Dropbox CEO Drew Houston talked a big game this week when he announced new ways for apps to save and load user data. More than just a set of developer tools, Houston billed the newA Dropbox Platform as a way to a€?replace the hard drive.a€? Dropbox Platform is supposed to provide easier ways to store your files in the cloud, with simple buttons that developers can add to their apps. One of these developer tools is dubbed Datastore, and ita€™s basically a way for apps to save their data to Dropboxa€™s servers.
In fairness, other cross-platform options do exist for gaming, but theya€™re mainly tied to social networks, such as Facebook and Google+. Dropbox also announced a tool called Drop-ins, which allows app users to save and load their files directly to Dropbox. The seamless availability that Dropbox promises does sound enticing, but it also comes with its own drawbacks. The bigger potential pitfall with letting Dropbox a€?replace the hard drivea€? is the headache it could create when you run out of storage. DropboxDropbox pricing starts at $99 per year and goes WAY highera€”but consumer options top out at 500GB. But what happens when apps start making it easier to load up your Dropbox storage with all kinds of files, from documents to photos and video? For that matter, what happens when other services like Google Drive follow in Dropboxa€™s footsteps, and users have to choose between four or five cloud storage options just to use an app?
Android, for example, could offer deeper integration with cloud storage services, Matthews said, so users wouldna€™t have to sign into their accounts every time they install a new app.
Matthews also sees a bigger opportunity for companies like Otixo and Jolicloud, which offer a central hub for users to manage their cloud storage.
But like every other overblown claim about the death of something in technology, Dropbox is not poised to replace the hard drive outright. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Bitesize Levels Primary KS1 Early and 1st level KS2 2nd level Secondary 3rd level 4th level CA3 KS3 GCSE National 4 National 5 NA iseanta 4 NA iseanta 5 TGAU Higher A€rd A?re All subjects Home GCSE ICT Hardware Data storage A computer uses two types of storage.
Principally used for backup of important files from the hard disk and for the long term storage and archiving of data. An external hard disk can store very large amounts of data, eg 1TB, and can be plugged into your computer via a USB or FireWire port to provide extra storage. A memory stick is a 'pen top' sized USB device and can be used in a similar way to a floppy disk but it is inserted into the USB port - it is then seen by the computer as a removable drive. A memory card is a stamp-sized USB device and can be used in a similar way to a floppy disk but it is inserted into either a memory card reader or a USB converter - it is then seen by the computer as a removable drive. Cost: Having a cloud computing model in place, organizations can trim their IT budgets because they dona€™t have to purchase physical hardware (which also saves on energy costs), as the servers are virtual a€“ hosted at a third party. Maintenance: Due to the fact that the public cloud system is hosted off site, internal employees are not responsible for maintaining the system. Lack of Control: Due to the fact that third party providers are in charge of storing and maintaining the data systems, many feel as if they dona€™t have enough control over their personal data.
Speed: Public Clouds are based on internet connections, meaning the data transfer rate is limited to that of the Internet Service Provider (ISP), which is usually no more than 10mbps. Lack of Investment: Although a great cost saving method by reducing the need to invest upfront, renting the service from an outside provider also means that there is little capital gained. Private clouds are built from software that runs on a piece of hardware at the organization. Control: Due to the fact that the hardware is on-site, organizations have more control over their data. Performance: The private cloud is deployed inside the firewall on an organizationa€™s intranet, meaning that transfer rates are dramatically increased. Cost: Private clouds are more expensive than public because they require both hardware and maintenance personnel. Maintenance: Since the private cloud is hosted on sight, the organization needs to provide adequate power, cooling, and general maintenance.
NSK Inc is a certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) recognized by the Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) and is continually rated in the Boston Business Journala€™s a€?Best Ofa€? lists as well as the Inc.
If humans are ever to gain control of runaway greenhouse gases, we will need to do it on a variety of fronts. Industry is adopting many of the above alternative energy resources, already reducing its carbon footprint. Molten oxide electrolysis (MOE) is an electrometallurgical technique that enables the direct production of metal in the liquid state from oxide feedstock1, 2, and compared with traditional methods of extractive metallurgy offers both a substantial simplification of the process and a significant reduction in energy consumption3. As noted above, the following charts show our current state of affairs with respect to greenhouse gases including: concentration, origin, and location.
David enjoys research and writing about cutting edge technologies that hold the promise of improving conditions for all life on planet earth. You may be ditching Microsoft Office along with Microsoft Windows in its entirety for Mac OS X or Linux.
With the number of free or low-cost Office alternatives available to you, you have good reason to pause before renewing your Office 365 subscription or purchasing another license for Office 2013. Before we jump into the alternatives and our recommendations, we should look at Microsoft’s current pricing for comparison’s sake. If you have enough subscriptions in your life, you can get a stripped down version of Office with no cloud storage. Microsoft tried to stem the tide of individuals and businesses abandoning Office in favor of low-cost solutions by offering Office Online; essentially a retooling of the old Office Web Apps. Each of the alternatives we will discuss cost less than a subscription or license for Microsoft Office, and many are free. In testing a handful of alternatives, we found each did an impressive job in making the switch as painless as possible. Another area that might keep you married to Microsoft is a powerful database program such as Access.
With Google Drive, you replace your Office apps with nothing but your preferred web browser. You can edit Microsoft Office files in Google Drive, but you must take the extra step of opening a file in the corresponding Google Drive app. In addition to uploading Microsoft Office files to Google Drive, you can also move the other way and download files you created in Google Drive to your hard drive in a Microsoft Office format.
Because the documents you create with Google Drive are stored in the cloud instead of locally, you are able to engage in real-time collaboration by sharing a document with others.. One collaboration area where Word is superior to Google Drive, however, is its track changes feature, that shows the edits each person has made to a document. For times when you lack an Internet connection, you can enable offline mode in Google Drive to view and edit files, though you must operate with a limited feature set. Lastly, Word has many more formatting options than the limited supply you get with Google Docs.
We are grouping these two open-source office suites together because they both sprang from the same OpenOffice.org source code. You’d be hard pressed to choose one open-source suite over the other because the differences are so slight. The LibreOffice interface is familiar to Microsoft Office users even if it isn’t identical.
On the whole, we found the apps for both open-source suites to look less appealing than Microsoft’s apps, but that is purely an aesthetic judgment. Both OpenOffice and LibreOffice save documents in the Open Document Format, but you can also set them up to save documents by default in Microsoft formats.
As with Google Drive, you might not find the right templates and macros in the open-source suite. Apple’s iWork productivity trio of the Pages word processor app, the Numbers spreadsheet app, and the Keynote presentation app has seen two major changes in recent years. In the process of making iWork work for both OS X and iOS, some features were lost along the way.
Plus, Apple is adding features back to its iWork suite after an outcry from the iWork faithful who upgraded to the latest version only to find familiar and favorite features missing. Formerly labeled Kingsoft Office, WPS Office is the new and improved version of this popular office suite from Chinese software company Kingsoft.

To our eyes, WPS Office more closely resembles Microsoft Office than either OpenOffice or LibreOffice, and it brings a few unique features to the (conference room) table. With that disclaimer out of the way, we think many Microsoft Office users would be well served by taking a combination approach.
As a cloud-based product, Google Drive lets you access your files from a variety of devices, from your PC at work to your Mac at home to your Android tablet or iPhone on the go.
Google Drive is impressively compatible with Microsoft formats, but you may want to keep a secondary office suite on your computer just in case.
WPS Office lacks support for OS X, so we’d steer Mac users to LibreOffice, whose apps feels lighter and more responsive than iWorks’ with more of the familiar tools and features of Microsoft Office. All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community. This industry trends and perspective cloud conversation is the second (looking at S3) in a three-part series companion to the AWS EBS optimized post found here.
It can also let apps save their own data across platforms, so your work in an Android app can carry over to iOS, and vice versa. But as Dropbox does its best to eliminate the storage woes of the post-PC era, it may also create new headaches when it comes to storing more of our lives in the cloud. The company wants to make sure you never have to worry about whether you saved your work on your iPhone, Nexus 7, or Windows PCa€”similar to what Microsoft is trying to do with SkyDrive, but extending beyond the Windows ecosystem.
An obvious example is gaming: Stop playing a game on your Android phone, and Dropbox could let you resume on an iPad. Dropbox has more potential to expand beyond games, and to give users an option that doesna€™t require social sign-ins. Whereas Datastore deals with app data, Drop-ins deal with documents, photos, and other files that users might want to access directly, letting you both save and access Dropbox-stored files in-app. If developers add a€?choose froma€? and a€?save toa€? buttons to their apps, users may be encouraged to save more files online, making those files available on any other device. Dropbox has beenA hacked before, and even accidentally turned off authentication for millions of users in 2011.
Anyone whoa€™s deeply worried about the security and privacy of cloud storage probably wona€™t find much allure in Dropbox to begin with, let alone the additional features that Dropbox Platform will bring. The companya€™s business model is the same as it was before: Encourage people to store more data online, so they eventually graduate from free accounts to paid ones. With Dropbox plans starting at $100 per year for 100GBa€”roughly the same price as a 1TB external hard drivea€”the jump to a premium plan can really sting. For apps that use it, Dropbox is providing 5MB of save data that doesna€™t count against the user. Will users make the leap to paid storage or offload their files to another location, such as another cloud service or a good old-fashioned hard drive? Between dealing with storage limits and juggling multiple services, suddenly cloud storage requires a lot more brainpower. That kind of service could become more useful as people begin juggling files between multiple storage services.
Wea€™ll still have to decide where our files go, how often to upload them, and when to shift them elsewhere. We are increasingly living in a world where juggling multiple devicesa€”phones, tablets, PCs and even TV set-top boxesa€”is the norm.
A main store consisting of ROM and RAM, and backing stores which can be internal, eg hard disk, or external, eg a USB flash drive.
They're essentially the same as the hard disk in your computer but due to the casing are usable externally. Users will often be required to purchase a card reader or USB converter to view the data on a card.
Organizations can customize their clouds with specific storage parameters, applications, and security options so that they only pay for what they need. If hardware or software configurations need to be altered, or if a server crashes or needs to be restarted, the process can often take a couple of hours or a couple of days depending on the situation. The design lets users update or introduce technologies into the system at a much faster rate as everything is managed at the host company. If an organization is storing and transferring large amounts of data (high definition video for example), a public cloud may not be the best bet. Having items such as servers and network equipment can pay off in the long run as assets and tax advantages. The difference between a public cloud and a private cloud is that a private cloud is controlled by the organization. The organization is in charge of monitoring and maintaining the data giving them complete oversight of their data. Read access off of private clouds can be as fast as 100mbps, or even more if the organization has a gigabit Ethernet connection. To build a private cloud, an organization needs to invest in hardware or use already existing systems whereas a public cloud is all handled off site. The host organization also runs the risk of data loss due to physical damage of the unit (i.e. Charts below from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tell an interesting tale: the world must cooperate and all major sectors of the world economy reformed if sustainability is to be achieved. Transport now has a new electric vehicle industry and smarter mass transit systems like electric monorails that will significantly curb emissions. Now there are a series of new technologies being adopted by industry that will squeeze emissions even further. Elliott, Professor of Materials Chemistry, and colleagues who recently published a breakthrough paper in Nature.
MOE is also considered a promising route for mitigation of CO2 emissions in steelmaking3, 4, 5, production of metals free of carbon6, and generation of oxygen for extra-terrestrial exploration7, 8. The only reasonable conclusion is that concerted collective effort is needed for any hope at making progress.
If the world is to get control over greenhouse gas emissions, multilateral cooperation is essential.
There are two ways to purchase Office – a subscription to the cloud-based Office 365 or a one-time purchase for a license of Office 2013. The Personal Edition of Office Online is available to individuals free of charge as long as you have a registered Microsoft account. All of them let you open, edit, and save Word docs, Excel sheets, and many other Office formats as you would if you were still in Microsoft’s warm embrace.
A cloud-based suite of office apps, Google Drive stores your files on Google’s servers, letting you access them from any of your Internet-connected devices while also delivering sharing and collaboration options. For example, when you open a Word doc that you uploaded to Drive, it opens a read-only preview.
You can download a file from the main Google Drive screen simply by right-clicking on a file in the list and choosing Download.
Collaborating on cloud-based documents is more efficient than making changes on various local copies and swapping those back and forth. With Google Drive, you can move from Editing mode to Suggesting mode to show changes made to a document, but it’s not as fully featured as Word’s track changes feature. You will also need to use Chrome; Google Drive is compatible with non-Google browsers sans offline mode.
When Oracle acquired Sun, it tossed the project over to the Apache Foundation, at which point some of the people that had worked on the office suite then started LibreOffice. And both feature the same six applications: a word processor app akin to Word, a spreadsheet app akin to Excel, a presentation app akin to PowerPoint, a database app akin to Access, a vector drawing app, and a mathematical formulas app. Between the two, we prefer the look of LibreOffice, which features a monochrome color scheme and larger menu icons to the distractingly colorful and tiny icons of OpenOffice. For starters, Apple adjusted its pricing structure so that the apps are free to existing iWork users and owners of new Macs and iOS devices.
If you use only a small percentage of the wealth of features available in Word and Excel, for example, then Pages and Numbers may suffice and be even easier to use with their simplified design. For one, it steals a page from modern web browsers and offers a tabbed interface, which lets you work with multiple files in a single window. WPS Office Home Premium costs $2.99 a month, or $30 a year and adds the ability to save files as PDFs, auto-save, encrypt files, and collaborate tools with track changes.

And if you do make a switch, the alternative you settle on also depends on your particular workflow.
That is, using a cloud-based service for the majority of your word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation endeavors, with another suite of apps in reserve for time when you need additional templates, formats, or formulas. Google Drive loads quickly in your browser in a fraction of the time it takes a locally hosted program to load. Its flexible, real-time collaboration features could be a boon for your business, and it should come as no surprise that a Google product boasts fast and accurate search capabilities, making it quick and easy to find your files.
For those times, we recommend WPS Office for its attractive design that mimics the look and feel of Microsoft Office and forward-thinking features such as its tabbed interface. Part I is here (closer look at EBS) and part III is here (tying it all together).For those not familiar, Simple Storage Services (S3), Glacier and Elastic Block Storage (EBS) are part of the AWS cloud storage portfolio of services. With Dropbox, your data will always follow you, so you dona€™t even have to think about it. Datastore could also make sense for drawing apps, task managers, notation apps, and expense managersa€”anything where working across multiple devices is necessary. Developers can add Drop-ins with just a few lines of code, providing a complete interface for browsing the Dropbox file system. Thata€™s not to mention the added potential cost of mobile data, as you upload more files and exceed your bandwidth cap.
To limit data consumption, Dropbox could provide a way for users to control which types of files get uploaded, and when, Matthews said.
Relying solely on local storage isna€™t the answer, especially when wea€™re using the same apps across multiple platforms. We may become more reliant on Dropbox than ever, but rather than abandon our hard drives, we must instead consider, literally and figuratively, how much wea€™re willing to pay for the privilege.
There are many available memory card formats, but since 2010 the SD card became the more favoured format. Since the cloud is hosted by a third party, the organization doesna€™t need to spend money to have an employee monitor the system; it is taken care of by the host. With cloud computing, because everything is virtualized, reconfiguring the cloud takes minutes.[1] Also - because the servers are hosted on the cloud, if one server fails, another can instantly be activated, reducing down time. The benefits of this system are that although an investment due to the fact hardware is required, it costs considerably less than traditional data management systems. The burning of fossil fuels is the biggest culprit and much is being done to reduce it as a percentage of overall energy supply: the adoption of solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and others will go a long way toward reigning in this piece of the pie.
Until now, MOE has been demonstrated using anode materials that are consumable (graphite for use with ferro-alloys and titanium6, 9) or unaffordable for terrestrial applications (iridium for use with iron10, 11).
Then again, you could have simply grown tired of paying Microsoft per year or per license for its suite of Office apps. Both Office 365 flavors include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, and Publisher.
The Enterprise edition of Office Online requires your business to pay for an Office 365 Enterprise subscription. An Office alternative may have trouble replicating giant Excel macros you’ve created, but its success greatly increases with simple Excel formulas as well as Word templates.
If you use Word and Excel primarily with the occasional PowerPoint session, you can save money by moving to an alternate suite without missing a beat.
Google Drive features a number of apps, including Docs (word processing app), Sheets (spreadsheet app), and Slides (presentation app).
You simply need to open Google Drive in your browser, click the red New button, and select either Upload file or Upload folder. So today, we are left with two very similar open-source Office suites, Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. In the word processing apps, for example, OpenOffice displays a formatting sidebar by default, but such a sidebar can be enabled in LibreOffice. Users of Microsoft Office should quickly adapt, however, to the design and features of either suite.
You save documents locally with each, which may be of comfort to you if you’ve spent decades with such a workflow. It is compatible with a variety of Microsoft formats, from Microsoft Office 97 to Office 2010. Additionally, the Writer app supports drag-and-drop editing, where you can highlight a selection of text and drop it in a new spot, which for mouse-centric people eliminates the step of first copying the selection to the clipboard and then pasting it. WPS Office Business Edition costs $4.99 a month or $50 a year and adds macros to the mix for serious spreadsheet builders. And we trust the stability of Google servers more than the hard drive in your laptop or desktop (or ours, for that matter), making your data more secure no matter how religious you are about performing regular backups of your computer. With S3, you specify a region where a bucket is created that will contain objects that can be written, read, listed and deleted. Users get an easy way to sync their data through a single online account, and developers dona€™t have to do as much work. And given all that wea€™ve learned about the NSA and Prism, ita€™s clear that users can no longer expect complete privacy with their online data.
However, one system administrator could easily manage a 100-node cloud with a part-time effort. To enable metal production without process carbon, MOE requires an anode material that resists depletion while sustaining oxygen evolution. This maneuver is handy should you like to work with Google Drive, but you need to share files in other formats. And it may be of particular comfort as well if you have sensitive work information you are loathe to upload to the cloud.
You can create multiple buckets in a region with unlimited number of objects ranging from 1 byte to 5 Tbytes in size per bucket. Public clouds usually charge a monthly usage fee per gigabyte and bandwidth transfer charges.
Second, under anodic polarization most metals inevitably corrode in such conditions11, 12, 13. Third, iron oxide undergoes spontaneous reduction on contact with most refractory metals14 and even carbon. In the following figure durability is how many copies of data exist spread across different servers and storage systems in various data centers and availability zones.What would you put in RRS vs. Here we show that anodes comprising chromium-based alloys exhibit limited consumption during iron extraction and oxygen evolution by MOE. Standard S3 storage?Items that need some level of persistence that can be refreshed, recreated or restored from some other place or pool of storage such as thumbnails or static content or read caches.
The anode stability is due to the formation of an electronically conductive solid solution of chromium(III) and aluminium oxides in the corundum structure.
These findings make practicable larger-scale evaluation of MOE for the production of steel, and potentially provide a key material component enabling mitigation of greenhouse-gas emissions while producing metal of superior metallurgical quality.
Various rights and access can be assigned to objects including making them public or private. In addition to logical data protection (security, identity and access management (IAM), encryption, access control) policies also apply to determine level of durability and availability or accessibility of buckets and objects. Other attributes of buckets and objects include life-cycle management polices and logging of activity to the items. Also part of the objects are meta data containing information about the data being stored shown in a generic example below.Access to objects is via standard REST and SOAP interfaces with an Application Programming Interface (API).
For example default access is via HTTP along with a Bit Torrent interface with optional support via various gateways, appliances and software tools. It does not retain its contents without a constant supply of power, eg when a computer is turned off, everything stored in its RAM is lost.

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