Even though I love using my iPad, mostly for watching videos, I still find the process of transferring files to the iPad quite unintuitive.
Instead, you have to convert everything on your own using third-party tools like HandBrake. In this article, I’ll show you a couple of different ways you can get data from a computer onto your iPad.
Once you have your video, music or document in the correct format that Apple supports, you can use iTunes to transfer this data from your computer to your iPad using a direct connection via cable. Now just drag the file you want to transfer over to the right side of the screen in iTunes and drop it there.
Above, I synced a MP4 video file to my iPad and in order to view the video, I had to open the Videos app.
The second best option is to use iCloud Drive, which has been a fairly recent addition to Apple products.
Now you can click on iCloud Drive in Finder and it will show you a list of default folders like Numbers, Keynote, Pages, etc. Now when you open the iCloud Drive app, you’ll see all the files that you added using your computer.
You can enable AirDrop by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, which will open Control Center. Tap on AirDrop and you’ll see another screen where you can choose who you want to share with.
It’s a pretty good option if you already have Apple devices, especially a newer Mac computer.
Beyond these two Apple-specific options, you can also get files onto your iPad using other methods. Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, etc., will all work just fine for getting files onto your iPad and also for being able to view them.
About Online Tech TipsWelcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips. We talked before about downloading programs without getting a virus, but how would feel if you could use your favorite programs without even installing them, anywhere? The three free services listed in this article allow you to run hundreds of programs without installation, from your browser, and the only requirement is a simple internet connection. In fact, the service recently added support for operating systems other than Windows and Mac OS, such as Linux and Android. If you register with your own email address and not with your Google account, then you will need to activate it from the confirmation email that you received. Now, it’s important that you connect your Dropbox or Google Drive account, which will be your virtual storage. Once this is done, you will have access to your files stored on the Dropbox or Google Drive directory.
Browsing virtual programs is very easy- it is like you’re in a real Windows environment.
The process of running one of these programs without installation is pretty straightforward: all you have to do is press the small "Play" button on top of each application, and wait for it to load. But some applications may not work properly in your computer, so there’s a chance that you get an error message instead.
Cameyo gives you the ability to add your own apps, so that you can run them every time you sign in with your account, from any computer. To add your own applications, you can either upload its installer from your own computer or from a website that hosts it directly. Last but not least, you can select whether the installation is performed automatically (Auto mode), or if you want to monitor each step (Online install). Also, if the apps that you create work normally, then you will be able to download them as portable applications and run them in your system. Cameyo has several additional features and options, which can be found in its detailed User Guide.
It’s also worth noting that Cameyo has an Android app available, which allows you to run Windows applications in Android. Many of its virtual programs tend to run slowly, and some of those which require you to download them might not work on your own computer at all. Currently, Cameyo is not be able to replace the daily use of programs running locally, but it is a good solution when you need fast access to an application if you’re not using your own computer.
This feature prevents applications from causing compatibility issues with the currently installed programs.
The service also allows you to change the app’s degree of interaction with your system.
In other words, you can customize an app to be completely isolated (like running in a sandbox), or you can allow it to access your local files. Additionally, if you’re installing apps such as browsers, you can add support for Flash, Java, Silverlight, etc. Apart from the basic features that we described above, there are many options and features worth checking out as well. Unlike the other two services however, it’s not browser-based, but uses its own environment to run the apps, which means that you have to download it first. The first time that you download an application in Zero Install, it is saved in the cache, so next time it won’t need to download anything again.
Zero Install allows you to run applications in system locations that do not require administrator access, thus all users in the computer can use the platform and run new apps without installing them. The first time that you use the application you will be presented with a small introductory video explaining the basic features of the app. As you can see, Zero Install is quite simple, but that doesn’t mean you cannot customize it.

The two most important disadvantages in Zero Install is that it has a significantly smaller list of available apps that you can run, plus that you can’t add your own apps. All of the above services give you the ability to run additional programs without installing them, which is very convenient when you just want to test an application or use one of its features quickly. Comments (0) < PREVIOUS ARTICLE Game Review: Fight monsters and ghosts in Tomb Heroes! 3) How to Protect Yourself from Email Scams Stay Connected Follow us to get the latest tech tutorials, news, and giveaways as soon as we post them. Once a week, we send a recap of our best articles and, if we host a Giveaway, you'll be the first to know! Put your Simulation into OverdriveCan you get a jump diffusion simulation set up in Excel within 10 minutes? Monte Carlo simulation has long been established as an effective simulation method, especially in the financial services industry. Typical Excel Add-ins for Monte-Carlo simulation offer lots of preconfigured statistical distributions. Get our free Excel-Bridge add-in and start playing immediately with our predefined models in the Thetaris cloud.
If you like this new approach to designing Monte-Carlo simulations in a modular fashion, there comes a point when you'll want to customize the solution to suit your needs. The answer to what you could do, according to Sensity, is a global network of smart lights jam-packed with sensors for moisture, ambient light, seismic activity, radiation, wind, temperature, air quality, audio, MAC address tracking to detect cellphones, and yes, audio and high-def video, all joined together via a 5 gig wireless system that supports both point-to-point and mesh networks, connects to intermittent Internet backbone, and uploads the largest trove of planetary data the world has ever known up to the cloud. In other words, either Halloween for scientists, with data tricks and treats like they’ve never seen before, or the mark of the beast.
The first helps you turn your lights on and off, save energy via motion-based dimming, monitor how much power you’re using, and manage maintenance (many cities hire companies to do nothing but drive around and look for street lights that have burned out, Martin tells me).
The bulbs in the streetlights in your city and on your highways cost anywhere from $150 to a few thousand. Yes, they cost more, Martin concedes, perhaps $100 more, but the earn-back period is just two years, and in some cases as little as one. That changeover is giving lighting manufacturers like Phillips, GE, Cree, and Accuity Brands hot flashes of excitement, as they see billions upon billions of dollars of investment into global outdoor lighting infrastructure over the next few years. I talked to Martin LaMonica, a contributing editor at the MIT Technology Review who follows the green energy space. Other companies, such as Echelon, are also trying to make street lighting smart, and have existing installations in over 500 cities. A global network collecting data like this is something we’ve never seen the like of before.
When I bring up the NSA, still embroiled in the surveillance scandals of the last year, he simply says that Sensity is “shying away from the federal government. That could change with Sensity, especially given its very modern business model: Making money on data flows. The company already has 230 customers using its lights and sensors, including HP, Nikon, Kaiser Permanente, and the Sacramento County airport system. It not only enables file storage but also allows file synchronization, file sharing and collaborative editing. It supports important documents, Spreadsheets, presentations and many other audio and video formats. By using Google Drive mobile application, you can easily access various information found in your Google Drive accounts very easily.
Firstly, Apple is so picky about the format for everything and they don’t even have an official tool for converting your files to iPad format.
Secondly, iCloud Drive is a great way to get content onto your iPad, but it’s a feature many users are unaware of. If you have to transfer a very large file, like a movie, you should use the iTunes direct connection method. Under On My Device, go ahead and select the type of content you will be transferring to your iPad: Music, Movies, TV Shows, Books, Audiobooks or Tones. For example, open Music for any music files, Videos for any videos, iBooks for any books or audiobooks, etc. To get started, you have to have an iCloud account and be signed into all your devices using that account.
Note that you have 5 GB of free space and have to pay extra in order to get more space on iCloud.
If you don’t want content to be synced using cellular data, go ahead and disable that option. AirDrop will only work between Apple devices, but it works really well when you can use it. When AirDrop is enabled in the same way on another Apple device, you’ll be able to transfer the data directly via WiFi or Bluetooth. Beyond iCloud, there are a lot of other apps that allow you to sync data between your computer and a mobile device like an iPad. These applications are downloaded to your computer and run locally as portable applications. If you choose to install it on the service’s server, the application will be available only for 7 days, but there is no limitation if you choose Dropbox (Google Drive is not an option here for some reason).
There's no way to sign in with a social network account to use the service, so you'll have to register. Microsoft Excel is renowned for its ease of use as well as powerful data analysis and reporting features. The hard part is to organize the different components of your simulation in a transparent and maintainable fashion.
This is good for simple financial calulations, but falls short if you want to do valuation of options and other financial products.

Many sophisticated stochastic models are available for you to integrate in your own simulation. Almost all of them are high-intensity discharge lights that use mercury vapor or some other toxic substance to create light. The ultimate goal is a planet-sized app store with god’s own treasure trove of data to wallow in like pigs in a continent-sized mud hole. For these, Sensity plans to charge application developers a fee for access to the data, and then take a portion of that and return it to the city or public authority that owns the lights.
They burn out every two years, and a ballast transformer in the light burns out every three years, costing another $60-$70.
Its sensor package costs about $150, a fairly small sum compared to the regular replacement costs of existing lights.
And its capabilities are potentially vastly greater than anything the NSA has done in terms of Prism and XKeyScore. Sensity Systems plans to engage with the ACLU very shortly and hire a chief privacy officer, in order to build out a set of protocols that will ensure that citizens’ privacy rights are respected.
Which doesn’t, of course, mean that the federal government will shy away from Sensity, as other high-tech companies have discovered.
Martin knows that, and points out that both the money and the payback are nonexistent in previous smart cities efforts. Interestingly, the light owners own the data, but they license it permanently to Sensity, which then can build monetizable applications on top of it. That’s a long ways from the world, but the company does have a all-star cast of executives, and Martin has three previous successful exits under his belt. Data are stored in a safe manner by encryption technology, Data isolation, Data segregation techniques are used.
You can stay at your homes and can discuss with each other while creating your presentations.
Likewise, it offers various tools for viewing the presentations, editing a word document and also lot of features were found in the Google Drive. If not, you can click on Finder, then Preferences and then select iCloud Drive from the list. If you have a lot of iCloud space and a fast Internet connection, you can use iCloud Drive to transfer large files if you like. I graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2002 with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. In most cases, however, we were able to check each step of the installation procedure and run it normally afterwards.
Theta Suite XL offers you the best of both worlds, enabling serious financial calulations, as fast and simple as Excel. Theta Suite XL provides you with more sophisticated stochastic models to integrate into your simulation. We also showcase an application spreadsheet for pricing equity option and fixed income products!Build Your Own Models Locally With Theta Suite XLThe Thetaris Cloud offers both popular and sophisticated stochastic models and pricers for typical equity and fixed income models. Whether you want to experiment with different stochastic processes, tweak your interest rate model or add more product types, you can do it easily with basic programming skills.Download Theta Suite XLCook your own models with Theta Suite XL and run them locally in your custom spreadsheet using our Excel-Bridge Add-in. If we cannot make you laugh, somehow we will build a time machine, go back in time, and make sure you get your time back. Sensity is building the data collection, APIs, and software development kit, and it will invite third-party developers to create applications based on the massive amount of data.
MAC address tracking that senses local mobile phones and tells parking lots when people are coming, stadiums and events how many to expect is another.
And then, of course, it’s another $150 to get the bucket truck and the union guy up to the light to replace the failed components. A network of smart lights that are capable of recording audio and video, where it can be shot up to the cloud and analyzed by apps, potentially, that have face-recognition capabilities, is at least slightly Orwellian.
You should also check out my post on how to share files between PCs, tablets and smartphones. For documents, you can only sync PDF files, so you have to convert everything to that format first. You should be able to focus on how to use the result data for analysis, reporting or driving strategies. It even comes with an extensive collection of models that allows you to drive your simulation from the cloud, for free! This is sufficient to show you how easy it is to do Monte-Carlo simulations with Excel, but it covers only a fraction of the financial universe. Sensors that cities or companies can use to help people find open parking spots, safety, and surveillance are all in this category.
You might think you're funny, but are you funny enough to have your content featured on our site? For this class of apps, Sensity charges a small fee to application providers, who use Sensity’s APIs and development tools to build integrated apps to help cities and counties, states and countries process all this information into a manageable form. You might have heard of many online sites such as Dropbox, fileshare and so many cloud services. Likewise, you can create an account in the Google and you can use that account in Google Drive for better use.

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