This VMware video training course with Greg Shields covers everything you need to know about the fifth version of VMware’s popular virtualization product, including building and provisioning your first virtual desktop, troubleshooting a VMware view environment, and more! Having virtualized servers atop VMware vSphere, you think youre ready to branch out into desktop virtualization Think again. Youve got storage contention to monitor, user state data to manage, login storms to prepare for, and a host of other problems unique to desktop VMs.
More importantly, youll learn WHY you should click those buttons and in a few cases, why you absolutely shouldnt.

We offer a wide range of study materials, including our world-renowned SchweserNotes™ for the CFA exam, which serve as essential compliments to the CFA curriculum.
At the same time, youll get a leg up on studying for that all-important VMware VCP5-DT certification, focusing specifically on the VCP510-DT exam. Kaplan Schweser also offers a variety of CFA classes and CFA review seminars to help you learn, retain, and apply the material.
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