We are now on Wednesday ,  which also happens to be my favourite day of the week, just in case that comes up in the Karl Gibson trivia quiz at your local bar. Support for Feature Bearing updates- Updates are broken up in to Feature bearing & regular updates. Caching of Applications and updates to save bandwidth- Ability to change where cache is located. Note although we are making CCP 1.1 live on LWS on the 21st it does take time to replicate on peoples LWS account. With Creative Cloud Packager we have included a new version of the Adobe Update Server Setup Tool (AUSST 3.0) the new version offers significant performance improvement and we have also made AUSST proxy aware and so you can now use AUSST even if you are behind a proxy.
Thanks for the Adobe Creative Cloud For Enterprise demo in Dallas this morning, it was very informative and well done. 2.Apps save the Creative Cloud login info and password for your main account even if you disable the creative cloud. Creative Cloud for Enterprise has been out since last December this is a common misconception, however I would expect an Adobe Rep to be aware of this. Photoshop maker Adobe has a few more or less useful apps on the App Store, most of them tied to its Creative Cloud offering and the Creative Suite family of desktop products for pros. Although the company caters to photography buffs with iPhone and iPad versions of Photoshop Express, Photoshop Touch, Ideas and other apps, they’re pared down versions conceived as companion apps to their desktop counterparts. According to CNET, at the heart of RAW image support is Adobe’s Smart Previews technology from the newly released Lightroom 5 beta. What this does is take a RAW image file (which often has a large file size) and create a lossy DNG version. The ability to edit photos taken in raw photo formats, including Lightroom develop-module parameters like exposure, clarity, shadows, highlights, and white balance.

Cloud-synchronized editing so that changes made on a tablet arrive on the same photo on the PC. Hogarty demonstrated zooming in all the way to a 36-megapixel raw photo on the iPad 2 hardware. My Wacom is pretty good to be honest, and i’m fine using a mouse also, maybe I will say different after experiencing touch screen editing to some extent.
I do a lot of photography, and with much of it featured here at THE ROCK FATHER Magazine and on Instagram, one of the questions that I'm most-asked is "What App are you using?" Most of the time, I'm not using an "app" at all - but using Adobe Photoshop right here on my desktop PC. This pre-paid 1-year subscription gives photographers the ability to create and access their images across multiple screens anywhere their devices can go. From everyday edits, to massive creative works of art, the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan from Best Buy is an absolute essential in my technological arsenal, and that of any serious photography enthusiast.
This Back-to-School Fashion Showcase is presented in partnership with Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois. Perhaps the week I got married and the week I went to Disneyland (not the same week) but this week must also be up there. The great and really exciting news is that Creative Cloud Packager 1.1 will also be available for you. This has now been replaced and you will see only Creative Cloud Packager 1.1,  your License Key and a handful of applications CCP cannot currently package.
By downloading the applications & updates directly from the cloud we are removing a massive headache from the IT admin and also as you can see from the above there is lots of other great features.
The reason for this is that there inclusion results in a much higher rate of failure of the deployment package.
These DNGs allow for fast and efficient editing on lower-specc’d hardware as any change made to the DNG file later sync back to the RAW image file via the Adobe cloud.

Truth is, I've been a loyal user of Adobe products for over 15 years, and now with the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan from Best Buy, I really can take the power of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom anywhere - right here on my office PC, or as an App on my iOS devices. It literally gives you the same capability that I use here at Rock Father HQ - and if you read this site regularly, you're seeing images created with the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan every single day!
Since we released Creative Cloud Packager 1.0 in April for Creative Cloud Team customers the feedback has been overwhelmingly favourable. If so then yes this is the behaviour we expect because your machine is picking up the same token from CCP. We continue to try and work with the DPS team to come up with a solution as I am well aware this is something our customers really want.
For the Photo Enthusiast on your holiday gift list, you can help them take their best shot and make it even better with the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan - a featured pick in my 2015 Holiday Wish Guide!
Even all of my "branding" is created and edited in Photoshop - logos, article headers, all of it.
With this in mind it was really important to us that Creative Cloud Enterprise customers also have this this experience when it came time to packaging the new Creative Cloud applications & updates. As the Creative Cloud evolves the Creative Cloud Packager will also evolve and offer greater customisation of the services the Creative Cloud offers.
This however will not be the behaviour on client systems they will not see any credentials from the IT admin that created the package.

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