Not only that, for Oppo design R9S which still resembles its predecessor Oppo R9 who already have a design made of metal and the body slim. Slightly review Oppo R9 Pro is already using the snapdragon chipset 652 and own specifications above Oppo R9, for Oppo R9S will likely have the same chipset or it could be different.
Given this, the smartphone Oppo al R9S will fight another product like yours Xiaomi Mi Note 2, Leeco, Huawei Mate 9 and other vendors.
Allen WhiteAllen is a Consultant for ITPS in the North East of England and holds the following accreditations.
ITPS provides strategic IT consultancy, implementation, data centre provision and unified communications, as well as support services and workspace and disaster recovery.
Now the company will work on a smartphone as the successor R9 yaitu Oppo R9S that will come next year.

Shipping chipset which will be launched in August 2016, which means that the announcement and hold a device only a few months. If the smartphone is not immediately diriliskan, then the prediction will use the latest Snapdragon 821 also diriliskan 2016. Features that will be applied in R9S Oppo smartphone will likely be the same as the Oppo R9 ie charging system dayan faster or commonly called the fast battery charging with supporting technology Super VOOC.
If you require a consultation then please contact me via the contacts section or direct on 07931222991, add me on linkedin.
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