Just as it had promised at its press event last week, Apple has today revised the pricing tiers for iCloud storage, making some tiers cheaper whilst doing away with the 500GB option completely. The pricing structure will alter slightly depending on your country of residence and Apple has made available a page that outlines just what each tier will cost in your particular country. Apple has really got beggarish after 350% percent profit from my iphone apple still wants $1 for the extra mile of space. You have a crap ton of posts about how much you hate Apple and iPhones, and yet you still use one?? The release of Photos for OS X has many people considering whether they want Apple to be a central storehouse and manager of their photos and videos.
While Apple substantially lowered iCloud storage fees last September, those fees remain high compared to Applea€™s competitors.
Most storage pricing is predicated on the notion that most subscribers will use very little data, coupled with the continuous trend downward for the cost of hard-disk and SSD storage and bandwidth. And for many companies, cheap storage is a leading edge of a wedge to bring you into their product and service ecosystem. That price also includes 5GB of non-photo storage, such as videos, which Amazon counts separately from still images. Applea€™s ecosystem is obviously designed to work seamlessly and in the background across all its devices and operating systems. Flip switches on your devices and in your hardware, and you simply dona€™t think about sync. Leta€™s look at the others, assuming that a common disadvantage is that you wona€™t be able access the images in the Photos app on all your devices without additional steps. Dropboxa€™s desktop utility can automatically import media from devices when theya€™re attached, such as an iPhone.
If you store your photos in Dropbox, you arena€™t stuck looking at tiny thumbnails or a list of filenames.
While you can look at photos and videos in Dropboxa€™s mobile apps, the company introduced a separate media app and site last year called Carousel, which is optimized for visual media playback and scanning. If you take most of your photos with your iPhone (or iPad), the Amazon Photos app can automatically upload them to Amazona€™s clouda€”which has the best prices. This approach makes sense if you want centralized storage and your primary intent is to view them and share them, rather than edit or upload them elsewhere. Dropbox seems the clear winner if you dona€™t routinely edit photos in Photos on different platforms, and Amazon if your intent is a central storehouse with access everywhere and at the lowest cost.

Apple has now made its cheaper iCloud storage pricing plans available, the new plans are now live with the launch of iOS 9. If you already have one of the iCloud storage plans then you will pay the new lower price, or will get more storage from now on. This screenshot shows what Australians will pay for extra storage with Apple's iCloud storage service. One of the biggest things coming from Apple this spring (along with the rumoured iPhone 5) is the launch of Apple's iCloud service.
At the time of writing Apple had not yet made any public announcements in Australia regarding local prices for iCloud storage though the prices were listed on the Apple site.
At these prices, iCloud looks less like being an alternative to 500GB external backup drives, and more a handy way to ensure you have your essential files wherever you are. Also read: Apple's new iCloud - why no streaming if your iPhone is already full of music? Users can upgrade to a larger 10 GB, 20 GB or 50 GB storage plan from any of your iOS device. These are the steps you can follow in order to buy extra iCloud storage using your Apple device. This entry was posted in icloud and tagged icloud storage, upgrade apple plan, upgrade icloud storage on August 12, 2014 by AAkar Tech. If you have ever bought an app from the App Store, though, you should find that the pricing tiers follow that particular model, so no huge surprises there.
The question is whether the utility associated with iCloud Photo Library is worth the extra dollars compared to the ecosystems of other companies. For instance, Amazon wants more users, because its users order more products, especially high-margin digital products like books, video, and music. The free tier is 2GB, with the ability to earn up to a total of 16GB through referrals and other programs. Amazon recently announced a seemingly outlandish deal: unlimited photo storage uploaded from any mobile hardware (phone, tablet, or other), computer, and Fire device for $12 per year after a three-month free trial.
And leta€™s also assume that if youa€™re looking for an alternative, you dona€™t frequently edit your photos: You mostly want to view them yourself, share them in person via a device, and share them via album links and social networks. You can also use cloud-sync services to distribute and back up your media, and then import entire folders regularly into Photos on a given computer; you could even use an Automater action to accomplish this. Its smartphone apps can be set to upload photos and videos when the app is opened, as well as through background uploading.

Amazon has the lowest price by far, but its cloud infrastructure is designed around centralized storage with the ability to view everywhere through apps, its Fire devices, and the web. Desktop software lets you sync the contents of a folder as you would with Dropbox, and mobile software can upload photos and videos, including automatically with OneDrive.
But as long as it has ecosystem lock in, it may feel its added value will keep its users paying.
We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. Those prices have been unavailable up till now on the iPhone that we have running IOS 5 beta - but after iCloud  storage pricing was announced overnight for the US, we checked again, and there it was. You can replace your plan of 10 GB with more space and you can even downgrade your 20 GB storage space with 10 GB.
Its single paid tier is 1TB for $10 per month or $99 per yeara€”40 percent of Applea€™s cost. Any visual media (or any files) placed in a Dropbox folder in OS X, Windows, or other desktop platforms is automatically synchronized to Dropboxa€™s central storage and to all other computers linked to your account.
Selective sync allows you to pick which media (and files) are duplicated to which computers.
The Amazon Photos app for iOS can upload photos automatically, but its desktop apps require you to select them. Your saved apps, books, movies, TV shows, music and photo streams do not fall under this free storage. Whenever you upgrade or downgrade your iCloud storage plan, your existing plan will be cancelled and you will be charged for your new plan.
If you’re currently on a yearly plan, you have the option to continue with it, that is, until you choose one of the updated monthly pricing models.
They lack the point of Amazona€™s a€?display everywherea€? direction, Dropboxa€™s sync and photo view apps, and Applea€™s sync everywhere.

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