If I said you could have 5 GB of online storage for free, with the option to earn a bit extra by persuading others to sign up; be able to share you files publicly, and could sync files straight from the Ubuntu desktop – what would you say? You can find out more, sign up for an account, and download the Linux app by hitting the button below.
Since we discovered cloud computing and the possibility of uploading and storing things in the cloud, a large variety of storage services have been developed and deployed all over the world. Copy is most commonly known for its outrageous new subscriber offers and has been gaining a lot of traction in the past few months. So there you have our list, with the pros and cons for each of these cloud storage services. If I said you could have 20 GB of online storage for free, with the option to earn a bit extra by persuading others to sign up; be able to share you files publicly, and could sync files straight from the Ubuntu desktop – what would you say? Also feel free to post your referral link in the comments below; who knows, maybe someone will use it. ThinkDash is a daily-updated news blog focusing on aerospace industry, mobile technology, and automobile.
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Apart from the wired naming copy everything else is amazing and competitive with current Cloud Storage Solutions. Yes you can sync all your files across multiple platforms with breeze, and the best part is that it has superior Desktop integration with Network Sharing.

Technology Clouds motto is to provide the latest news and information, about Latest Technology, Gadgets, Cloud Computing, Useful Tips about Internet. Aside from supporting Linux out of the box from day dot the rest of its offerings are, sadly, fairly predictable. We all have files we need but for some reason or another, most likely because of limited space on our computers, we need to store them somewhere else. Paltry storage space of 2GB, making it almost necessary to refer friends (for minuscule 500mb increases) and jump through every other hoop for additional storage space.
It’s not a household name but that might change as it now comes bundled with the new Windows releases, already installed and ready to use. You need to pay to increase storage space (though its plans are cheaper than Dropbox’s).
With that in mind a good deal of developers have started investing in creating such solutions, that are both versatile in terms of availability for the different platforms, and with a good number of features. There are those that are not so popular yet can handle files just as efficiently as the best in the business.
The app provides just about every reason to seem attractive enough and a solid overall offer.
You will get 15GB when you sign up and additional 5GB when you install one of the Copy App for Windows, Android etc etc. Physical media such as flash drives and external hard drives can fail or break, or worse still, you can lose them or they can be taken from you.

Personally, while I’m not a fan of Dropbox, I see the value of having it with everyone else using it. Besides, most manufacturers now provide their own cloud service and with lots of space for free, forcing the other developers to improve their offers. The first thing you will notice is the very well designed interface, meant to be easy to understand and use. Yes you Can Right Click and Share any folder under your Master Folder and share with your Friends and Colleagues. Among the newest on the market is the option provided by Barracuda Networks, that also promises 10 GB of free storage through referral links like this one.
You can browse your folders and visualise the active downloads in a separate tab placed for your convenience. You can also work with media files, including pictures and videos and Copy provides special features in this regard. There is an integrated and very well made sharing feature, offering the possibility to share either one by one or multiple files at once.

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