Here’s how to prepare for your iPhone 6’s arrival by setting up iCloud before it even arrives. Before we begin it’s important to note that you’ll need to create an iCloud account for this tutorial. Once you have your device, just complete the setup process on your device and you’ll be provided with account credentials for iCloud. Click on the options for Bookmarks to decide what browser you’d like iCloud to sync your favorites from. The iCloud Control Panel’s most essential function is to let you manage how much storage space you have in iCloud. Depending on your use case, you may need to add some iCloud storage at some point in the future. When you open a new tab in Internet Explorer, its New Tab Page opens to frequently visited sites. In, go to Preferences > Signatures and create a signature with any random content. When you created a temporary placeholder signature in step 1, Mail automatically created a ubiquitout_XXXXXXX.mailsignature file that represents it in this folder.
You can determine if you are using iCloud for by checking System Preferences > iCloud.
Even though you save this file, may use the original version and overwrite your new signature unless you lock the file. With your text editor now closed and the file saved, find it again in Finder and press command-i to bring up the info pane for the file. To test that it is working correctly, simply compose a new email and set the signature to be the one with the name you created in step 1.

Those potential iPhone 6 buyers who were lucky might have managed to snag one of the new devices for delivery on launch day. In Chrome, which is the browser we’re using, downloads show up at the bottom of the window when they’re complete.
This functionality isn’t limited to one browser – you can sync favorites from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. By default iCloud will sync over any photos uploaded by your computer or taken with your iPhone 6. By default, the iCloud Control Panel syncs this information, but only if there’s a copy of Microsoft’s Outlook personal management app installed on the PC. He also has contributed to other notable tech sites including InformationWeek and How-To Geek.
Skip this step a€” you can redo the steps and include this one if your signature is not working correctly at the end.
Those who weren’t lucky will probably need to wait a few weeks past the iPhone 6 launch day. Depending on what version of Windows you have, you could be prompted to approve any changes. Once the installation is finish you’ll be asked if you want to restart your computer now or later.
Regardless of where you fit on the spectrum, chances are that if you plan on getting an iPhone 6 you won’t want to waste time fiddling with Apples iCloud service. Instead of making iCloud available to anyone and everyone who might want it, Apple opted to keep iCloud mostly locked to its platforms. It has gone from mediocre to very capable app, though some key features are still missing, and we are hoping these issues will be rectified in time for the July 29, 2015, official launch.

It comes with all the essential features that users would need to check their mail and reply to a sender, so it should be okay for most users. But for those on the advanced side of the spectrum, they might need a lot more.Windows 10 Mail appLaunching the mail app for the first time doesn’t throw users right into their email. From here all users should see “Choose an Account”, and below it are all the mail accounts users can add.
To add other email accounts from POP and or IMAP, we suggest checking if POP and IMAP has been activated in the mail account you might want to use. If they are not, make sure to do so before trying to add them to the Windows 10 Mail app.We should point out that if your Outlook mail account already have other mail accounts added beforehand, there should be no need to add them all over again.
Just click on the “More” button below “Inbox” to get access to these accounts.Right-Click on your favorite account to pin it to the Favorites section or to the Start Menu.
You can also add multiple Live Tiles for multiple Email Accounts.Back to the Settings section. This is designed for folks using a touch enabled Windows 10 machine.Users can also change the signature, and customize what happens when a mail is received.
For example, the Mail app can play a sound, and show a notification banner which when clicked on, will launch the app if it is closed.Overall, the Windows 10 Mail app experience is basic and nothing exceptional. There’s no way right now to highlight multiple emails with just a single click for deletion, something that every Mail app should have.Some of you might want to also read this post on Windows 10 Mail app tips and tricks. He's also a person who enjoys writing about technology, comics, video games, and anything related to the geek world.

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