Every time you set up a new iOS device, you should create a backup of it so that when things go wrong, you can easily restore your device’s settings and contents to a point in time when everything worked right. In this piece, we’ll explain in detail the backup process for both of the aforementioned methods. At any time, when your device starts to act up and things begin not to work right, you can use iTunes to restore your device to factory settings. Like we said earlier, there are two ways to back up your device – through iCloud or through iTunes. As you can see under the button, iCloud reports when the last time your device was backed up was. That’s all there is to making an iCloud backup that you can restore to when the time comes, but some people prefer the tried and true method of using iTunes to make a backup. 3) Make sure the Automatically Back Up section is set to This Computer instead of iCloud, and then click on the Back Up Now button just to the right of it. 4) iTunes will begin to back up your device, as you’ll see in the progress bar at the top of the iTunes app.
Optionally, you can also choose the Encrypt iPhone Backup option, which will help to keep your personal data in the backup safe from extraction.
Now if you want to verify that your backup was a success, you can go to the Menu Bar and choose iTunes > Preferences. If it is, then you’re good to go and can use it at any time when you restore your device.
For larger backups, such as those from devices that are full to the brim with apps and data, you might want to use iTunes instead. I prefer the iCloud backup since it does not back up my caches and all the other temporary directories.
We wrote several articles over the last couple months about the Other storage, both for iOS and OS X. Yea def, but a nice article just about doing this would be great, with more details and all.
Dont forget if you have an apple watch the health data will only backup in itunes if u enable encryption by checking it. Apple's iOS 9 update has a smaller installation footprint allowing users to upgrade more easily.

But iOS 9 comes with a few challenges and Apple still makes it hard to download or access a specific file type from an iCloud backup. Added just a week ago, recovering lost Photo Stream pictures support is becoming our most recent customer success story. We recommend you activate the Professional Edition to unlock all limitations and enjoy full access to your iCloud backup data. You will then be given 3 tab options of exploring your iCloud data: Categories, Individual Files and Full Backup.
How did you find the entire process of downloading and extracting your iOS 9 iCloud backup data? I want to know if i can only extract a whatsapp backup which is made from a total iphone backup. I am happy to tell you that you are able to extract just Whatsapp data from any complete iPhone backup.
As long as you create a backup you will also be able extract the Whatsapp iCloud backup that is created by the app.
All you need to do is load your backup, and in the overview section click the 'Extract' link.
You can test the process with iTunes backups by downloading our free version of the software. How to recover an iPhone Restrictions Passcode from an iTunes backup in a couple of easy steps!
Have you noticed that the Apple iOS software update service on iTunes has been rather unreliable today? If you’ve never backed up to iCloud, the initial backup may take quite some time (several hours in some cases). Either way, you’ll get a way to get back to your current state of iOS whenever problems arise if you create a backup. You’ll then be prompted to restore from a backup, which will restore your settings and app data to your freshly-restored iOS device.
Your iOS device will try to back up automatically to iCloud any time it’s connected to a power source and is connected to Wi-Fi while the screen is locked.
Typically, iCloud backups are easier to use, but iTunes backups can be a little more convenient if internet access is limited.

You can also delete the backup at any time by clicking on the Delete Backup button with the backup selected. Note that the Free and Home Edition will only let you see your available iCloud backup, its size and date, but not the actual data.
Keep in mind that depending on the size of your backup and type of data, sometimes, downloading Photos or Videos might take longer than downloading iCloud notes for example.
This way, if something goes wrong during the update, you can rest assured all your photos, videos, messages, and other content are safe. However, before updating you may want to make one last backup to make sure all your messages, photos, contacts, and any new apps you’ve installed are included. Once you see an updated time and date under the back up now option, your backup is finished and you’re all set to update to iOS 9. Another plus to using iTunes backups is that if you choose the encrypted option, you won’t have to re-enter all your passwords and credentials.
These choices are up to you but I would encourage you to back up both apps and purchases to iTunes. I personally like to keep a backup on both my computer and in iCloud, just in case iCloud is unreachable because of some strange circumstance. That got Apple the fastest iOS adoption rate for its iOS 9, with 50% adoption rate in under five days. Note that for avoiding conflicts of data, you need to ensure your iCloud backup is not updating during this process.
One of the most valuable iOS 9 tips we could ever give you is to make sure you back up before upgrading. Also, iOS 9 has a new feature that can automatically delete apps to make space for the update. If you need to use the iPhone Backup Extractor for more than 10 iCloud devices, please contact us here. Apple tends to do daily iCloud backups of your iDevice data if connected over Wi-Fi, to the Internet, plugged into a power source or locked.

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