Launching Tuesday, Stream Nation is a niche cloud storage service for privately streaming and sharing media files. When Jonathan Benassaya bought a GoPro action camera, he was amazed at how easy it was to capture every moment of his life.
Stream Nation users can store files by uploading from their mobile devices, computers, or existing cloud services. All users begin with 2GB of free storage and can increase that limit to 10GB by completing certain tasks, like referring friends, downloading the desktop application, or following the company on social media. Benassaya demoed the service with his account, which featured 250 ripped DVDs and Blu-rays. There are two types of data: those you access all the time, and those you rarely touch, but need to store anyway to keep your business running or for future use.
This week, Google launched a new cloud storage solution to help businesses better manage their data and storage costs.
In addition to offering low cost, Nearline comes with a handful of perks that make it stand out from traditional long-term cloud-storage services, Google wrote in a blog post. Additionally, Nearline is equipped with different levels of security to protect users' data and privacy. For those who are importing their data, Google has partnered with several backup and storage companies to make the process easier. In today’s global society, collaboration is key, as teams often work on documents from different places while on the go. The “cloud” refers to a network hosted over the Internet where you can upload your digital files. Not all cloud storage solutions are the same, so here’s how to find the best solution for you. Understand your needs. Google Drive lets multiple users edit a file simultaneously while Dropbox tracks users’ revisions.
Don’t forget security. Look for solutions that have data servers in different parts of the world so if something happens to one, your information can still be accessible through another, Leary says. Before committing to any cloud service provider, take some time to assess their credentials and know about which security protocols they use. Many of the successful attacks on cloud services occur because users are careless in their creation andusage of passwords.

As business is now transacted on the move, it is vital that mobile access to cloud – based data should be secure. A new study by Booz & Company reveals two concurrent trends changing the landscape of the communications industry. Articles published in strategy+business do not necessarily represent the views of the member firms of the PwC network. For now, media files can be downloaded and stored from Dropbox, but there are plans to integrate with other major cloud services, including Box and SkyDrive. Paid plans begin at $4 per month for 100GB and go up to $19 a month for unlimited media storage. Called Google Cloud Storage Nearline, it's designed to be a simple service to store cold data at a fraction of the price.
At rest, the service is priced as low as 1 cent per gigabyte, making it a far less expensive option compared to traditional cloud-storage solutions. This includes fast performance with three-second data retrieval response times and full integration with other Google Cloud Storage services. The service doesn't require users to learn any new programming models, and access remains as easy as the rest of the Google Cloud Storage platform. After graduating from UC Irvine, she worked as a copywriter and blogger for nonprofit organizations, tech labs and lifestyle companies. Cloud storage solutions serve as your virtual filing cabinet, letting you, your employees and clients access files from any location or device. Storing resources in the cloud can eliminate the cost of hardware installation and repairs, reduce the size of your IT staff, and reduce hardware purchasing costs. These four handy software and online applications will help keep your business running smoothly and streamline your operations. To access more free tools to grow your business dream, visit the business Accelerator, a virtual toolbox designed to inspire and help business owners and entrepreneurs build their businesses. Joseph Chamber of Commerce and is here to provide a wealth of information about a variety of subjects that affect your small business. Here, using a VPN or Virtual Private Network is critical to ensure data that flows to and from the cloud is always on a secure channel.Therefore, consolidate secure remote access onto a single, scalable security gateway. The SLA (Service Level Agreement) of your cloud service provider should give the details of the encryption being used.

First, as shown below at left, residential consumers’ demand for cloud storage exceeds 6 terabytes (about 6,000 gigabytes) per household, and is expected to increase close to sixfold by 2020. Reviews and mentions of publications, products, or services do not constitute endorsement or recommendation for purchase.
A price comparison of the major cloud services is below (keep in mind Stream Nation is a niche service and doesn't support documents and other non-media files). Whether you’re a start-up or growing enterprise, cloud storage solutions can save your business time and money. Not only do cloud storage solutions provide backup copies of your files if your hard drive crashes, but some let you access documents from your smartphone or let multiple users collaborate on the same file, says Brent Leary, co-founder and partner of CRM Essentials LLC, a firm that helps small businesses implement customer relationship management strategies. For example, you might like Microsoft’s SkyDrive if your team regularly uses Word and Excel, while Apple’s iCloud may be a preference for Mac users, Leary says. Even if dangers and concerns exist, the technologies, regulations and standards are there to minimize the security related fears.
Because of these limitations, Benassaya set out to create Stream Nation, which launched Tuesday, to store, share, and transcode media files. Whether you’re just starting a business or you’ve been in business for a while, there are a lot of decisions to make. Cloud storage is convenient and cost-effective, but the benefits of both are entirely dependent on how secure your information is –a stolen file or a leaked document could cost a business its existence, as competitors capitalize, market advantage is lost & customers look elsewhere. As the second trend (at right) shows, however, this will change: The price of cloud storage is dropping dramatically. With The Small Business Resource Center, you will have combined years of experience, proved strategies, and knowledge for success at your fingertips. Software and search companies like Google, e-retailers like Amazon, and media and telecommunications companies everywhere will be drawn into new types of competition to provide consumers with their piece of the cloud.

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