The days of CS6 are fading into the distance behind us, and Adobe has officially launched the newest version of what has, until now, been called Creative Suite (though from here on out it’s called Creative Cloud). Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC also now allow you to save your files directly to the Cloud, right from within the programs.
The newest version of Edge Animate offers some major updates, including a new motion paths feature. Animations can also be made interactive using code snippets built into Edge Animate, or with your own JavaScript functions. The animations that you can create in Edge Animate can be added to any number of web projects. Edge Reflow also allows you to create reusable CSS3 styles that are perfect for formatting multiple elements so that your entire project maintains a consistent appearance. Dreamweaver CC has integrated new faster workflows for visually building website designs and responsive layouts. Enhancements to the Fluid Grid Layout functionality lets you build sites more intuitively, with visual construction of media queries that let you adapt your design to fit different screen dimensions. You can now apply classes to grouped elements, rather than having to add them to each element individually. Animated content has long been created with Flash Pro at major online video portals, studios, gaming companies, and more. The new Flash Professional CC lets you add even more functionality with the built-in Toolkit for CreateJS. Join our 839,977 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! If I install 2014 release of Photoshop CC, does it update and replace the current version of Photoshop CC I currently have installed? Can I uninstall prior versions of Photoshop (CC, CS6, etc.) after I install the 2014 release of Photoshop CC? Do I have to re-install my 3rd party plug-ins and extension panels after I update to the 2014 release of Photoshop CC? Where can I learn about more about the new features in the 2014 release of Photoshop CC? If you want it to show up in the OS X Dock and show up in list of open applications when you Cmd + Tab to switch applications, 1.
After Installing Photoshop CC 2014 you will want to also Update the Extension Manager to version 7.2.
If no update beyond 7.1 is available via Creative Cloud Desktop app initially, perform these steps to get the latest version of Extension Manager installed. If this is the first time you’re downloading an app, Adobe Creative Cloud is downloaded and installed on your computer. If I install 2014 release of Photoshop CC, does it update and replace the current version of Photoshop I currently have installed? Can I uninstall prior versions of Photoshop (CC, CS6, etc.) after I install the 2014 release of Photoshop CC? With each release of Photoshop, our development team needs to do some architectural spring-cleaning. With that said, 3rd party panels using Flash, Mini Bridge, Kuler, & the Oil Paint filter were removed from the 2014 release of PhotoshopCC. If your system meets the requirements, make sure that you quit the Adobe Application Manager and relaunch it. After installing all these updates I find it is no longer possible to open a file with ACR into Photoshop CC, they will only open into Photoshop CC 2014. After looking at a new user’s registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER and comparing it to the one on the original user, I found a registry value which was not changed, and should have been. This key was set to the path for Photoshop CS6 when it should have been set to Photoshop CC. I can see the extension on the extension manager on the ps 2014 section, but it doesn’t show up on ps. Looks like Creative Cloud was just a cheap parlor trick by Adobe to get people paying monthly.
The 2014 release of Photoshop CC (version 2014.0) is a major version update and will install completely separate from the current Photoshop CC or any prior versions you have installed.
I don’t recommend that method as it may break plug-in DRM and aliases to plug-in shared components. The Flash-based Extensions not being supported info detailed above was not easy to come by.
Extension manager 7.2 shows my extensions are installed in cc 2014 but they are not showing up in cc. The solution to have to re-install all of my plug ins is another astonishing dumb move on the part of Adobe, that and the whole Creative Cloud thing is forcing me (and our large organization) to find other solutions.
Have you ever felt that a potentially-great design you created fell short of greatness just because there was ‘something’ not right about the colors?
With Color CC, you can easily create your own color themes from images or paintings that inspire you, capture color themes from your surroundings when you are outdoors or on the move, use color theory in your designs without losing years of your life in becoming an expert, and rely on the community when you really need that color inspiration. Use Adobe Color CC for mobile—it’s free!—to instantly capture your inspiration from real-life color palettes like gardens, flowers, seasons, festivals, and sunsets. Color CC automatically picks five colors from your image or scene depending on the color mood you selected — Colorful, Bright, Muted, Deep, Dark, or Custom. You can also fine-tune the colors in your palette by dragging the color sliders or by entering the desired color value in the color space that you prefer.
Creative Cloud Libraries, powered by Adobe CreativeSync technology, makes your favorite assets available to you anywhere. Once you get your desired color theme, you can give your theme a name and save it. They are automatically saved to Creative Cloud Libraries.

Show your color themes and the images that inspired them to the world on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Make your color themes public and add descriptive tags to them, so that other Color CC users can easily find them when they need inspiration. Go to My Themes on Color CC website to see how your theme inspires other users; look for the numbers of views, rating, and favorites that your theme gets and feel good about it!
For days when you need a quick dose of inspiration, use the Color CC website to explore the community, where users from around the word and different design fields share their color themes.
When you sign in to the Color CC website, you can also contribute to the community by commenting, rating, or marking color themes as your favorite! We’re a team of writers that maintains Help and user-assistance content for Adobe products across multiple domains, including Creative Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Acrobat, the Elements family of products, Technical Communication Suite, mobile apps, and more. With Adobe’s announcement this week of Creative Cloud 2015, design professionals have a wealth of new features and improvements in Creative Cloud applications to try out on their desktop and mobile devices. Fifteen desktop applications were updated and two new iOS mobile apps added to Creative Cloud.
The 2015 update is available now in your Creative Cloud desktop application (here’s help for using the desktop app). I was most interested in learning about the updates to Photoshop, the Creative Cloud (CC) application I use most often.
Deborah is highly responsive, thorough, and expansive in providing up-to-date, highly informed web support services.She is also generous with her expertise while focusing clearly on exactly what needs to be done.
We consider your goals, audience, and content to present the best solution to fit your needs.
We have selected 7 tools for UX designers that can help in the process of creating mood boards, concepts and interactive wireframes and prototypes.
These tools are Cloud-Based so you can collaborate with your team and send customers an online version of the design. Most of them are based on responsive patterns so it’s easy to test the result on any device.
Notism is a collaborative tool that lets you share designs and obtain efficient feedback on visual projects from co-workers and customers, create interactive prototypes, add notes to discuss the projects with editors and reviewers and is a great Task management tool. Solidify is a complete tool that lets you create clickable prototypes specially oriented for user testing. Moqups is a sketch-style HTML5 App for creating wireframes, mockups, UI concepts and interactive prototypes. With you can create high-fidelity prototypes that work exactly like your real app would. POP is a mobile app for Android and iOS that lets you import your sketches by taking a picture. HotGloo helps you from low- to high-fidelity, from wireframes to prototypes - with HotGloo you can finally achieve great concepts in a fast, simple and beautiful way. Awwwards – recognizing the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world. There are now five panels that give you various information about your CC account, your applications, and more. This is a big time-saver for teams, or for designers who want to work from more than one computer.
Just go to the Creative Cloud website, open the file you want to share, and then use the built-in sharing link to either post to Behance for public feedback or send a link via email.
You can let users control playback of elements, or even create buttons that enable even more user interaction.
Edge Reflow CC makes it easy to create responsive designs using visual media queries and an intuitive user interface.
Integration with Illustrator and Edge Animate make it easy to copy SVG files and animations into your Reflow projects, too. On some images it worked great, while on others it created all sorts of undesirable artifacts.
You can nondestructively remove or reapply settings as you work, without having to start over. You can create both web and mobile content intuitively, with new features that make web design and development much easier. It’s now faster, more extensible, modular, reliable, and significantly more efficient. This lets you create web-standard HTML and JavaScript code based on your Flash projects, including interactive content. These updates are sure to make the lives of any web designers using Adobe software significantly easier, and end results better. If you don’t see your question answered below, let me know in the comments section and I will try and answer. After it’s downloaded, it will relaunch and the new CC applications will show up when you sign-in. If you’re downloading an App on an older operating system, Adobe Application Manager is used to download and install your app.
As we modernize our code and add cool new features, we sometimes have to make tough decisions to cull existing features from the herd. If it’s been open it needs to be quit and restarted so that it updates itself to see the CC updates.
This information really should be available upfront when installing the latest version of the CC apps.
If you are, you can Right click one of the RAW images and choose to open in Photoshop CC instead of Photoshop CC 2014.
If not, then why weren’t all of these new 2014 features rolled out as soon as they were developed?

I use Lightroom 5 and regularly use the merge to HDR Pro function in Lightroom which opens up Photoshop. If you’ve installed an extension and it’s not active, it’s likely the extension is Flash based which is not supported any longer. When I went to uninstall it asked me to close CS^, form which i Took it that uninstalling CC will also uninstall CS6. Putting together a good color palette for a project could be an agonizing task for an untrained eye, especially in the face of tight deadlines. Alternatively, easily create a color scheme from that photograph you love, clicked with or saved on your mobile device. Play around with different moods that are based on color harmony rules and find the color palette that suits your requirements. This means that the color themes you create in Color CC mobile app and website can be accessed across other Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps for a seamless creative workflow! You can use them for your creative projects in Creative Cloud desktop apps like Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, After Effects CC, and Flash Professional CC, and new Adobe Creative Cloud mobile apps for iOS and Android like Illustrator Line, Illustrator Draw, and Photoshop Sketch. If you have feedback on Adobe user-assistance content or feel you can contribute to it, this is the place to reach us. Using best practices, we create a website that engages your visitors with clear calls to action.
We'll design targeted, cost-effective email campaigns that build relationships with your audience and create customer loyalty.
Our analysis of your website and competition will provide optimization strategies for improving your website traffic and ensuring people learn about your organization. Some of them allow you to set a usability test that can help to improve the user experience on your projects. From helping you share your creative compositions, to building prototypes right in your web browser, we’ve got you covered. POP automatically adjusts brightness and contrast to make sure your sketches are legible and clear. The Apps panel shows you the status of your CC apps, and lets you run updates or download new apps. Instead, just log into your Creative Cloud account, sync your settings on one computer, and then load the synced settings on another computer to have your workspace set up just the way you want it.
If you send a link, you can allow those with the link to leave comments or even download the file. The new way images are processed for Smart Sharpen give virtually magical results, maintaining the fidelity of your images. Once you’ve created a shape, you can use the Properties panel to update and refine the settings. You can make changes to things like box shadows or gradients, and see updates to the Live view instantly.
This lets you create content that can be distributed to platforms and devices that don’t support the Flash Player, including iOS devices. After you are comfortable with the Photoshop CC and confirmed all your plug-ins, hardware & printer drivers are working correctly, feel free to uninstall CS6. Setting the file associations for my RAW files to PS CC allows me to right click and Open With PS CC.
You are welcome to keep both versions installed, or uninstall prior versions of Photoshop if you would like. Does anyone have any info on whether it’s safer for me to uninstall CC without also uninstalling CS6?
Or go custom to manually select your colors using the circular color selector—a small magnified-view bubble that appears as you drag the color selector to help you pick the right spot. In her free time, you'll find her birdwatching, shooting photos, reading, or watching tennis. was specifically created for mobile, so it can emulate screen transitions, orientation changes or touch gestures. The Behance panel lets you connect to your Behance account so you can easily showcase your work, get feedback, and find inspiration, without having to go through your browser.
Whoever you share the link with does not have to have a CC membership in order to view the file or leave comments.
I mean what is the point of retaining the old version of the program anyway, if you can’t really use it?
By default it says All Apps or Filters & Versions, click it and choose Previous Version.
The tool gives you reports on highly valuable data about user behavior, such as where users click and other usability reports.
You are welcome to keep both versions installed, or uninstall prior versions of Photoshop if you would like. Here I was thinking I could setup 2014 on the side while continuing my work, instead I have a big glitch to deal with.
Find Photoshop on the list and the button will say “Install” but it will also be a drop-down menu. Any light shed on this matter would be greatly appreciated as it’s annoying me somewhat. Seriously, this is just an idea (offered for free here) and your hired team could come up with 20 more in an hour. This is the thing: as a designer I spend a large part of my time in creative meetings, dealing with clients and one form or another of paper work and after all that find very little -but precious- time to actually do creating work.

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