If you have installed the pre-release Adobe software in your PC, then it could cause some problems when you later install the new final release version of the same software. Adobe CC Cleaner (Creative Cloud Cleaner) can remove the previous installations belonging to the Creative Cloud apps, Creative Suite (CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6) apps, Photoshop Elements, or Adobe Premiere Element software from your PC. Next you have to use the Windows’ Control Panel to uninstall all those Adobe Creative Cloud products that you are having problems with. After you have accepted the license terms, you are shown a list of products that you can cleanup from your PC.
Conclusion: Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner is helpful when installation of the Adobe Creative Cloud products is failing or not working properly.

The problems could arise because of a number of reasons – corrupt files, corrupt settings, entries in the HOSTS files and so on. If you are having problems connecting to the Adobe Creative Cloud servers, then this tool can also modify the HOSTS file in order to fix the possible problems.
First of all you should backup all your plugins, settings, profiles and the folders belonging to the Adobe Creative Cloud products. The uninstallation is done using the regular process, but it might leave behind some settings and files behind. You cannot fix these problems just by uninstalling the older software and re-installing the new version (although it could work for a while).

For fixing the problems like this, Adobe has released a specialized tool called Adobe CC Cleaner.

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