IBM, one of the largest worldwide providers of IaaS with eight data centers all over the globe, has now expanded into providing SmartCloud Enterprise services to its customers.
What differentiates IBM from Amazon and Rackspace IaaS is that IBM customers will be able to use system P servers and system Z mainframes in the company’s cloud.
On Tuesday, IBM announced that it will now be providing its Enterprise+ services in almost all the major regions of the globe. Some Good news for the customers of IBM is that they will now be able to choose if they want to manage their own data on the cloud or let the professionals at IBM do it.
IBM focuses on rise and fall in the demand of the applications instead of pushing the customers to “learn about the infrastructure of cloud and then make decisions”. Sowell claims that IBM will be better equipped to provide quicker delivery of application services once it has automated the “provisioning of a Standard SAP application”. According to Sowell, the company will be offering new services that will help customers in determining what workload is more suited to move to the SmartCloud. EVERTEC Group LLC and Virtual Computing Environment announced Tuesday the introduction of the VBlock, a technological platform that provides all the necessary components to facilitate the virtualization of company’s data center, minimize risks, as well as the complexity and the implementation time of new projects.
The availability in Puerto Rico of VBlock strengthens EVERTEC’s cloud services offering, which includes email, virtual data centers and business continuity solutions, company executives said.
EVERTEC is the first company that Virtual Computing Environment has authorized and certified to offer VBlock in the local market. About News is my BusinessNews is my Business is designed to be a tool that our island’s opinion-makers and leaders can rely on to make quick and smart decisions about their businesses and their economic futures. At SAP®’s annual SAPPHIRE Conference on May 5-7 in Orlando, you’ll interact with thousands of IT professionals searching for the best of the best in cloud computing. Second, embrace the fact that cloud computing is the new normal; it’s all around you, from the SAPPHIRE agenda builder you downloaded on your smart phone to the Uber ride sharing service you accessed at the airport.
Aside from meeting with business associates and attending compelling keynotes and educational sessions, you’re probably hoping to take away some new ideas for meeting your company’s key business challenges with IT. Looking to move your applications onto private or multi-tenant cloud platforms?This presents its own set of challenges for many organizations and is especially true for core business applications such as SAP, where ERP systems integration with downstream or legacy applications is often a necessity.
Sungard AS knows how to manage SAP production systems and is using this knowledge to build solutions for customers whose requirements aren’t being satisfied either internally or with their current SAP hosting providers. If you can’t make it to Orlando to talk with us in person about cloud computing, please visit our Cloud Services or Disaster Recovery sites for more information. Advances in diagnostic imaging are driving a need for new ways to access, store and share medical images. The world’s biggest software company said on Tuesday it was expanding its Windows Azure business to include a major new region in Australia. Data centers, renting out technology resources such as computing power and storage, will be established in the states of New South Wales and Victoria. Microsoft claims more than 200,000 Windows Azure customers, but the company does not break out the revenue from it.
Utilizing private cloud for mission critical applications such as SAP while relying on public cloud for email systems, web hosting, etc. Maintaining all systems internally during normal periods and relying on the cloud for peaks.  This is known as Cloud Bursting and is excellent for workloads that cycle throughout the day, week, month or year.
Utilizing private cloud for all systems and capacity while relying on cloud based Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions.
Many more options exist and any combination of options is possible.  If private cloud is part of the cloud strategy for a company there is a common set of building blocks required to design the computing environment.

Unlike the other two systems SMT is a reference architecture a customer can build internally or along with a trusted partner.  This provides one of the two unique benefits of this solution.
Because SMT is a reference architecture it can be built in stages married to existing refresh and budget cycles.  Existing equipment can be reutilized or phased out as needed. Of the three solutions Matrix is the only one that is a complete solution provided by a single vendor. Matrix provides the greatest physical server scalability of any of the three solutions with architectural limits of thousands of servers. Vblock is supported by a unique partnering between Cisco, EMC and VMware as well as there ecosystem of channel partners.  This provides robust front and backend support for customer before during and after install. Private cloud can provide a great deal of benefits when implemented properly, but like any major IT project the benefits are greatly reduced by mistakes and improper design.  Pre-designed and tested infrastructure solutions such as the ones above provide customers a proven platform on which they can build a private cloud. Also virtualization is before consolidation as it makes workloads more portable and much easier to consolidate both in tech, finance, and political arenas.
I definitely agree that you need to ensure ways to monitor and quantify successes and failures during the entire process. I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most. This added feature in the service will better cater to IBM customers having higher workloads. The company has chosen Barcelona, Spain, to build its ninth data center, which is expected to be completed in the mid of this year.
Customers availing the SAP BusinessObjects or SAP business Suite will be able to avail the new services. Sowell predicts that at this rate the company will comfortably hit its mark of $7 billion in revenues by the year 2015.
This a competitive advantage not only for big companies, but for small companies as well,” said Javier Vazquez, infrastructure and cloud solutions product manager for EVERTEC.
Taiman, vice president for the Caribbean and Latin America for VCE, formed by Cisco and EMC with investments from VMware and Intel. You’ll also see SAP’s unique partner ecosystem in action – connecting technology companies, service providers, systems integrators, channel partners and consultants with the goal of providing customers robust solutions for managing complex IT environments. Customers are looking for a trusted advisor to fulfill IT needs and help them run their businesses more simply, and SAP technology partners offer a myriad of products, services and solutions. Look for partners who can help you shift your SAP installations to the cloud to optimize your own essential business functions, from network platforms to software as a service to SAP HANA.
Here is Sungard Availability Services’ quick guide to finding the very solution your company is looking for.
Add to that the organizational challenges of working with multiple cloud platforms or service providers, and cloud computing just doesn’t seem to live up to its promise of IT agility and operational efficiency.Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) is working hard to change that. When IT organizations outsource various applications to multiple specialized service providers, managing for compliance can become a nightmare.
In addition to managed cloud recoverability, recovery-as-a-service (RaaS) solutions offer a holistic approach to business resiliency for customer systems, whether hosted internally or with other service providers.
For its in-depth work with SAP, Sungard AS was recently named one of the 100 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers by CIO REVIEW.
Using detailed research compiled by GlobalData, this snapshot charts the dynamics behind a market set to grow by 27% to 2018.
Once I had that usage monitoring setup building internal clouds was a no brainier to anyone technical, financial, or politically minded.

These pages are not sponsored or sanctioned by any of the companies mentioned; they are the sole work and property of the authors. Majority of the offered services are firmly based on AMD x86 or Standard Intel servers and shifting of workloads to x86 servers from P series or Z series is quite a hassle.
Initially, IBM offered IaaS services only in the U.S and Europe, but now, having data centers all over the globe, IBM is now better equipped to provide services to larger audience.
IBM claims that its SmartCloud enterprise+ can guarantee a very high availability of OS-instance.
Sowell claims that giving the customers an option to either handle the SAP apps themselves or let IBM do it is the heart of his company’s strategy. However, the company has no way of finding which service brings in what amounts of revenues.
So how do you sort through all the activity and excitement to find the best ideas for your business?
SAPPHIRE is one of the best opportunities to find that winning combination that can enable your organization to work faster, smarter, and more flexibly. Sungard AS has been focusing on solving this problem, and our many decades of experience in delivering business continuity and disaster recovery services is evident in our approach.For example, Sungard AS’ SAP cloud platforms include a secondary site recoverability option with built in testing and recovery service level agreements for customers who require this enhanced level of business availability protection. Comprehensive RaaS solutions should be designed to be flexible enough to work with complex, enterprise system environments and to scale up or down based on a customer’s individual needs, while offering a range of recovery time and recovery point objectives. While the author(s) may have professional connections to some of the companies mentioned, all opinions are that of the individuals and may differ from official positions of those companies.
Diversifying the location of data centers also helps companies to bypass certain restricting laws of some countries. You have to consider the broader view and accommodate as many of the supporting elements as possible,” says Bob Hill, Senior Product Manager for SAP Services at Sungard AS. For the use of IT software, healthcare organisations pay a fee to the IT vendors based on usage rather than buying the software license.
This is a personal blog of the author, and does not necessarily represent the opinions and positions of his employer or their partners.
Sungard AS has been delivering cloud-based customer solutions for many years and was one of the first managed service providers to receive SAP cloud certification. Healthcare organisations can therefore choose applications based on their individual needs and customisations are preserved through upgrades and new releases.This significantly reduces implementation time and costs and also lowers traditional software costs such as large license fees. We help companies migrate their applications safely using Sungard AS’ best-in-class Cloud Architecture, which will be showcased at SAPPHIRE. This would be a good place to view a real-time demonstration of how simple and secure it can be to move your applications in the SAP cloud. PACS cloud solutionsThe concept of web-based PACS has emerged, which is capable of running on devices equipped with standard web browsers. Web enabled PACS is known sometimes known as 'Zero Client' or 'Zero Footprint Client' which runs on most browsers.Clinical users require access and the ability to diagnose medical images from a variety of locations and image sources outside the hospital network. The company released its cloud version in 2010.Similarly, Carestream recently launched Vue cloud solutions for medical imaging.
Its highly qualified team of analysts, researchers and solution consultants use proprietary data sources and various tools and techniques to gather, analyse and represent the latest and the most reliable information essential for businesses to sustain a competitive edge.

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