Seagate Constellation CS HDDs also offer security features that are valued with paramount importance by lots of enterprises.
The Seagate Constellation CS hard drives have a similar appearance to standard consumer counterparts. The circuit board includes an LSI B69002V0 controller, as well as 64MB of DRAM from the Nanya DDR2 module. All enterprise HDDs are benchmarked on our enterprise testing platform based on a Lenovo ThinkServer RD240. Our Enterprise Synthetic Workload Analysis includes four profiles based on real-world tasks. In the first of our enterprise workloads, we measured a long sample of random 4k performance with 100% write and 100% read activity to get our main results. Reviewing the 4K latency consistency in our standard deviation section, the Seagate Constellation CS tested at 560.60ms read standard deviation.
Over the duration of our primary tests at varying thread and queue depth levels, Constellation CS had solid max latency with the second lowest max latency at 410ms for the 2 threads and 2 queue depth level. The next workload we used is our File Server profile which puts the drives through a varying workload.
At all queue depths, the Constellation CS was higher than the rest of the drives in the pack except the WD Black 4TB.
Comparing peak response times in our File Server profile, the Constellation CS was far more consistent than the WD Black 4TB, but behind the other drives in keeping latency down. Looking at the latency standard deviation, the Constellation CS came in nearly at the bottom of the pack in latency consistency, beating out the WD Black 4TB again.
Looking at Max Latency in our Web Server profile, the Constellation CS performed in consistent competition with the rest of the group, not including the less-efficient latency-saturated WD Black 4TB. Comparing latency consistency in our read-only Web Server profile, the Seagate Constellation CS 4TB was behind most of the competition by a small margin. The Seagate Constellation CS is a drive designed specifically for enterprise organizations who are on a tight capital budget for low-priority data but don't want the risk of using consumer drives for enterprise workloads. When it comes to this space, the real driver in purchasing decisions for most organizations will be cost, which certainly benefits Seagate's Constellation CS. The Seagate Constellation CS offers organizations just what they need - lots of capacity and enterprise features to ensure the integrity of the drive for bulk storage at a solid price point. In this post, I’ve presented 20 different online storage service providers with their free offerings, minimum-maximum paid volume plans and finally derived the per-gigabyte storage costs. No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author, unless otherwise indicated for stand-alone materials. Microsoft Azure provides you two options when hosting your SQL Server-based data warehouse: Microsoft Azure SQL Database and SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine.  Which one is appropriate based on the size of the data warehouse?  What are some hardware features to choose from for an Azure VM for a large data warehouse? If this still is not enough disk size for your data warehouse, you will need to use an on-prem SQL Server solution or an MPP solution such as Microsoft’s Analytics Platform System.
There is a script you can download (see Deploy a SQL Server Data Warehouse in Windows Azure Virtual Machines) that allows a user to create a *Data Warehousing* optimized VM on Azure running SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014 and will also attach empty disks to the VM to be used for SQL Server data and log files. For info on how to connect to an Azure VM using SSMS, click here.  To connect SSMS to an Azure SQL database, click here. This entry was posted in Azure, Azure SQL Database, Data warehouse, SQLServerPedia Syndication.
The main reason is SQL Database only supports a database size max of 500GB, as well as not all T-SQL statements are supported in SQL Database.
Azure SQL Data Warehouse fits in if you need a MPP solution, as the solutions listed here are SMP.
Ever since Google announced unlimited storage for photos, I stopped caring more about Drive space. In a blog post, Google has shared that it is updating its Local Guides program, and users have the chance to share their discoveries directly to the map, making it more useful for everyone.

Users can leave reviews, upload photos, or add information for restaurants and tourist spots. Stuart Clock is a web entrepreneur and he loves to write about tech, gadgets and latest trending news. Office 365, Microsoft’s core productivity platform, enables employees to get the job done anytime, anywhere.
Communication tools that helps you connect better with customers and colleagues from email and Instant messaging to social networking and video conferencing. Collaboration with people in or outside your company from wherever you are working, whenever you need to.
It is just amazing when a new technology comes together to disrupt deployment and architecture models.
In saying that, a number of different deployment models may be utilized according to each individual use-case.
As far as I can tell and according to what I see on the market, Fusion IO and Virident are the two most popular integrated NAND flash PCI devices used for local host VDI deployments. To demonstrate that I am creating a back of napkin calculation that demonstrate how these devices are not really suited for VDI. To design a solution without getting into the overly expensive server architectures that support up to 1TB RAM I will select a quad socket host with 8 cores per socket and will run 6 VMs per core at 400MHz average each. With this configuration it is possible to fit approximately 192 VMs per host, which each will enjoy a healthy simultaneous total amount of 1200 IOPs. Therefore, from a capacity perspective this configuration is good and for performance it’s fantastic!! These are consumer grade SSD drives, but I ask you –If your desktops are non-persistent and can be automatically re-generated in a different host and have Windows profiles re-loaded from a central NAS.
In this new scenario users will not get the amazing 1,200 IOPS per VM, but they will get a more modest ~400 IOps that is still a LOT of IOps per user.
Many hyperscale organizations fall into this category as well as purpose built backup and archival appliances that often rely on consumer SATA hard drives for the reduced cost.
Organizations can select optional Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) models that feature Instant Secure Erase.
The circuit board mounted to the bottom is fairly compact, with all components facing inward towards the HDD body to use the aluminum structure as a heatsink. Since hard drives reach their rated performance level very quickly, we only graph out the main sections of each test.
In these tests, we span workload intensity from 2 threads and 2 queue up to 16 threads and 16 queue. For the first half of the testing, the Constellation CS behind by a narrow margin which widened but stayed close as testing continued. At the 16 thread and 16 queue depth level, the CS had was in the middle of the pack at 4,812ms. It is a large block sequential test that shows the highest sequential transfer speed for a platter drive. Constellation CS drives offer the lowest per-gigabyte cost that organizations will find in the enterprise market, making them worthwhile to consider for deployment. However, 1TB is a lot of space and you can get that for no cost by participating in the Local Guides program by Google Maps. In addition to delivering cloud versions of every day tools and applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. I have previously stated that I am a supporter of persistent desktops, just because it is easier to manage, admins can use the tools they are familiar with, and make sense nowadays.
Enterprises utilize NAND flash PCI to host a large number of desktops concurrently in a single host and provide high throughput and IOPs without requirement for a Storage Area Network (SAN).
What happens is that these PCI devices often run out of capacity before IO operations and throughput.

Assuming approximately 30% vSphere transparent page sharing (TPS), the server will require approximately 300GB RAM.
This is a little bit more than the total capacity available in the PCI card (1.2TB), but as I say I am doing a back of napkin calculation.
VDI is becoming cheaper and some solutions are already pushing the total hardware costs below $150-120 without sacrificing user experience.
The content published here is not read, reviewed, or approved by VMware and does not necessarily represent or reflect the views or opinions of VMware or any of its divisions, subsidiaries, or business partners. The integrity of drive is thus unlikely to be compromised thanks to the encryption and the Instant Secure Erase feature that is able to render all data unintelligible in a matter of just seconds. The top of the drive is all silver with an inlay in the center adding protection to the drive head. We also included two legacy mixed workloads, the traditional File Server and Webserver, each offering a wide mix of transfer sizes.
The Constellation CS offers that standards that enterprises look for - it's a 7,200 RPM, 3.5-inch HDD that offers capacities that range up to 3TB. Most organizations looking to deploy ultra-low cost drives won't be considering performance as even a top-3 factor in purchasing. Office 365 provides robust enterprise solutions for email, collaboration, conferencing, enterprise social, personalized insights, and sales automation.
Non-persistent desktops, linked clones, and alternative image and app management solutions are not a requirement for the vast majority of VDI and DaaS use-cases since now it is possible utilize fully provisioned persistent clones without the capacity and performance penalties due to the recent storage technology advancements.
These storage technologies offer moderated capacity and high throughput and IOPs in a single bundled PCI card. The IO performance is much lower than the aforementioned PCI SSD devices, but so is the price tag. Ok, maybe you do, but even if you add a second EVO drive for resiliency the solution would still be much cheaper than utilizing PCI SSD class-memory devices. This makes the process of retiring drives near the end of their life cycle much easier, especially when considering that most organizations may need to retire a whole load of drives at one time. Also featured on the top, there are six screws enabling access to the internal parts of the drive.
It goes even further though as it is also offered as an SED with Instant Secure Erase to keep data integrity high while making drives reaching retirement age easy to take out of operation.
As long as the drive offers decent performance that's probably good enough; they simply need data available in a timely manner if it is requested. Here I’ve prepared a table to show the lowest possible cost of per gigabyte online storage at the current market price. If you do have a use-case, please, by all means, utilize these remarkable pieces of technology. In the case of the Seagate Constellation CS, it doesn't offer class-leading performance, but its class-leading value is more attractive in the market. Apart from his business he loves to do travelling, playing cricket and snooker is his favourite game. There are also other great solutions that deliver awesome user-experience like Atlantis ILIO, utilizing RAM to deliver up to 1 million IOPS per host at very microsecond (?s) latency.
Even with those economics in play, it still had good marks in our 8k and 128k testing profiles.
Couple adequate performance with exceptional value, and the Seagate Constellation CS will meet the cost-effective, solid performance parameters of many organizations.

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