The new Windows 8 Interface features a touch-friendly, shell and user Interface, Microsoft’s “Metro” design language, an attractive “start screen”, and a Windows app store. Windows 8 boasts of anew and hybrid technology featuring a much faster start-up through UEFI integration and the all-new “Hybrid Boot” mode (hibernating the Windows Kernel during shutdown to hasten subsequent boot up processes). Further, Windows 8 comes with much stronger safety and security protocols in place including authentication procedures tailored for touchscreens, antivirus, SmartScreen filtering, secure boot, and parental controls.
Sticking to the Windows environment for now, Windows 7 only had desktop applications for developers to play with. Metro style design allows you to access accelerating hardware, right out of the box so that you can tune your apps and provide a consistent effect across the platform. Majority of users worldwide still use Windows and as such, the Windows 8 App store is no kid on the block. Windows also has a strong appeal to specific local markets unlike Android apps, which tend to be more general and Apple App store which tends to focus mostly on U.S and other developed markets. Metro Style design for Windows 8 has a “share Contract” feature where developers who build metro applications can communicate, tweak, and make changes to apps even if they haven’t been developed or even if these apps aren’t live yet as long as applications support the Payload Schema. Also, developers can go with Windowss “Win as one” model and use the entire Windows eco-system along with the features of Windows 8. For developers, it’s another income stream, another business opportunity, a whole new market to venture into, and a spectacular absorption rate thanks to the sheer market share of Microsoft’s Windows.
If you don’t yet have an HTML signature made, here is some example code to get you started. After setting up your signature in another app, send yourself an email that includes the signature. NOTE: The signature will not look right, especially if you have special formatting applied to links. Go back to the Mail app and try sending an email from the account that you installed the signature on. TweetScoop.itFlowboard isa  storytelling and presentation app that allows creating side-scrolling publications with the help of photos, videos, text, links and photo galleries. Services like Instagram and features like the Facebook Timeline have changed the way people share things online.
Like any good presentation app, Flowboard comes with its own collection of readymade templates to help you create presentations, personal portfolios, catalogs, photo albums, etc. Flow board comes with integration for famous web services like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Box and Dropbox. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs.

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However if you wanted the power of Lightroom but on your phone, you’re in luck because Adobe has announced that Lightroom will now be a standalone app for mobile, and best of all, it will be free.Prior to this, Lightroom for mobile was a companion app for the desktop version of the software. Along with the launch, the company also launched hopes of trying to salvage the declining market share of PCs. Windows’ Metro language and Windows 8 itself runs off modern technologies such as USB 3.0, NFC (Near Field Communications), Cloud Computing, a built-in antivirus, and app synchronization between multiple devices.
Erik alludes to statistics, which reveal that more than 100 million Windows devices will be shipped each quarter.
It has a new “File Explorer” (you might know it better as Windows Explorer), an overhauled Task manager, and much more. The “Connected Standby” feature lets metro applications update even when the computers sleep.
Overall, Windows has a far greater reach globally and that means even more exposure to your apps developed on the Metro style for Windows 8. Knowing what you do and flexing the skills you have as a developer, how difficult is it to develop great apps based on metro style for windows 8?
We always appreciate contributions and if you'd like to contribute too, please don't hesitate to visit the contribute page. Whether you are looking to tell your story in the form of your personal photo collection, wish to share ideas or require creating and presenting a presentation right from your iPad, Flowboard can help you get the job done without requiring the use of PowerPoint or Keynote. It appears that people are becoming increasingly interested in not just sharing pictures, videos and other types of interesting content but also wish to see things organized in the form of a story. With the help of such templates all you will have to do is to select an appropriate Flowboard template, add media files and share your content with anyone online. You can import content from any of the aforementioned services, as well as grab photos from your iPad Camera Roll to create or retouch presentations and for making other types of creative content. He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. I piccoli fan di Mia e degli elfi del regno incantato di Centopia con abiti e profili ispirati ai disegni di Gustav Klimt si divertiranno ad esplorare la magica terra degli elfi e a lottare con la terribile Gargona per liberare gli unicorni. Nell’avventura di “Mia and me – Libera gli unicorni” sono contenuti, in una unica grande avventura epica, tante prove da superare, missioni da completare e molti enigmi da risolvere. This means that users would have to first own the actual desktop software and have a subscription to Creative Cloud. Windows 8 promises a much better user experience geared towards making significant changes to the Operating System itself and also rendering the OS to mobile devices, touch-based screens, and tablets.

The estimated market is purported to be 200 million by the time this New Year draws to a close. Even apps built with the standard x86 – in the old fashioned way – can still work on Windows 8 but they might not be considered as metro apps. Then work to get a developers license, choose your programming language of your choice from javaScript, C# and Visual Basic, C++, DirectX, Visual Studio 2012, etc. Furthermore, it offers integration with famous cloud storage services to import content from a Dropbox, Instagram, Google, Box or Facebook account. Moreover, all your Flowboards can work offline, which can help you present your presentation even when you are offline. However with these changes, Lightroom is now a standalone app meaning just like other photo editing apps like Snapseed and VSCO, you can use it as a regular mobile app to edit your photos.Users can still sign in with Creative Cloud if they choose to and there is a trial if they wish to participate in it, but otherwise the app is completely free.
Primarily, the launch was meant to be an answer to rival the likes of Android and Apple’s iOS. In fact, it’ll be a slow but steady ride for Windows 8 and Windows RT (tablet-version of Windows 8). Windows 8 has shipped out more than 40 million licenses already and it continues to grow while a number of developers have already crossed the $25,000 mark to get that juicy 80% profit-retention model that Windows offers. Windows also has an aggressive pricing model by allowing you to retain 80% of the profits off app (and in-app) purchases by up to 80%. If you are a developer, please note that metro apps use the cloud more than ever for data storage.
A good example of this phenomena are iOS apps like Stampsy, which seem to be catering for people looking to use their creative side in a more flexible way. Additionally, you can share your presentations online  using the Flowboard web player and via Facebook, Twitter, Email and  Direct link. Speaking to TNW, Tom Hogarty, Adobe’s director of product management for digital imaging said, “We’re seeing alot of people come in first on Lightroom mobile, so now we’re allowing people to use it locally on their local assets, their local photos and videos on their phone and tablet for as long as they like.”If you’d like to get your hands on the app, just head on over to the iTunes App Store for the free download. Metro apps are also required to stay open (never quit the app unless you can reboot it with the task manager).
Similarly, Flowboard provides a very convenient mechanism for creating stories, sharing ideas or creating presentations by simply dragging and dropping items from your iPad device or online sources. As for Android users, fret not because an Android version of the app is on its way.Filed in Apple >Cellphones >Photo-Video.

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