Each word is a link and clicking a particular word will show you all articles in the blog that have been tagged, or categorized, with that particular word. If you want to make up your own word cloud, for a blog article or website I recommend using Wordle, which is FREE and easy to use. From there you can click Randomize to see other variations, and play with the Edit, Language, Font, Color and Layout menu options (across the top) to customize it further.
Word clouds are a great way to see what your main focus has been with your blog or website. You can use the word clouds you create as background or cover images for your website, Facebook, or Twitter page.
Paste your blog article text into a word cloud to see if you’re focusing on the right keywords, for SEO purposes. Corinne Battle is a freelance website designer, WordPress consultant, and owner of ClearPoint Web Solutions, a small website development company in the greater Boston area. The editors of My Kids’ Adventures have searched the web for fun ways your family can make the most of a rainy day together. In this article I’ll share our 26 favorite rainy day activities for you and your kids to celebrate a rainy day. Rainy weather lets you experience the world in new ways from every one of your senses and discover a whole list of things you can only find in stormy weather, like rainbows and lightning, umbrellas and puddles.
Next time it rains, use this list to find something fun to do before your cooped-up kids start complaining about being bored. We hope this list will help make rainy days something to look forward to, something special and unique, something to celebrate with your family. Art projects featuring rainy-day icons like umbrellas, rainbows and clouds abound on the Internet. Aleacia from Dilly-Dali Art shared a simple Rainbow Pour Painting technique that your family can follow to make colorful flowerpots—somewhere to put those May flowers that come from the April showers, perhaps? Watch the step-by-step video on Wonder How To to learn how to make rain boots from duct tape. These boots may not be pretty to look at, but the cool factor alone makes them a great project for your kids.
Make the duct tape boots with your family and leave a comment to let us know how dry they keep your feet. This indoor cloud took a lot of planning and coordination of moisture, temperature and other conditions, but you and your kids can create a more simple miniature cloud of your own at your house.
Chrissy, The Outlaw Mom, shows you how to create a cloud in a jar and explains a little bit about the science of how clouds work. Have your kids gather a few of the squirmy critters that have escaped from their flooded abodes below ground and make them a new habitat. Tracey from We Made That presents a fun way to make the worms a new, drier home with these easy instructions for an earthworm habitat. A snack like this fruit rainbow from The Iowa Farmer’s Wife is a great way to bring some colorful cheer to a cloudy day.
For the rest of us who’d like to stay warm and dry through the night, give indoor camping a try.
In this article on My Kids’ Adventures, Holly Chessman shows you how to make a tent with your kids, tell campfire stories and even toast marshmallows from the wilderness known as your living room!
Indoor puddle jumping is great fun on a sunny day and encourages kids to use their imaginations.
Nothing is more cozy on a blustery day than a wooly knitted sweater or scarf, and it’s oh-so-rewarding to make one yourself.
Your family can make your own lightning (as well as thunder and rain) with these easy instructions from Deceptively Educational. If your kids get scared during storms, talk to them about how lightning and thunder work and try these fun experiments. Collaborate with nature to create a one-of-a-kind work of art like these splatter paintings featured on Little Page Turners.
When your work is dry, the author shows you how to add a paper doll and a poem to the art to make it so much more than a quick little craft project.

A warm rainy day is the perfect time to set up a wet and wonderful obstacle course for your kids. It’s fascinating to observe the many shapes and colors created when light passes through the cut glass of a prism to make a rainbow. Just for laughs (and an extra challenge) ask your kids to predict what the rainbows from differently shaped prisms will look like before you put them in the light. Turn off all machines, toys, electronics and other distractions in your house; dim the lights and encourage your family to appreciate the quiet pitter-patter of raindrops, the boom of thunder, the crash of lightning and the blowing of the wind. Your kids can use any size cardboard tube and decorate their rain sticks any way they like. Be sure to use your rain sticks to create some music that will brighten the fair-weather day (or any day). In her article on Mental Floss, Therese O’Neill presents several games and projects, including this umbrella tent, that kids loved to do 100 years ago.
This cute and clever rainy-day umbrella craft project from Jennifer at Mama Jenn becomes more realistic when it’s hung. Send your kids to school on a rainy day with this adorable and cheerful lunch featuring a delicious vegetable rainbow from Candy Girl at Bent On Better Lunches. We love the printable charts and easy instructions she provides so your kids can track the rain and clouds, observe weather patterns and even advise everyone in your family what to wear based on the weather they predict.
In her article, 20 Ways to Play in the Rain, Catherine from Sunhats & Wellie Boots suggests several ways to look at the rain-soaked world a little more closely. We love her suggestions for ways to embrace your children’s curiosity and explore the way things look, feel, smell, taste, sound and work on a rainy day.
What better way to find the silver lining of a dreary day than to make a delicious and colorful dessert that mimics the sky outside? Bright blue Jello for rain + fluffy white whipped cream for clouds = a yummy way to celebrate a rainy day. Lorie from Reading Confetti shares the simple instructions for this yummy cloud parfait your kids will love.
Jennifer Ballard is the associate editor for My Kids’ Adventures where her past experience as a Cubmaster, birthday party entrepreneur, marketing writer and mom of two boys fits together and finds relevance. I love all these ideas, thanks for putting this list together and including our Worm Habitat! There is also an advanced menu where it is possible to give each term its own weight so you can control the importance of the words you want to display. I created the heart cloud above by entering the url of our store and got this stunning piece of art! If you like what you have created, you can choose to print your customised work of art on a range of products such as T shirts, cups, mousepads in their gift shop.
She is passionate about building usable and effective Wordpress websites for her clients, as well as helping them with social media and mobile apps. With silver linings from A-Z, you’re sure to find a fun way to bring some sunshine to the gloom.
We’ve found activities to help your family explore them all: the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, and yes, even some rainy-day–specific foods to taste! Try this rainy-day mobile presented by Natalie on Tiny and Little that features several different media and techniques.
Create a liquid rainbow with your family to demonstrate the fact that different densities don’t mix, they stack.
In this post on eHow, Jennifer Erchul shares three wet and wonderful rainy-day games to play outside with your kids. You and your kids can make a homemade rain gauge out of a 2-liter bottle to find out how much water each shower brings.
Use your rain gauge to keep track of the rainfall all year long and see if you get the same number as the weather reports on the news. It really doesn’t require any explanation, but in her post on Go Explore Nature, Debi gives some fun variations and games you can play while jumping in puddles outdoors.
Your kids will be all smiles when they don their raincoats and boots for this fun twist on puddle jumping that Valerie Deneen shared on Melissa and Doug.

Kara from Simple Kids shares several resources that can help you and your kids learn the basics.
When the world is wet after a storm, it’s the perfect time to share the tradition with your own children and encourage them to get their hands dirty by playing in the mud, sand or dirt. Let them enjoy the squishy, sensory fun and be sure to enjoy a slice when it’s offered! Bern on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas explains how prisms work and how to make prism rainbows with your kids any time of year.
This rain stick tutorial from Anna at The Imagination Tree shows you how to use a cardboard tube, dry beans, rice and other common household items to mimic the calming cadence of the rain even when the sun is shining.
Share this classic movie scene with your kids, then go outside to sing and dance in the rain yourselves. Kids will always love to make tents and forts from blankets and other things they find around the house. In her article, How to Make a Weather Station, Cathy James from Nurture Store shares several interesting ways to explore the climate and track what the weather is doing.
The soothing pitter-patter of raindrops combined with the mottled light of a cloudy day just beg you to cuddle up with your kids in a warm blanket and take a nap.
Instead of complaining about the rain or watching movie after movie on a gloomy day, celebrate the change by doing something fun together.
Words that appear more frequently in the text are bigger than others. You can adjust your Word Clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. You can vary the font, colour palette, outline you want the cloud to take from an easy template and voila! If you have a product that you would like us to review or simply a wonderful idea to share with our readers, please contact us HERE! Resize the window to the size you want your word cloud to be then click Alt-PrtScr to copy the image to the Clipboard.
ClearPoint gives you a website that is functional, well-designed and eye-pleasing based on your needs.
At least not until my youngest daughter told me that she worked on word clouds at school and found this website called Tagxedo where you can create your own personalized word cloud. Use your imagination (and ask your kids to use theirs) to create obstacles and challenges of your own—no lawn sprinkler required on a rainy day! It happens to be raining in San Diego today, so I think I’ll have my boys make some duct tape boots and go find some puddles to play in. I would highly recommend ClearPoint Web Solutions to anyone looking to create a business website. Thanks for teaching us how to make them a new house (and a great way to learn more about them). I’d love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to share them in the comments area below. You can also click on the circular arrow if you prefer to scroll through your color options one at a time.  4. If you want a different size, save your image, paste it in a document where you can resize it, and print. Thanks go out to my youngest daughter for sharing this how-to with me so that I could then share it with you.
When I read the title I thought, oh my gosh Kris is so high tech I don’t even know what she’s talking about! I used to use Wordle, but it isn’t that user friendly!Reply Vel Criste saysJanuary 15, 2014 at 12:08 pm OMG, I will be addicted for sure too! Hope you have fun with it!Reply Stacey saysJanuary 16, 2014 at 1:18 pm This is very cool! Decorate along with me as I share simple tips and ideas for adding affordable style and timeless design to your home.

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