Over the past few days it’s been said by penguins that membership prices are increasing. I think for that price they could at LEAST let you keep the stuff u buy after your membership expires. While it is rare I make an individual post about Club Penguin Merchandise and instead just add an image of it to my Club Penguin Merchandise page, this one I find to be noteworthy. Over the weekend some animated images surfaced of the action moves that happen when you play the cards in Card-Jitsu.

Coolmario88 had recently emailed Club Penguin asking if it’s true the prices will be increased. Membership prices have been $5.95 for a month ever since the birth of Club Penguin in 2005. There is a Club Penguin Membership Pack you can purchase that comes with more than just a membership.
They said yes, it’s due so many features being added, and with more revenue (from the increased prices) they can do more.

More rooms, more games, more catalogs, more items, more parties, more features such as stamps, more languages, more features, more tweaks, and even more mascots.

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