The days of CS6 are fading into the distance behind us, and Adobe has officially launched the newest version of what has, until now, been called Creative Suite (though from here on out it’s called Creative Cloud). Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC also now allow you to save your files directly to the Cloud, right from within the programs.
The newest version of Edge Animate offers some major updates, including a new motion paths feature. Animations can also be made interactive using code snippets built into Edge Animate, or with your own JavaScript functions.
The animations that you can create in Edge Animate can be added to any number of web projects. Edge Reflow also allows you to create reusable CSS3 styles that are perfect for formatting multiple elements so that your entire project maintains a consistent appearance. Dreamweaver CC has integrated new faster workflows for visually building website designs and responsive layouts. Enhancements to the Fluid Grid Layout functionality lets you build sites more intuitively, with visual construction of media queries that let you adapt your design to fit different screen dimensions.
You can now apply classes to grouped elements, rather than having to add them to each element individually. Animated content has long been created with Flash Pro at major online video portals, studios, gaming companies, and more. The new Flash Professional CC lets you add even more functionality with the built-in Toolkit for CreateJS.
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Yesterday kicked off Adobe MAX, Adobe’s annual conference for designers and developers to converge and learn about the latest and greatest from Adobe and our community. Basically, just about everything in the keynote is related to the major updates for Creative Cloud. First and foremost, Adobe is shifting emphasis from packaged software releases to focusing on the Creative Cloud.
Adobe also announced that the company will focus creative software development efforts on its Creative Cloud offering moving forward.  While Adobe Creative Suite® 6 products will continue to be supported and available for purchase, the company has no plans for future releases of Creative Suite or other CS products. The shift to Creative Cloud is great for more reasons than I could possibly list in one post. Creative Cloud membership gives you the latest and greatest updates from Adobe, without an upgrade cost, and without having to wait for a boxed release cycle.
I strongly suggest reading more about Creative Cloud update here, and learning about the vision for Creative Cloud. Contrary to FUD that is floating around the Internet, Creative Cloud is not about anti-piracy, it is not about price gouging, it is not about trying to control you.
In addition to product updates, the Creative Cloud update also features an improved desktop presence for managing your tools and files.

Keep track of everything in your creative work, from Behance notifications, to collaboration invitations, and even updates to your CC apps — all in a single activity stream. Share a work in progress from your Creative Cloud files or within Adobe® Photoshop® and get immediate feedback from the creative community. Broadcast your work on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook from within your Creative Cloud tools, all powered by Behance.
As part of your Creative Cloud membership, you get access to 175 TypeKit fonts, which can be easily installed through the Creative Cloud desktop application, and are available to your entire desktop.
There are hundreds of new or updated features to Adobe’s desktop applications and services with the latest Creative Cloud update. Touch Type tool in Illustrator CC allows you to design with type in a powerful new way by manipulating characters like individual objects. In addition to Creative Cloud tools, there have also been updates to the Edge Tools and Services. You can always stay on top of the latest updates to Creative Cloud on the Creative Cloud Team blog. There are now five panels that give you various information about your CC account, your applications, and more. This is a big time-saver for teams, or for designers who want to work from more than one computer.
Just go to the Creative Cloud website, open the file you want to share, and then use the built-in sharing link to either post to Behance for public feedback or send a link via email. You can let users control playback of elements, or even create buttons that enable even more user interaction. Edge Reflow CC makes it easy to create responsive designs using visual media queries and an intuitive user interface. Integration with Illustrator and Edge Animate make it easy to copy SVG files and animations into your Reflow projects, too. On some images it worked great, while on others it created all sorts of undesirable artifacts. You can nondestructively remove or reapply settings as you work, without having to start over.
You can create both web and mobile content intuitively, with new features that make web design and development much easier.
It’s now faster, more extensible, modular, reliable, and significantly more efficient. This lets you create web-standard HTML and JavaScript code based on your Flash projects, including interactive content. These updates are sure to make the lives of any web designers using Adobe software significantly easier, and end results better. This includes the vision and direction of Creative Cloud, and all of the tools and services that you are able to take advantage of with your Creative Cloud membership.

Focusing development on Creative Cloud will not only accelerate the rate at which Adobe can innovate but also broaden the type of innovation the company can offer the creative community.
You can share your work with the public (either through Creative Cloud sharing, or through Behance integration). There is a lot of rumor and misinformation also floating around, so please, please, please read 5 Myths About Creative Cloud, and be sure to check the FAQ if you have any additional questions. Creative Cloud is about providing you with the best tools and services to produce creative experiences, collaboration, and adding value to your workflow.
And with Creative Cloud integration, keeping your portfolio up to date simply becomes part of your usual workflow. If you were to license each of these fonts individually, it would cost you roughly $25,000.
Adobe Edge Web Fonts has an updated interface on online presence available now, and other Edge Tools have updates that will arrive in June.
The Apps panel shows you the status of your CC apps, and lets you run updates or download new apps. Instead, just log into your Creative Cloud account, sync your settings on one computer, and then load the synced settings on another computer to have your workspace set up just the way you want it.
If you send a link, you can allow those with the link to leave comments or even download the file. The new way images are processed for Smart Sharpen give virtually magical results, maintaining the fidelity of your images. Once you’ve created a shape, you can use the Properties panel to update and refine the settings.
You can make changes to things like box shadows or gradients, and see updates to the Live view instantly. This lets you create content that can be distributed to platforms and devices that don’t support the Flash Player, including iOS devices. If you weren’t able to catch the keynote live, it will soon be available for viewing online.
The Behance panel lets you connect to your Behance account so you can easily showcase your work, get feedback, and find inspiration, without having to go through your browser. Whoever you share the link with does not have to have a CC membership in order to view the file or leave comments.

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