On October 1st, Apple increased the security of iCloud accounts by adding app-specific passwords, a feature of two-step verification that allow you to sign in to iCloud securely when you use third party apps. The feature allows you to sign in securely to your iCloud account while using third-party apps such as Microsoft Outlook that don’t support two-step verification. You can enter or paste this app-specific password into the password field of the app you would like to use with iCloud. Click Revoke next to a password to revoke only that password, or click Revoke All to revoke all passwords.
Revoking the app-specific password will result in the app using the password to be signed out of the iCloud account. It is also important to note that when you reset your primary Apple ID password, all the app-specific passwords will also be revoked automatically to protect the security of your account, and you will have to regenerate the app-specific passwords for the third-party apps that don’t support two-step verification.
As always, let me know how it goes, and feel free to drop me a line if you’ve any questions. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Keynotes are popular presentations made on Apple computers and devices with the Keynote app, formerly part of the iWorks office productivity bundles.
Former iWorks formats were notoriously hard to convert to MS Office alternatives in the past and users had to use lengthy workarounds to finally get the files in a format that can be viewed on their PCs. Luckily, you can now easily convert Keynote and other Apple formats comfortably in your web browser and we will show you how. If you do not have already you can easily create your own Apple ID, even if you do not possess any Apple device. Open your web browser and navigate to iCloud web page where you can click on Create your free Apple ID and get started today > button, or alternatively Don't have an Apple ID? Login to e-mail you have provided during the Apple ID registration and retype verification number.
Once you have your iWorks for Cloud account set-up, you can use it as an online productivity tool, much like you would use the online version of MS-Office. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else.
You’ll run out of free iCloud space especially quickly if you have multiple iOS devices.
Open the Settings app, tap iCloud, and tap Storage & Backup to view how much space you have left in your iCloud account. To use less space for backups, look at the apps in the list under Next Backup Size and disable apps you don’t think need to be backed up. If you have an old device you no longer use and it appears in this list, you can tap it and tap Delete Backup to delete the entire backup.
Install another app like Google+, Dropbox, or Flickr that can automatically back up your photos and have the app start backing up your photos.
You may also want to disable Camera Roll backups if you do this, as your photos are being backed up to a different service anyway.

Tap an app under Documents & Data on the Manage Storage screen to view the files taking up space. I ignored the omission in that related "No iCloud isn't backing them up" article, but this article is brand new.
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Pages, Numbers and Keynote form the iWork suite of applications, which runs exclusively on Apple computers and mobile devices. After you sign in, you'll see the iCloud desktop, which displays icons for the iCloud applications. When you select Upgrade to iCloud Drive, a dialog box displays the progress of the upgrade. Click the gear icon at the top of the Pages workspace, and select Upload Document in the menu that opens to open the browser's file open dialog. Edit the document using the controls on the toolbar across the top of the Pages workspace and the text formatting controls on the right side of the workspace.
After you finish editing the document, you can download a copy, send a copy to an email address or print it from the Pages editing tab. To download, send or print a copy of the document, click on the wrench icon on the top right side of the Pages toolbar at the top of the workspace.
When you select Download a Copy or Send a Copy from the menu, Pages prompts you for the file format you prefer. When you select Print from the menu, Pages creates a PDF file and the download for the PDF file begins after a few moments. You can open Microsoft Word documents in Pages for iPad just as you would open any other Pages-compatible file.
Pages for the iPad can convert your word processing documents to a few formats, including Microsoft Word.
CWK files were generated by Apple's AppleWorks office suite, and can be opened in a few different programs. Pages is a word processor and page layout tool that is part of Apple's iWork application suite. OpenOffice and Microsoft Word are word-processing programs with similar features and functionality. If you’re running out of app-specific passwords then you can revoke passwords individually or all at once by following these steps. The file will be uploaded to your spreadsheet library and you can work and edit it or save it to some other formats. Device backups, photos, documents, iCloud email, and other bits of data all share that space. For example, you might disable backups for apps like Pocket, Twitter, and Evernote because those apps automatically sync their data online anyway. By default, iOS 7 uses both Photo Stream to sync the most 1000 recent photos between all your devices and also backs up your device’s Camera Roll, which contains any photos stored locally.

It will back up your photos to a separate pool of storage — your Google Drive, Dropbox, or Flickr storage. They count toward your iCloud storage, so you may want to delete any files you don’t care about. If it’s not set up, you can visit the iCloud website, open the Mail app in your browser, and delete emails with the web interface. Apple currently offers three paid plans — an additional 10 GB for $20 per year, 20 GB for $40 per year, or 50 GB for $100 per year. Pages files aren’t easily opened with other applications, but Apple placed the iWork apps on its iCloud Drive, where users on any platform can open, edit and create Pages files in their browsers. You'll need an Apple ID, but if you don't already have one, you can create one by clicking the Create one now link at the bottom of the sign in screen. When you select Pages on your iCloud page, a dialog box displays explaining that you need to upgrade your account to use Pages. You may also want to revoke the password if you believe that your device where you’re using the iCloud account is compromised. You may disable Camera Roll backups if you’re using another method to back up your photos. This is a confusing system, which is why Apple has announced they’re simplifying things with a single iCloud Photo Library that contains all your photos in iOS 8.
You’ll have a backup copy of your photos stored online, but you get to keep all that precious iCloud storage for other functions.
Be careful when doing this, as you could delete important documents and other files you might want to keep. This is in addition to your 5 GB of free space, so the plans actually give you 15, 25, and 55 GB of storage space. For anybody with a Windows PC (which is a lot of people) it's a no-brainer since the synced photos just show up on your PC without automatically eating your disk space. From the dialog box you can get more information or proceed by selecting Upgrade to iCloud Drive.
Select the format, and after a brief delay to format your file, either the file download begins automatically or a prompt opens to send the document by email. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. When you disable backups for an app, the data will be deleted from your iCloud storage online and won’t be part of future backups.

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