Last October, Samsung offered exclusive live streaming of one of the DNC debates using the Gear VR, its virtual reality headset.
Now Samsung is at it again, announcing Thursday that it has partnered with NBC to once again offer exclusive content for the Gear VR, this time of the Olympic Games in Rio.
In total, Olympic Broadcasting Services will capture 85 hours of the games, which will include coverage of the opening and closing ceremonies and coverage of gymnastics, beach volleyball, boxing, diving, fencing, and men’s basketball. In order to view any of the content, you’ll have to own a compatible Samsung phone, which currently includes the Galaxy S6 and S7 lines as well as the Galaxy Note 5. Thursday’s announcement from Samsung is one of many VR-related announcements the company has made recently.
Can be a low profile steel lure that may be utilized inside or outside company, condo or your house.
Using its slender, low profile style, Victor TIN CATS can be used discreetly throughout the house in tight spaces, under furniture, in drop ceilings or in cabinets in the kitchen. To improve the usefulness and ease of use of the trap, you can use the Victor Glue Boards specifically designed for the tin cat. As "Pokemon Go" continues to garner international recognition, an array of ingenious methods to beat the system have surfaced online, from attempts to sell accounts, phone cases and even drones.
A new video rolled out earlier this week has again raised the stakes for "Pokemon Go" hacking, featuring one-of-a-kind hardware-based solution to deal with the problem of having to step outside the comfort of their homes and take to the road to catch Pokemon. Rather than using software to trick the GPS data dished out to the "Pokemon Go" app, this recently discovered method involves putting the phone in an radio frequency shield box, and utilizing a signal generator to spawn a bogus GPS signal which the phone - and the Pokemon Go app - receives and adopts as the "location" of the device, The Verge reported.
Besides, deceiving the game like this is against Niantic's rules, and will likely get a player banned if he gets caught. Getting caught is quite likely, as though the hack replicates movement by modifying GPS signal, a player could still get caught for not displaying the matching accelerometer data to coincide with it, or for quickly teleporting from considerable distances by cheating the signal to sudden change location. Nevertheless, the hack is quite impressive and is an indication of the kind of efforts the "Pokemon Go" community is willing to put in to play the hit augmented-reality game without having to actually play the game. First of all, the user will provide coordinates to indicate a starting point; along with their "Pokemon Go" accounts details for authentication process. The "Pokemon Go" bots can perform a slew of other tasks such as trading duplicate Pokemon for resources, collecting new Pokeballs at Pokestops, evolving Pokemon, incubating and hatching eggs and shortlisting Pokemon to catch.
Tests show "Pokemon Go" bot can help a player earn an average of 50,000 experience per hour, as a result of which, a player can reach level 15 in less than a day, simply by operating in the background.

Aug 08, 2016 PM EDTDo you know that there is more to Rio Olympics 2016 awards than just a medal?
Aug 10, 2016 AM EDTThe talk show host has more funny bones in his body than most but, in his tenure, received an honorary degree.
Aug 12, 2016 PM EDTDay 6 is the starting day for all badminton athletes competing in Rio Olympics. Aug 11, 2016 AM EDTNiantic Lab has been working relentlessly to solve servers issue while slashing all the third-party apps used for cheating "Pokemon GO".
Aug 14, 2016 AM EDTa€?Suicide Squada€™ movie is known globally due to the heavy criticisms received by the viewers of the film. Aug 14, 2016 AM EDTSpaceX had announced that its ready to test out the rocket engine expected to be used for its mission to Mars. Aug 12, 2016 PM EDTAside from Apple's Macbook Pro 2016, the most-anticipated laptop to arrive this year is the Surface Pro 5 from Microsoft. 2016 Rio Olympic Badminton Schedule, Prediction for Men's Singles: Will Lin Dan Make It to Final Round?
Aug 08, 2016 PM EDTIt's always exciting to predict who will win the Olympic 2016 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
Aug 12, 2016 AM EDTSamsung redesigned its Galaxy J5 and brings a few upgrades in the 2016 edition. The soft-focus sandy coastline along here has been the scene of important battles in the past. The small town of 5,000 inhabitants swells to tens of thousands in the summer as people on holiday in France come from the four corners of the country, from Ireland and elsewhere to sample a hint of island life. Meanwhile, in the smaller settlement of St Pierre de Quiberon at the northern end of the peninsula, there’s a market in the town centre every Thursday morning. TootlafranceTootlafrance is Ireland’s fresh new eyes on France, bringing you the latest news, exclusive celebrity interviews, political analysis, cultural events, property news and, of course, travel features written by top Irish journalists.
News Roundup NewsletterWe offer a free, weekly newsletter with the latest top stories from France. It was the first major debate to be presented in VR, but in the end the presentation, which switched between four different 180-degree views of the debate, fell short of many people’s expectations. The group previously worked with Samsung to create similar VR content in Lillehammer, at the Winter Youth Olympic Games.

The VR content will only be accessible through the NBC Sports app, which also requires you have access to the channel through your TV provider.
Last week at VidCon it announced limited availability for its 360-degree consumer camera, Gear 360, as well as a new program to help encourage content creators to work with 360-degree video.
If you don’t use the glue boards you can easily set rodents free into the wild and away from your home as long as you follow local and municipal guidelines. Average "Pokemon Go" players may not even have the tools required to imitate this setup in their own homes - a signal generator, RF-shielded box, and a slew of other electric pieces of hardware - but even if they could, they'd still need to develop the software in order to control the avatar in the app to move around. Arrays of "Pokemon Go" bots are up for grabs, offering free trials and an affordable automation tool.
The bot then starts searching for nearby Pokemon and replicates a walk to the closest creature by sending fake GPS coordinates to the "Pokemon Go" server at the right time. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.
The largest takes place at Place du Varquez every Saturday morning, selling fresh food, regional specialities and clothing.
The Olympic broadcast will also be shown on a delay rather than live, something that will give Samsung a little more of an opportunity to fine-tune what’s presented to Gear VR owners. The company also rebranded Milk VR as simply Samsung VR, opening the site up for contributions from amateur as well as professional videos. Ideally, each of these operates in the same manner by providing artificial data to "Pokemon Go" servers and replicating a player who can play for hours. As soon as the bot is near a Pokemon, it can use a basic API call to catch the character, and quickly move on the next target, ArsTechnica reported. Using Quiberon as a base, they were repelled by forces under General Louis Lazare Hoche, who was later to have a (failed) go at the English in Bantry Bay in the company of Wolfe Tone. Every morning, there is a fish market here, selling fresh produce from the sea that almost surrounds them.

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