TouchPal already has the reputation of being the best among popular keyboard apps available for download in Google Play. Update: The developers have discontinued this app in response to a cease and desist from Niantic. Pokemon Go is spawning more than just Pokemon around you, It’s resulted in a multitude of different apps, tools, and products being developed to cater to players needs both technical and nostalgic. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
Other than ASCII art, the application allows you to also create Mosaic, Word, Crazy, Draw, Text and Video art. Other modes (accessible from the extreme right side of the interface) allow you to create different types of art, including ASCII, Draw, Text, Crazy, Word etc.
With Gyft Cloud, SMBs can now easily implement and immediately start selling digital gift cards to increase their business and customer loyalty. Gyft Inc., the leading digital platform that enables consumers to buy, send, manage, and redeem gift cards via mobile devices, today announced its new mobile gift card solution for small to mid-sized businesses, named Gyft Cloud. Gyft Cloud provides a simple and cost-effective way for small to mid-size businesses to sell their own gift cards through their cloud-based point-of-sale system. Businesses can also use Gyft Cloud to issue store credit rather than cash refunds to increase repeat customer visits. People can get a first look of Gyft Cloud on Clover at the First Data booth (#716) at Transact 14 in Las Vegas, NV from April 8, 2014 to April 10, 2014. Gyft was founded in January 2012 by Vinny Lingham, CJ MacDonald, and Mark Levitt with a goal to disrupt the existing $100 billion gift-card market. Clover Network, Inc., a First Data company, is transforming businesses with Clover Station, a cloud-based point-of-sale device, and the Clover App Market, which enables developers to distribute their products to merchants using Clover. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
If this is your first app you will need to enter some information, but that is pretty straight forward. In this part of the tutorial we have covered how to create a new app with achievement and a leaderboard in iTunes Connect.
PixyKids, which has created a social network for kids ages 6 to 12, announced today it plans to allow children to create their own highly realistic 3D-animated avatars. Like the avatar, or virtual character, pictured above, the PixyKids avatars will be able to reflect kids’ authentic styles, personalities, and interests. Frima, founded in 2003, has a lot of experience making game content for companies such as Electronic Arts and Activision.
The goal is to transform family interaction online and to allow kids to express themselves in a safe, family-friendly environment.
GamesBeat 2012 is VentureBeat’s fourth annual conference on disruption in the video game market. It has been a few years since we last looked at single sign-on products, the field has gotten more crowded and more capable. Since we last looked at single sign-on products in 2012, the field has gotten more crowded and more capable.
Centrify has put together a solid single sign-on tool that also has some terrific mobile device management features.
Earlier this year Microsoft added Azure Active Directory to its collection of cloud-based offerings.
OneLogin was the other co-winner of our 2012 review and while it is still strong, its user interface has become a bit unwieldy.
Of the products we tested, SecureAuth has the most flexibility and the worst user interface, a combination that can be vexing at times. SmartSignin has been acquired by PerfectCloud and integrated into their other cloud-based security offerings.
The answer to what you could do, according to Sensity, is a global network of smart lights jam-packed with sensors for moisture, ambient light, seismic activity, radiation, wind, temperature, air quality, audio, MAC address tracking to detect cellphones, and yes, audio and high-def video, all joined together via a 5 gig wireless system that supports both point-to-point and mesh networks, connects to intermittent Internet backbone, and uploads the largest trove of planetary data the world has ever known up to the cloud.
In other words, either Halloween for scientists, with data tricks and treats like they’ve never seen before, or the mark of the beast.
The first helps you turn your lights on and off, save energy via motion-based dimming, monitor how much power you’re using, and manage maintenance (many cities hire companies to do nothing but drive around and look for street lights that have burned out, Martin tells me). The bulbs in the streetlights in your city and on your highways cost anywhere from $150 to a few thousand. Yes, they cost more, Martin concedes, perhaps $100 more, but the earn-back period is just two years, and in some cases as little as one. That changeover is giving lighting manufacturers like Phillips, GE, Cree, and Accuity Brands hot flashes of excitement, as they see billions upon billions of dollars of investment into global outdoor lighting infrastructure over the next few years.
I talked to Martin LaMonica, a contributing editor at the MIT Technology Review who follows the green energy space.
Other companies, such as Echelon, are also trying to make street lighting smart, and have existing installations in over 500 cities.
A global network collecting data like this is something we’ve never seen the like of before. When I bring up the NSA, still embroiled in the surveillance scandals of the last year, he simply says that Sensity is “shying away from the federal government.
That could change with Sensity, especially given its very modern business model: Making money on data flows.
The company already has 230 customers using its lights and sensors, including HP, Nikon, Kaiser Permanente, and the Sacramento County airport system. The app is comprised of a total of more than 900 Emoji that includes Emoticons as well as Big Emoji also known as Emoji Art.
In the latest version, the popup speed of the keyboard is now much faster than the previous versions. With regards to the tools and apps that are being developed to support Pokemon Go players, the most popular ones are maps that let you locate where Pokemon are spawning nearby in real time. We should mention again that this accesses the Pokemon servers so use it only if you’re having serious trouble finding Pokemon. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The Tools menu allows you to fix basic image settings, including Brightness, Contrast and Saturation. For example, if you select Mosaic, you can specify the Text Mosaic settings, including Size Multiplier, Font Size, Line Distance etc, the Text Mosaic options, such as Color Match Engine, Font change etc, and Circle settings, like Circle Density and Kerning. Gyft is launching this new feature with Clover, a First Data company that offers an innovative all-in-one POS payment and business solution for small to mid-sized businesses. Businesses can instantly sell digital gift cards, which are securely stored on their customers’ mobile devices and can easily be redeemed through the business’s POS system.
Gyft Cloud also helps increase customer loyalty through its ability to allow customers to easily add funds to a gift card once it has been depleted - similar to popular mobile payments programs that large retailers offer. Businesses will be able to download the app on Clover Station through the App Market and immediately start selling gift cards. We built Clover because we, as developers, we were frustrated with how closed point-of-sale systems were, so we’re thrilled with Gyft’s deep integration with the Clover APIs and the opportunity it offers to our rapidly growing merchant base. Gyft provides a gift card platform for consumers and retailers that lets customers upload, buy, send, and redeem gift cards conveniently from their mobile device. If you entered that information, you need to enter an App name, a SKU number and a Bundle ID. I chose just a random date, because I’m not going to submit the app in the App Store.
My screen says that I need to enter the following in Dutch, but yours will say the language you chose for your first application. As you can see, this leaderboard is selected as the default leaderboard, because it’s the only leaderboard we have for this app. You can close your browser and go back to the Game Center project in Xcode we created at the beginning of this tutorial. In the second part we will finish the tutorial, so we can use the leaderboard and achievements.
PixyKids is creating the avatar platform in partnership with Frima Studio, a Quebec, Canada-based digital design and game studio.
We wrote about PixyKids in March when it announced it had raised $3 million in funding from ATA Ventures and other investors. John Rizzo, former chief executive of Zeebo and current chief marketing officer at Jive Software, recently joined PixyKids’ board. This year we’re calling on speakers from the hottest mobile, social, PC, and console companies to debate new ways to stay on pace with changing consumer tastes and platforms. It is difficult to setup because you tend to get lost in the hall of mirrors that is the Azure setup process. OneLogin has numerous SAML toolkits in a variety of languages to make it easier to integrate your apps into its SSO routines.
They now support seven identity providers (Amazon, Netsuite and AD) with more on the horizon and more than 7,000 app integrations. Almost all of them are high-intensity discharge lights that use mercury vapor or some other toxic substance to create light. The ultimate goal is a planet-sized app store with god’s own treasure trove of data to wallow in like pigs in a continent-sized mud hole.
For these, Sensity plans to charge application developers a fee for access to the data, and then take a portion of that and return it to the city or public authority that owns the lights. They burn out every two years, and a ballast transformer in the light burns out every three years, costing another $60-$70. Its sensor package costs about $150, a fairly small sum compared to the regular replacement costs of existing lights.
And its capabilities are potentially vastly greater than anything the NSA has done in terms of Prism and XKeyScore.
Sensity Systems plans to engage with the ACLU very shortly and hire a chief privacy officer, in order to build out a set of protocols that will ensure that citizens’ privacy rights are respected. Which doesn’t, of course, mean that the federal government will shy away from Sensity, as other high-tech companies have discovered. Martin knows that, and points out that both the money and the payback are nonexistent in previous smart cities efforts.
Interestingly, the light owners own the data, but they license it permanently to Sensity, which then can build monetizable applications on top of it.
That’s a long ways from the world, but the company does have a all-star cast of executives, and Martin has three previous successful exits under his belt. Almost more than 200 million users are believed to be using this wonderful app on their Android phones and tablets.
The refreshing and newly designed theme settings now arrives with more popular themes that might be of interest for the users. But now I have to figure out why the pokemon will not show up on the map even as pin drops. However, manually creating ASCII art takes up a lot of time and requires a lot of concentration. The main interface has all the menus and their options on the right side, the source image preview is available at the top right, while the preview of the converted image can be viewed in the left pane. Moreover, the application lets you change the Macro Font, Font Size and make it Bold and Italic. During testing, we ran into some stability issues, and hope that the developer will work towards fixing them in the next release. Gyft is seamlessly integrated with Facebook so users can send gift cards to their friends around special events. You can also delete it, if you want, because we won’t need it anymore for this tutorial. They are revealing a PixyKids 3D Avatar App today at the Digital Kids Conference in Los Angeles. The company is trying to create a social network where kids can show off their achievements and express themselves through text chat, video chat, emails, and a community wall. PixyKids hasn’t yet disclosed what its mobile strategy will be, but the 3D avatars will be available on its web-based social network.
Join 500+ execs, investors, analysts, entrepreneurs, and press as we explore the gaming industry’s latest trends and newest monetization opportunities.

It is still very much a work in progress and mainly a developera€™s toolkit rather than a polished service. It also has specific configuration screens to set up a VPN login and take you to specific apps. The interface is supposed to get a refresh later this year, but the current version makes it easy to get lost in a series of cascading menus. The identity providers make use of SAML or other federated means, and come with extensive installation instructions. Sensity is building the data collection, APIs, and software development kit, and it will invite third-party developers to create applications based on the massive amount of data. MAC address tracking that senses local mobile phones and tells parking lots when people are coming, stadiums and events how many to expect is another. And then, of course, it’s another $150 to get the bucket truck and the union guy up to the light to replace the failed components. A network of smart lights that are capable of recording audio and video, where it can be shot up to the cloud and analyzed by apps, potentially, that have face-recognition capabilities, is at least slightly Orwellian.
For those looking forward for enjoying a range of colourful themes, TouchPal offers more than hundred themes and users can also create their own theme if they wish using this app. Often, players simply can’t use them because they are crippled by the load they face on a daily basis. If you want to convert an existing photo, for instance, a photo of yourself, into ASCII art, you can use a software to do the job for you.
Textaizer Pro works on both 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Testing was done on a 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate machine. Gyft is a private company funded by Google Ventures, Karlin Ventures and Ashton Kutcher's A-grade investments, with offices in San Francisco. Game Center enables users to track their best score on a leaderboard, compare their achievements, invite friends to play a game, and start a game through auto-matching. Enter your Company Identifier and make sure you select iPhone for Device Family, because we are going to make an iPhone app.
The event takes place July 10-11 in San Francisco, and you can get your early-bird tickets here.
But clearly Microsoft has big plans for Azure AD, as its new Windows App Store is going to rely on it for authentication. OneLogina€™s AD Connector requires all of the various components of Net Framework v3.5 to be installed. The real strength of SecureAuth always has been its post-authentication workflow activities.
Sensors that cities or companies can use to help people find open parking spots, safety, and surveillance are all in this category. It also features Cloud Prediction that helps in improving the predictions including the next word predictions by making use of the cloud computing technology.
The only way around this is to create your very own map that shows nearby Pokemon as they spawn. Previously, we reviewed ASCII Generator (an open source application that lets you convert images to text-based art, allows adjustment of density levels, brightness, contrast and dither of the converted images).
This tutorial is only useful if you are a paid developer, because if you are not, you can’t setup the Game Center achievements and leaderboard in iTunes Connect. For the Bundle ID you need to choose the App ID you just created in the iOS Provisioning Portal. This means that educational institutions can’t buy your app once and install it on different devices. Multi-factor authentication settings are located in the policy tab for users and in the apps tab for individual apps.
Once that was done, it was a simple process to install their agent and synchronize our AD with their service. SecureAutha€™s MFA support is strong, featuring a wide selection of factors and tokens to choose from. For this class of apps, Sensity charges a small fee to application providers, who use Sensity’s APIs and development tools to build integrated apps to help cities and counties, states and countries process all this information into a manageable form. But, that is A LOT of code to look through and be able to retrieve fast to the 4 decimal before the next line computes then get out there and get it. There is a maximum of 100 points per achievement and a maximum of 1000 point total for all achievements. The MFA choices are numerous, including email, SMS texts and phone calls, and security questions. If you are looking for a general purpose SSO portal, then you should probably look elsewhere. Okta has its own mobile app that can provide a secure browsing session and allow you to sign in to your apps from your phone. They are working on other MFA methods, including SMS and voice, but didna€™t have them when we tested. Any kind of mistakes ranging from mistyping, capitalization and spelling errors are automatically rectified.
Centrify comes with dozens of canned reports, plus the ability to create your own using custom SQL queries. Ping would be a stronger product if consolidated their various features and focused on the cloud as a primary delivery vehicle.
Also, MFA is just for protecting your entire user account, there is no mechanism for protecting individual apps.
If that isna€™t important to you, or if you have complex federation needs, then you should give them more consideration and look at PingFederate.

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