A few weeks ago I wrote an article about creating Docker images containing a Spring boot application, introducing both Docker, Docker Machine and Docker Compose. So, in my tutorial from last week I already made two Docker containers (application + MySQL database) and linked them together.
The environment variables provided by the MySQL container are now available in the other container. Bluemix is IBM’s answer to the ongoing battle between the Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers. Bluemix is built upon containers, and it also allows you to deploy your own containers, so let’s give it a shot! This will try every 10 seconds to make a connection, and as soon as it can connect, it will launch the app.jar, running the application.
So, next to the JAR itself I’m also adding the Shell script, altering its permissions to allow it to be executed, and I changed the entry point to be that script.
Finally, we also have to change the Maven plugin configuration a bit, because a new resource is required. For the other operating systems you can view the command at the documentation (look at the third bullet). It will prompt you for your e-mail address and password, simply provide the credentials you use to log in on Bluemix.
If this was your first time running the Cloud Foundry tools it will also ask you to provide an API endpoint.

In fact, if you want to use the Docker CLI you even can, you just have to configure different environment variables. This may actually take a while, because your images are now uploaded to the Bluemix registry. Another way to verify that your images are uploaded is to go to the Bluemix dashboard and to click on Start containers. Normally, you’ll see a list of all available images, containing the images you just uploaded to the repository.
Another thing you should change is that you should reference the image by using the repository URL, so don’t forget to change that when you use the command. Now, to assign a public IP to your application container, go back to the Bluemix dashboard, click on the demo-app container. When it’s done, the port number should be clickable now, allowing you to go to your application. Congratulations, you now have your application running on Bluemix, using a Docker container and linking it to another container containing your database.
If you’re seeing this, then it means you successfully managed to make it through this article.
Today I’m going to take those images (both the application image and the MySQL image) to the cloud, using Bluemix. But make sure to check out my other article to get the full blown tutorial in stead of summarized version.

Bluemix is built upon open technologies like Cloud Foundry and brings all the trendy tools to you. From now on, every Docker command you know can also be used by entering the cf ic command, for example to list all running containers on Bluemix you’ll use the cf ic ps command, similar to how docker ps works. Click on the icon at the top right corner, normally a pane will slide open on the right side. Like I said before, the cf ic commands are very similar to the Docker CLI, so for running a Docker image on Bluemix, you use the same command, but you replace docker by cf ic.
The reason for this is that it may take up to 30 – 60 seconds before networking starts after container creation. For more information about pushing your images to the Bluemix repository, you can view this part of the documentation. If we cannot make you laugh, somehow we will build a time machine, go back in time, and make sure you get your time back.
If the application starts before that networking started, it will throw an exception because it cannot reach the database.
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