10.Once your username has been chosen, tap on the Next button located at the upper-right part of the screen. If you are having difficulties with any of the instructions above, let us know in the comments so that we can get back to you. Do note that all Apple devices require an Apple ID in order to unlock their full features and services. Step 2: Sign In if you already have an account, or tap on Get a Free Apple ID to configure one. Step 3: Enter your Birthday and tap Next, available in the top-right corner of your screen. Step 5: Now, choose if you wish to use one of your current email address or get a new one for free from iCloud.
Step 6A: If you opt for a new ID, type the name of your new iCloud email and tap Next again. USA Cycling is the official governing body for all disciplines of competitive cycling in the United States. With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options at an increasing number of workplaces, it’s become almost common practice to have your email, calendar and contacts on your personal smart phone.
When you configure multiple sync accounts on a mobile device, there are settings which allow you to configure which account to use by default when creating new email messages, contacts and calendar events. Now events added on Jane’s iPhone will be added to her work calendar by default and therefore appear in Microsoft Outlook on her office computer. However, Jane can still create personal appointments not shared with her work account during event creation by tapping Calendar and selecting the appropriate personal account. NOTE: John can still send work related emails by selecting the appropriate account at email creation time.
Before you can locate your devices, you need to set up Find My iPhone on an iOS device or a Mac that meetsminimum system requirements.
Important:   To see all your devices in Find My iPhone, use the same Apple ID when you set up each device.
If your device is lost or stolen and its battery charge level becomes critically low, its location is sent to Apple automatically.
Tip:   For added security, set up a passcode that needs to be entered before anyone can access the apps and information on your device. On a Mac: Open iCloud preferences, click Manage Family Sharing, then select family members one at a time. Remember, Macs support multiple user accounts with OS X, and accordingly multiple Apple ID’s can be used on a single computer with those different user accounts. For a new Mac user account that doesn’t yet have an Apple ID, the option to create one is included in the System Preference panel for iCloud. Of course there are other reasons you may need to change Apple ID’s on a Mac too, like accessing content outside of your region, on a foreign iTunes or App Store, for example. My wife has like me her own Apple ID for all iCloud services like calendar, contacts and so on. Now that apple introduced family sharing there is no reason for me to keep 2 Apple IDs and like you mentioned it is better to have one apple ID for everything to avoid problems.

Changing the email address of the Apple ID ist only possible if the email address is not already an apple ID. Would it work to sign out from iCloud with all my machines and devices and to login again with my other “itunes store” Apple ID and to transfer back to iCloud my contacts, agenda, notes, Fotos and so on that I have backed up on my mac and set up Facetime, Messages, and so on again?
I tried to Sign Out of iCloud so that I could use my new e-mail but because I changed my iCloud e-mail address, there is no recognition of my old one, yet it keeps trying to get me to change the password to my old e-mail address, which I no longer have access to. My user account has the correct apple id associated, however when I try to get updates it asks me for my spouses as thats who configured the Macbook – how can I set it to get updates, etc with mine? In a business environment where purchases need to be centrally controlled, this App Store ID is a nightmare. The central Info Tech group owns an account to use for purchasing software, and IT uses that account to install software on the company Mac, then distributes the Mac to the user. We can’t distribute the password, or anybody and their dog will be purchasing apps with the central IT dept’s funds. Thank you for assisting me in removing my iCloud from an office MacBook Pro that I unwittingly signed into! Passwords should be at least eight characters in length and contain a number, an uppercase letter, and a lower case letter.
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Use the same Apple Identification name on all gadget’s that you own, because this is how you can easily transfer data and work efficiently between iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. When adding events on the mobile device, he or she finds that said events are not showing up in in Microsoft Outlook at the office. When sending personal emails on his device he or she find that the emails are sent from his work account and replies appear in Microsoft Outlook at the office. Depending on what you have set here, when you create a new email, contact or event that account will be used by default. Jane Doe uses her iPhone to accomplish work remotely and currently when she adds events on her iPhone, they don’t show up in Outlook. Note the account names for iCloud, Gmail and Work accounts, then scroll down to the Calendars section and ensure that the Work account calendar is selected ad the default calendar.
Similarly Jane can change the default accounts for email messages and contacts to have newly created email messages and new contacts automatically appear in Outlook at the office. John Doe uses his android device primarily for personal communication but occasionally checks his work email from his phone. You can find out about your Facebook username from Facebook account settings page (Account > Account Settings).
You should now be able to communicate with your Facebook friends using iChat without opening Facebook in a browser. When you use Find My iPhone to locate that device, you see where it was before its battery ran out of charge.
First, each family member must set up their devices and computers to share their locations with other family members. Because each Mac user should have their own unique Apple ID for their own devices, it can sometimes be necessary to change an Apple ID associated with an iOS device or, in this case, a Mac running OS X.

Changing the associated Apple ID means logging out of the existing Apple account, and then logging into the new one. That way you don’t need to change an Apple ID and all associated aspects of it, like your iCloud data, Contacts, App Store details, cloud documents, and all else that is related. Unless you have a compelling reason to stray from that recommendation, try to use the same Apple ID on all of your personal Mac user accounts and iOS devices.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! When the software needs updating, the Mac must come back to the centralized IT group to put in a password, just to update the software. We can’t have the individual users user their own accounts to buy the software because then the software belongs to them instead of to the company. If the old owner didn’t sign out of their account then you need to get their password to sign out of it.
Check out this Tech-Recipes tutorial on how you can configure your iCloud email address to Microsoft Outlook so that you can start sending and receiving email messages on Outlook. Among the basic configuration steps, you’ll encounter a screen that asks you to input your Apple ID.
Do note that the iCloud email address can never be changed after creation, unless you configure an entirely new one! Configuring a personal device properly, however can be a challenge and it’s what I get at least one question about per week. She’d like events added on the iPhone to appear in her Microsoft Outlook calendar at the office. He’d like the device configured such that when sends personal emails, they come from his personal Yahoo account not from his work account at the office.
Any other users of your Mac should have their own unique user account and they can use their own separate and unique Apple ID for their own OS X user login and associated iOS devices too.
The reason for this was that way we could share everything from the iTunes Store on all our devices. When i try to sign out of icloud it asks for the password for the previous account which I forgot and the email address is no longer valid. When I sign out of the old owner of this mac and sign into icloud with my info it just signs me into internet services and tells me I’m not the primary icloud user. Visit the account settings page to set your username, which will require verification by Facebook using mobile number. On my iPad, I have the Apple-ID with my email-adress but on the iPhone, I have the Apple-ID with the email-adress from my parents.

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