In an apparent attempt to counteract Autodesk’s foray into the creative territory and fill a gap in its otherwise well rounded portfolio, Adobe is offering Fuse CC free of charge to anyone with an AdobeID (you can register for free and get Fuse CC here). If you encounter a problem with the download such as a progress bar stuck at 0%, read Troubleshooting Adobe CC Downloads. Fuse CC combines a well thought-out set of features with an almost Apple-style ease of use for a reasonable, though not overwhelming, amount of flexibility and near-instant results.
Use the Select tool to highlight an area of your model’s body, then frag it to modify its shape until you are satisfied with the result. The Customize tab grants you access to a variety of parameters by means of knobs and sliders. If you would like to add some individuality to your character, head over to the Texture area and feel free to experiment with different eye, teeth or tongue color, apply makeup or change the appearance of body hair.
Once all body parts are in place, Fuse grants you access to the Clothing section of the interface. In addition, you can combine multiple models withing the realm of a single scene, and design their interactions on the timeline in Photoshop.
They focus on the journey your customer takes and the understanding that comes from that data. Importantly, it also means more accurate location, venue visit, and customer persona data for advertisers and publishers.

My research shows that consumers are relatively happy allowing businesses to use location data to personalize advertising.
Retailer Personas are designed to measure attribution for campaigns associated with the 200 top retailers and brands in North America. On-Demand Personas can be created from data that includes venue visits, venue type, visit frequency, and demographic information. So a consumer who owns a car could be categorized as a Budget or Luxury Auto consumer, thanks to Skyhook’s location data.
The focus for Skyhook is not on buying or selling media, and the company says that it never aggregates, combines, shares, sells, or transfers its partners’ data to a third party.
To build a behavioral profile for a user, Skyhook requires user sample locations containing a unique device ID, a time stamp, and a location. 30th, 2015, Adobe introduced a new addition to its extensive collection of design and content creation tools: Fuse CC (Preview), a character animation software that outputs 3D models into Photoshop, where you can get your kicks out of animating them (formerly by Mixamo). Current users of Adobe’s Creative Cloud services can download Fuse CC from within the CC desktop app. On the right-hand side of the document window, you will find a collection of body parts such as heads, torsos, arms and legs (both male and female, racially diverse).
Rather than focus on the current location and what intent signals it may or may not offer the marketer, advertiser, or publisher, Skyhook looks at location signals over time and applies its venue data to these broader movements.

So how do we move the needle to “completely happy” and make this type of advertising part of using a smartphone without destroying the experience? Power Personas help identify consumers with strong brand affinity based on a high frequency of venue visits and other behaviors.
For example, you could build a persona that includes all consumers over the age of 17 who have visited Walmart in the past 90 days.
One who frequents the same types of clothing stores might be classed as a Power Women’s Apparel Shopper.
That stance means that, as a pure technology provider, it never competes with the advertisers, publishers, or adtech partners with which it works. This information allows for the creation of personas, and the three new offerings are designed to identify these different types of consumer. On-Demand Personas allow advertisers and publishers to create and customize their target segments across more than 3,000 possible combinations.

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