The first one is the buzz cuts which look cool and are quite simple to create and maintain besides, they can make your hair fuller.
Q: Hello, I have a T-Mobile USA locked iphone, IMEI 013790003738078, it is reported as stolen, has bad imei, I want to use it outside of US (Romania), will your service unlock this phone?
With this proof video, I am doing on PS3 Super Slim and mine model number 4001C as you see on video.
The stacked bob is both suitable for mature women and younger girls with thin hair and round face.
To create the short hairstyles, cut the back and side hair into deep crops, and the crown hair slightly longer.

You can choose razor layers, rather than normal layers, if you want to create a braver style. Some side sweeping bangs or blunt Cleopatra style bangs can pair the hairdo better and more beautifully. The chin length bob which can help enhance your face structure and your jaw line is ideal for the older women. If you desire to create a short asymmetrical hairdo which is stylish and cool, then you turn to short asymmetrical bob which match women with wavy or straight hair.
Cut your hair making the hair at the front be about 1 inch and 1.5 longer than the back part.

Create long layers at the back part at the crown part that can give more volume to the crown.

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