Here is a neat feature of Poll Everywhere that I just learned about this week, word clouds. For folks not familiar with Poll Everywhere, it is a service that allows you to collect responses from an audience via text messaging.
Poll Everywhere provides an excellent service for collecting instant anonymous feedback from students. The new word cloud options in Poll Everywhere could make it possible for everyone in the room to quickly see the most and least common responses to an open-ended question. However, creating such a Word Cloud in PowerPoint can be both a daunting and a time consuming task! Now the cloud will refresh and display a new Word Cloud -- created using your text input, as shown in Figure 4 below. Spiral: Here you'll find two radio buttons, Archimedean and Rectangular (see Figure 6, below) to align your word cloud, choosing any one of them changes the design accordingly. Scale: Choose any one among these three radio buttons, log n, a?sn, and n (see Figure 7, below) to scale the output into many variations.
Font: You can change the Word Cloud's font family by typing the font family name in the field (see Figure 8, below) and hitting the Enter key on your keyboard.
Orientation: You can enter angle degrees within text boxes, or use the angler (protractor shape), as shown in Figure 9 to change the orientation of the World Cloud accordingly. One word per line: Select this check-box (see Figure 11, below) to set the words within your word cloud to one word per line. Download: You can download your Word Cloud as SVG or PNG format by clicking any one of these links (see Figure 12, below).

Here are a bunch of jigsaw slides that you can use to create your own jigsaw puzzles quickly within your own slides!
Brainstorming Warm-Up Exercises105 Aug 2013brainstorming, brainstorming tips, creative thinking, idea generation, Quartet, whiteboard by Jigisha D.
4.  When you are given the object use your top 3 creative adjectives to describe that object. Using one or all of these exercise in your next brainstorm could be the change of pace your group needs to wake-up their creativity.
The word cloud feature has been there for a while, but now it integrates with Wordle, Tagxedo, and Tagul.
The free plan for K-12 educators provides selection of features and quantity of responses that is adequate for almost any classroom.
You can make some changes by altering the options provided below the output, as shown in Figure 5. The main resulting changes are that your Word Cloud spreads within a rectangular area, or condenses into a smaller oval area. Note that whenever you select or de-select this check-box do hit the Enter key on your keyboard to refresh the output. When done, download the Word Cloud as a PNG that you can insert within your PowerPoint slide.
Such downloaded SVGs can be opened in a drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator, and saved as an EMF file, that can be thereafter inserted in PowerPoint. According to the site there are no restrictions for usage a€“ you can export, print on paper, clothes etc.

This entire kit contains 5 different styles of jigsaw pieces: typical jigsaws, arrows, hearts, ovals, and rounded squares. After creating a cool, new, innovative product we need to come up with a catchy name for the new product. Encourage the groups to come up as many ideas as they can, even if they aren’t realistic ideas.
I've also seen it used by teachers to collect feedback about the length of time it took students to finish a homework assignment. Additionally, you can also use web fonts, as explained within the How the Word Cloud Generator Works page. Do note that the exported PNG supports transparency, as can be seen in the resulting slide shown in Figure 13, below. You can then ungroup the EMF within PowerPoint, and then use it as a native PowerPoint drawing object! After spending all your time creating names for the last project how are you suppose to come up with something better for this one, you may ask?
Different perspectives are always beneficial when trying to make a brainstorming session yield interesting and creative ideas. Then in your administrative panel select "word cloud" on the right hand side of the screen.

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