Close any browser that you have open, close any open Adobe product or service, check the system tray and take a look in the Processes list in the Windows Task Manager to make sure that you have closed anything from Adobe. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science, Digital Interactive Entertainment.
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There is also an answer from Adobe but from my readings on different forum topics, that didn’t seem to work too smoothly.

Run Creative Cloud Cleaner tool and choose option 3 and then option 1 to complete the cleaning process. Not mine, but the Adobe support agent that I was about to hop on a plane, track down (where ever they were in the world) and club to death with a copy of the useless, pointless and frankly idiotic script that Adobe supplied them with. That is why I decided to try my luck with this very simple fix before making all those steps that Adobe thinks could help and fortunately I got rid of the Failed to install error the easy way. Props to you for having a simple solution, but Adobe really should be ashamed of themselves.

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