Next to access your iCloud storage, the web interface also offers a decent web based office suite, similar to Google Docs, Spreadsheets or Slides.
Philipp Greitsch is a mobile enthusiast with great interest in the latest trends and developments in mobile, technology and things that make our everyday life awesome. The only difference between the different storage plans is basically the storage space offered.
All documents created in the web interface are automatically synced to your Mac or iOS mobile device. For most basic users they come for free and offer a great experience, similar to using multiple Google products.

Since I switched from Android to an iPhone, I really love how all the different apps on my MacBook Pro sync with my phone: I can write shopping lists using notes, add events to my calendar and all the pictures I take are automatically synced to Photos.
Free users get to experience the full iCloud service with 5GB storage space for photos, videos and other files.
Using the iCloud web interface, you can quickly access your notes, photos and everything else stored in iCloud from every computer.
However, I do understand that some people do not want to pay for similar services and would rather go with free options. Android users are typically familiar with this with a small difference: Everything is usually browser based.

You are, for instance, able to quickly access Keynote presentations that you created on your Mac using the browser.
Personally, I really like the idea of creating a presentation on my Mac and then present it from any computer with an internet connection. While I really enjoy the native app experience integrated into MacOSX, from time to time I need to access my iCloud data from a different computer.

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