When choosing the type of backup strategy to setup for your office, are you asking the right questions? The other question to consider: Say your current backup takes place at 11pm every night, and you come into the office the next morning then at 2pm the server crashes on you. Now having this information in hand, you need to compare what your objectives are to what you have in place.
Fortunately, today there are solutions that you can implement that will NOT break the bank and give you a 2 hour RTO and RPO. Watch our video for a visual explanation of the manged services process and how it can benefit your network. Inadequate data asset protection through poorly managed and unreliable system backups leaves you and your company exposed to the potentially crippling event of data loss. Any one of these three backup methods is good, all three will enable you to remain utterly confident that your data is safe.
Volume Shadow Copy is a form of backup that is wholly integrated within new Windows computer systems. Windows Server Backup is another Windows integrated backup system which involves backing up your data to any number of external hard drives, which are switched each day accordingly. ACSBackup works over your existing internet connection to transfer your critical data to a secure server at ACS. Your entire backed-up store of data is transferred onto a portable USB Hard Drive and shipped to your office.
Normally infrastructure is a word that people associate with corporate networks and information technology.  Infrastructure is the backbone of the network, the ‘back end’, encompassing the equipment, systems and processes that help keep the actual ‘front end’ equipment running smoothly.  What’s the difference?
How does that multiplayer online game work?  From your PC, the data travels to a switch (if you have multiple devices) then to a router before flitting off to the Internet.  If any of those devices fail or are underpowered, the front-end experience suffers. Let’s discuss some of the back-end equipment and systems I think every home user should be thinking about this holiday season. How much storage space do you have?  These are your hard drives, where actual data is stored.  Data can be anything from the mass of songs purchased through the online music service to the photos and videos from your family event. Think about your back-end at home.  You love the front-end toys and gizmos, so keep up the care and feeding of the systems that make them work.
About UsVertex Online Backup is a pioneer & technology leader in online backup in India.
Met Online Backup worden al uw gegevens en documenten automatisch en veilig buitenshuis opgeslagen op de backup servers van FreshPC Computer Service.

Wir bieten eine vollautomatische und schlusselfertige Datensicherung innerhalb zertifizierter Rechenzentren am Standort Deutschland. Unsere Datensicherungslosung unterstutzt alle marktublichen Betriebssysteme und Applikationen. Mit unserer hochprofessionellen Datensicherungslosung ersparen Sie Ihrem Unternehmen alle technischen und rechtlichen Risiken und gleichzeitig viel Arbeitsaufwand. Vollautomatische Datenverschlusselung mit militartauglichen Verschlusselungsalgorithmen (AES bis 256 Bit) und sichere verschlusselte Datenubertragung.
Cloud Backup is a way to store your important files outside of your home or office to minimize the risk of losing them. You install our backup program, set the files and folders to be backed up, set the encryption, set compression, and set the schedule. The backup is sent through an encrypted connection to an encrypted server at the cloud storage facility. The Cloud Backup service has several servers at multiple locations, guaranteeing 99.99% uptime and reliability, and is designed to store your files without fear of theft, fire, flood, or any natural disaster. Your data is secured using military grade 256-bit AES encryption, sent to our facility through a secure connection, and stored on encrypted servers.
Our Cloud Backup solution is perfect for businesses in the healthcare industry dealing with sensitive and private patient information. Do you take into account Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)? What happens to the data that took place from the time you got to the office in the morning to the time the server crashed, how easy is it for you to recreate it?
Who do I call and how long will it take me to get my systems back up?" This situation is a very real possibility that may even have happened to you already. It is the simplest and quickest form of backup and requires minimal interaction in order to configure and monitor. This form of backup in most cases takes an entire image of your server in order to allow for a complete system restoration in the case of a disaster. This automated procedure can be set to run overnight so you or your staff do not have to manually switch out drives. Any additional computers (including network shares which you want to backup) will require additional licenses. Online Back-up zorgt er voor dat uw waardevolle data op een ingestelde tijd veiliggesteld wordt, bijvoorbeeld in de avond.

Denk aan een kapotte harde schijf, een computervirus, kortsluiting, maar ook diefstal en brand.
You can even set up a real-time backup.Customizable ScheduleOnly the files that changed since your last backup are transferred. If you need help installing the Cloud Backup software, setting up a backup plan, or restoring your files, a technician can remotely connect to your computer to assist you. This is a complete backup of the whole hard drive including the operating system, all programs, and all files. Cloud Backup is designed as an offsite backup solution that adheres to the ePHI security standards set by the HIPAA and HITECH laws.
For instance, with regards to RTO, have you asked yourself the following: If I had a complete failure of my servers and access to data, how long can I be down without affecting my business? The newest options for backup now include the capability to take a snapshot of the full hard drives and allow you to fully recover to dissimilar hardware in a very short time. You have to be ready for whatever challenges that may come your way and not let yourself be vulnerable or that will cause your downfall.
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Miscellaneous computer services such as remote access to your systems can be implemented easily and affordably.
Online Back-up is de enige oplossing tegen Ransomeware en Cryptoblockers, zij versleutelen ook de data op uw externe schijf, USB sticks, Nas Servers maar ook uw cloudopslag zols Dropbox en OneDrive. And with our optional Concierge Service, even setting up the software or recovering data in the event of an emergency is as simple as it gets, because we do it all for you! You have to consider how long can you go in your day where you are not able to recreate the entries. If you need a shorter recovery time, there are other options that are available; however, the shorter the RTO and RPO, the higher the costs start to get.
Use this feature as many times as you want, whenever you need to.Concierge Service Our Cloud Backup solution is perfect for businesses in the healthcare industry dealing with sensitive and private patient information.

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