Zingerman’s Events on Fourth space and included teeter tottering, a song by our friend Chris Buhalis, treats from Hello! Congrats to the Bezonki Award winners, and especially, Mary and Dave for making The Chronicle into something we all shall miss so much. And if you’re just getting started with Photoshop of photography in general, be sure to head over to our Tutorials category! They put every US Geological Survey (USGS) topographical map from across the United States on one easy-to-navigate site and made them easy to print out at home. Louis Post-Dispatch who won the Pulitzer Prize with his paper this year for his coverage of protests in Ferguson, Missouri. The moment wasn't just captured on camera (shown above) -- it has spawned a quirky new Internet photo meme.
These photos by Photo News photographer Vincent Kalut show, yet again, the amount of gear these companies have to haul to massive sporting events like this. In a bid to help fellow photographers get the most out of their photos, he's giving away a whole collection of custom Lightroom presets for free!
A week after sharing some crazy photos of their Rio stockpile with us, Canon is sharing the top 10 pieces of gear they're loaning out to sports photographers at the Olympics.
Mike Larremore is a portrait photographer from California who broadcasts his photo-editing on Twitch’s Creative Channel with the subjects of his photos sometimes sitting in the audience. His recent exhibition, Until the Kingdom Comes, presents exotic animals in new and unusual perspectives. The event was admittedly bittersweet, coming a week after our announcement that we plan to close this publication on Sept.
We further asked that they convey this same message to the next steward of Bezonki, whoever that might be – so that the awards continue to create positive connections throughout our community.
He also created the Tech Brewery, an incubator for technologists, entrepreneurs and start-up technology firms. Despite that, Tom Fitzsimmons has consistently brought forward projects that not only don’t draw residents’ ire – they’re often praised.
Maybe it’s because Tom grew up here that he’s managed to quietly imbue new buildings with the characteristics of existing Ann Arbor that people love. Ice Cream, and a masterful interactive experience from Donald Harrison of 7 Cylinders Studio – the Chronicle of Bezonkia, using images from artist Alvey Jones. The only real answer is that if you don't already know, I can't explain it, you just have to do it yourself. Last Friday, Carson was contacted by what appears to be a CBS account on Twitter that regularly Tweets requests for image usage. But sometimes it is the opposite—going “old school” by getting an older camera and not using any software. I had one sheet of film left, and I noticed that some nice-looking clouds were developing over the Hudson. Our hope has been that the awards create connections year after year between people in the community – people who might not otherwise have crossed paths. Also, if those who are already part of the team are recognized, they get a chance to be acknowledged and appreciated in a larger framework. With thoughts like these, I decided to embark on a new photography project, and travel down Memory Lane with the camera that sparked my passion for photography—a 1965 Kodak Instamatic 104.

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