One of the key differences between cloud forests and rainforests has to do with the elevation of the forest itself - that means how high it is above sea level.
Another key difference between cloud forests and rainforests is the type of rivers that flow through them.
When it comes to visiting these lush jungles, it doesn't really matter if you choose to spend time in a cloud forest or a rainforest - Costa Rica has plenty of both! Costa rica hotel directory tours reservations, Costa rica is a land of glorious diversity. Costa rica travel guide - wikitravel, Costa rica (spanish: costa rica or republica de costa rica, pronounced [re?pu?lika ?e ?kosta ?rika]) is a small country in central america bordered by nicaragua.
What costa rica - visit costa rica, For a relatively small country, costa rica has much to offer.
Monteverde costa rica cloud forest ecology cloud forests monteverde costa rica fascinating series articles.
5,500 pages costa rica hotels, tourism, vacations, travel & business information, tours, beaches, lodging, san jose weather, accommodations, maps, weddings. Copyright © 2012 Rachael Edwards, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Located along the Cordillera de Tilaran mountain range in Northwestern Costa Rica and established in the 1950’s by a group of Quakers escaping the Korean War draft, the Monteverde rainforest was officially dedicated as a nature preserve in 1972.

The hiking trails are well maintained here and lead you through rainforests, elfin woodlands, past waterfalls, and by a wide variety of foliage including bamboo, podocarpus, magnolias, and more.
Stroll through pristine cloud forests and peer into simmering volcanoes, catch the perfect turquoise wave and howl back at howler monkeys, gaze at the waters of the Caribbean and the Pacific from the top of Mt Chirripo - Costa Rica is an adventurer's dream.
For the adventurous, there are numerous canopy tours in Costa Rica's forests - Tarzan style rides, swinging along cables stretched between platforms high in the forest canopy.
Home to around 5 percent of the entire planet's biodiversity, much of the country is covered by lush rainforests and beautiful cloud forests.
Rainforests are located at lower elevations, and as a result, they tend to be much warmer, especially during the dry season. The lay of the land, also known as the topography, plays a crucial role in defining the microclimates of these beautiful forests.
Rainforests tend to have larger, slower rivers with heavy silt beds, while the rivers of cloud forests tend to be faster, shallower and clearer with rocky beds.
If you want to see the beauty of a cloud forest for yourself, head to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve or Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve, which spans the provinces of north Puntarenas and Alajuela. The extremely high biodiversity here attracts scientists, conservationists, and tourists alike. Packed with expert advice on making the most of your trip, our authoritative guide will help you discover your own paradise in the land of pura vida.

Cloud forests, on the other hand, are usually located at much higher elevations, and are much cooler.
Rainforests tend to cover large expanses of land with little change in elevation, providing consistent conditions in terms of temperature, humidity and precipitation.
The moisture that comes from the rivers, combined with the higher altitude, creates additional condensation that leads to the formation of the fog and mist that make cloud forests so beautiful. Be sure not to miss the hike to the suspended bridge, hanging 300 feet above the forest floor and with dramatic views of the forest canopy and stunning foliage.
As a tree frog, I'm something of an expert when it comes to the forests in Costa Rica, so come with me to find out! This difference in temperature contributes to the mist and fog that is often visible in cloud forests, as the milder temperatures slow the evaporation process. Cloud forests, on the other hand, often feature dramatic shifts between the highest peaks and the lowest valleys, contributing to the accumulation of rainwater and atmospheric moisture.

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