In the wake of a certain nude celeb photo scandal, Apple jabbered a fair bit about security during its iPhone 6 launch last night.
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Apple's iWork productivity software -- Pages, Numbers and Keynote -- can sync documents through iCloud. Apple will provide 5 GB of iCloud storage for free, but iTunes music, apps, books and Photo Stream don't count against that total. Apple suggests that 5 GB of storage should suffice, but that depends largely on whether you're storing lots of photos and videos on your Camera Roll, and how much app data you're backing up. One possible point of confusion with iCloud is how iTunes purchases factor into the service. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
NEXT POSTMan wins $8K after Disney 'Small World' breakdown Mar 26 (Reuters) - Leading money winners on the 2013 PGATour on Monday (U.S. Once you have an iCloud Account and iCloud Drive installed on your Windows PC, everything is pretty smooth. To add files to iCloud Drive and have them sync over, just go to your user account and look for the iCloud Drive button. In the run up to release day each year, Apple has always updated the software and services that let users get the most out of their forthcoming iPhone. Rovio, for instance, could make Angry Birds data available across devices so your iPhone and iPad will show the same progress through the game.

The former should be easy to determine -- you can already see in iTunes how much data is used by photos and video -- but the latter will be harder to pin down until we see how many developers adopt the service. Owners of a single Apple device may still appreciate iCloud's automatic backup function, which makes replacing hardware easier. When you buy music from iTunes, it can be automatically synced to all of your iOS devices, and it won't count against your free storage. In fact, it’s just Apple’s taking some inspiration from cloud storage solutions like DropBox and OneDrive. Apple still hasn’t changed its mind on only allowing users who own Apple hardware to get an iCloud Account. Adding something to iCloud Drive is as simple as opening the file in another folder and dragging it to the iCloud Drive folder. What that means is that any files dropped into iCloud Drive must together take up less storage that or iCloud Drive won’t be able to sync everything. Syncing of bookmarks from installed browsers is possible, but you’ll have to enable it for the browser you want to sync with.
For example, if you're writing a document in Pages on an iPad, that document will automatically be available for editing on your iPhone or a PC, with no need to transfer files by e-mail or USB. A new service called Photo Stream allows you to download your 1,000 most recent photos to a computer or other iOS device for 30 days. Additional storage costs $20 per year for 10 GB, $40 per year for 20 GB and $100 per year for 50 GB. That being said, it’s a separate download that anyone can pick up from Apple’s website at any time.

Depending on the settings you choose, it’ll stay in the background always updating your photos and bookmarks to Apple’s iCloud servers.
Cloud storage has grown in importance these last few years, but that isn’t the funny thing. See how the new prices match up to the competition by checking out our recent cloud storage comparison (spoiler: there are still better deals out there) or, alternatively, we can help you maximise your iCloud storage. In theory, it takes some frustration out of moving files between Windows machines and Apple’s iCloud storage service. Once you’ve installed iCloud Drive click the check mark next to iCloud Drive and hit Apply.
For now, iCloud Drive is only available for devices running Microsoft’s Windows operating system.
For sale: $9.555 million If you're unable to part with $50 million for Bob Hope's John Lautner-designed estate, how about another Palm Springs residence with its own significant architecture just a few houses away? Since you can store just about anything in iCloud Drive and have it synced, it’s possible you could move all of your folders into the iCloud Drive folder for syncing. It’d make a pretty seamless way to make sure all of your essentials are backed up for when something happens to your device.

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