You can tap on the device under Backups and turn off certain apps that are using iCloud to free up some space. Some people may find it necessary to pay for additional storage, but most iOS users will do just fine using the 5GB of free storage if managed properly. With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options at an increasing number of workplaces, it’s become almost common practice to have your email, calendar and contacts on your personal smart phone.
When you configure multiple sync accounts on a mobile device, there are settings which allow you to configure which account to use by default when creating new email messages, contacts and calendar events.
Now events added on Jane’s iPhone will be added to her work calendar by default and therefore appear in Microsoft Outlook on her office computer. However, Jane can still create personal appointments not shared with her work account during event creation by tapping Calendar and selecting the appropriate personal account.
NOTE: John can still send work related emails by selecting the appropriate account at email creation time. It is not an easy task to get the photos that you’ve snapped with your iPad to your computer. Using the Photo Stream feature, the photos from your iPad will be stored in the cloud and seamlessly pushed to any Photo Stream-enabled devices.
To get started, you will need to sign in to iCloud from your iPad and enables the Photo Stream feature from there.
After that, you need to set up iCloud on your computer in order to use the Photo Stream feature (and other components of iCloud as well).
Now, the photos from your iPad are seamlessly pushed to your Photo Stream-enabled computer. Besides that, Photo Stream also automatically downloads newly-added photos on your computer to the iPad. It’s the time of the year again when we are busy keeping track of the number of days until Christmas.
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What is iCloud For Apps and Books: Apps and books that you purchase appear on your iOS devices automatically.

What is iCloud For Photo Stream: Photos you take on an iOS device and photos you import to your Mac or Windows computer from a digital camera automatically appear on your other devices, including your Apple TV.
What is iCloud For Documents: If you have apps that support Documents in the Cloud on more than one device, iCloud automatically keeps your documents up to date across your devices. What is iCloud For Back to My Mac: Using Back to My Mac, you can securely connect to your remote Mac from another Mac over the Internet, and access files or control its screen.
There isn't a need to worry as there are several ways to restore the access to your iCloud account if you forgot iCloud password or email. Once you enter your Apple ID, select 'Reset by Mail' from 'Password Reset Options' for iCloud password reset. The iCloud ID password can be restored once you answer the secret questions associated with your account.
Call the iCloud Password Reset support on this number: 1-855-550-2552 and ask them to reset your password.
Before you upgrade, try some of these tips to free up some space and see if you can get by with the 5 GBs of free data cause with those money, you might as well upgrade to an iPhone 6.
However, it would be a good idea to plug your iPad into your computer and sync it first to create a backup in iTunes. When adding events on the mobile device, he or she finds that said events are not showing up in in Microsoft Outlook at the office. When sending personal emails on his device he or she find that the emails are sent from his work account and replies appear in Microsoft Outlook at the office. Depending on what you have set here, when you create a new email, contact or event that account will be used by default. Jane Doe uses her iPhone to accomplish work remotely and currently when she adds events on her iPhone, they don’t show up in Outlook. Note the account names for iCloud, Gmail and Work accounts, then scroll down to the Calendars section and ensure that the Work account calendar is selected ad the default calendar. Similarly Jane can change the default accounts for email messages and contacts to have newly created email messages and new contacts automatically appear in Outlook at the office. John Doe uses his android device primarily for personal communication but occasionally checks his work email from his phone.

But in the iCloud service, there is a feature, called the Photo Stream that enables you to automatically send your iPad photos to your computer (and vice versa) effortlessly. To do so, you will need to download and install the freeware iCloud Control Panel on your computer.
Other options enable you to sync other data like mail, contacts, calendars, tasks and bookmarks. The blog contains great sources of information on Windows software application, Android and iOS related apps and mobile devices, gadgets and everything that might interest tech enthusiasts.
With Shared Photo Streams, you can easily choose which photos you want to share and who you want to share them with.
For starters, you can send a password recovery email to reset the password of your iCloud account or use the other iCloud password recovery options. That will give each person 5GB of free data and keep you from getting on wanted items on your devices. Configuring a personal device properly, however can be a challenge and it’s what I get at least one question about per week. She’d like events added on the iPhone to appear in her Microsoft Outlook calendar at the office. He’d like the device configured such that when sends personal emails, they come from his personal Yahoo account not from his work account at the office. Then, select iCloud from the left sidebar and sign in to the cloud service with your Apple ID.
Keep in mind that  Photo Stream will only transfer the photos snapped on your iPad after the feature is turned on. You can start creating a Pages document on your iPhone, and put the finishing touches on it from your iPad.

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