These machines are often physical rather than virtual because bare metal makes performance less painful – with the unfortunate side effect of making the bill more painful. Basketball fans all over the world must be sad at the fact that NBA superstar Kobe Bryant will be lacing his boots for the last time today.
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March 16, 2015 by Daniel Gutierrez 1 Comment Tweet35 Share125 Share6 +11 EmailShares 167Gartner recently has published the 2015 editions of its Magic Quadrant reports for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, Advanced Analytics Platforms, and Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for Analytics. For the third year in a row, Tableau is positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms. Logi Analytics moved significantly on the “completeness of vision” axis of the Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms – more than any other vendor. When they saw the quadrant, they understood why their movement was so significant. Birst, a leader in Cloud BI and Analytics, was positioned as a ‘Challenger’ in the 2015 Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms report.
Birst defined the pioneering vision of what a cloud BI and analytics set of capabilities should look like.
Pyramid Analytics saw impressive growth driven by accelerated customer acquisition in the past year and a doubling of the company’s global workforce. The market is rapidly evolving from departmental BI to more mature, cross-departmental BI for the enterprise. For the second year in a row, Alteryx has been positioned in the Visionaries quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms.
Alpine Data Labs, a leader of Advanced Analytics Software on big data was positioned as a “Visionary” in the new 2015 Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics  Platforms report. We believe our movement to ‘Visionary’ reflects the momentous growth we’ve experienced over the past year, as well as the significant enhancements to our technology platform,” says Joe Otto, CEO, Alpine Data Labs.
Predixion Software, a developer of cloud-based predictive analytics (PA) software, has been included in the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics Platforms. We believe our inclusion in the Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics affirms our vision to deliver real-time, predictive analytics directly to front line decision makers to improve business outcomes,” said Simon Arkell, CEO of Predixion Software. EXASOL, a provider of in-memory analytic database technology, was placed in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for Analytics.

EXASOL customer references constantly praise EXASOL for its performance, because it is an in-memory columnar DBMS, but also for its price.
Providing a fast and cost-effective in-memory analytic database, EXASOL’s customer base has grown by 90 percent in the last year, bringing the total number of customers using it to drive fast, actionable insights from their data to 80, spread across 12 countries. MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of a top-ranked distribution for Apache™ Hadoop®, has debuted in the Gartner 2015 Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for Analytics Magic Quadrant as a Challenger.
MapR recognized early on the need to build a utility-grade Hadoop distribution, one that can stand up to the demands of organizations worldwide,“ said Jack Norris, CMO, MapR Technologies.
1010data, a Big Data Discovery platform that uniquely combines a complete analytical platform with all of the relevant data clients need, has been positioned in the “Challengers” quadrant in Gartner’s February 12, 2015 Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for Analytics. The data warehousing and analytics market has evolved greatly during the past 12 months, and 1010data has continued to drive innovation in the marketplace through the introduction of integrated, Big Data-scale visualization and in-database application development with QuickApps,” said Sandy Steier, CEO and Co-founder of 1010data.
Don’t forget the data integration magic quadrant which should come out in the summer! In this special guest feature, Sinan Baskan, Solutions Director, CTO Solutions at MarkLogic, discusses why your database must be operational and transactional, but probably isn’t. Like relational data clusters, these machines usually have plenty of memory, CPU and storage.
The designers must answer tricky technical questions such as when to shard, how much memory is enough, and what the difference is between Hadoop and Cassandra. The site consists information on business trends, big data use cases, big data news to help you learn what Big Data is and how it can benefit organizations of all size.
The site’s goal is to provide you with a wide range of information that will enable you to learn all aspects associated with the Big Data space. The legendary Michael Jordan got honored with a special edition just last year for NBA 2K16, and Bryant too featured previously on the cover of NBA 2K10.
Our mission is to be the worlda€™s most trusted financial data search and discovery platform. Gartner collected feedback directly from customers to create these vendor profiles so these reports can be invaluable to help you decide which platform is right for you. The report is based on detailed questionnaires from actual BI users, and contains reviews of all vendors’ strengths and cautions. This momentum culminates in advanced placement in the 2015 Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms where it has been placed further along both axes.

This is where Pyramid Analytics has built its expertise from the beginning,” said Omri Kohl, co-founder and CEO of Pyramid Analytics. Organizational demand for advanced analytics is no longer confined to a small number of specialist users. This represents Predixion’s first appearance in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, which reflects the company’s continued momentum in the marketplace. Additionally, MapR, a pure-play Hadoop vendor, has been positioned furthest along the completeness of vision axis in the Challengers Quadrant.
Here’s how three successful companies – SoftLayer, Cloudant and Rosetta Stone – work at different layers of the big data technology stack. However, big data machines don’t have to be scaled up – they can be scaled out by adding more machines.
The site is dedicated to providing the latest news on Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Business intelligence, Data Warehousing, NoSql, Hadoop, Mapreduce, Hadoop Hive, HBase etc. Kobe Bryant’s legend will live on in NBA 2K17 as he prepares for his final game with the Lakers today. As more organizations plan to democratize analytics and leverage data assets to win in today’s marketplace, Birst’s 2-tier data architecture provides a powerful solution that delivers user-ready data to everyday business users across an organization,” said Jay Larson, CEO, Birst. The goal at Alteryx is to address this shift by empowering analysts to be able to deliver the deeper business insights their decision makers require, much faster than traditional approaches. Most people think of Big Data as an experimental area, but virtually all of our 700 customers are in production.
In a public virtual machine cloud, where you can’t control aspects of storage and even CPU and RAM access, the results varied wildly”. Cloudant CEO Derek Schoettle said, “Whereas they provide IaaS and we provide DBaaS, our joint customers benefit from a tight coupling of our respective services. Tableau loves helping people become data heroes, and strives to offer products that are easier to use, accessible to everyone, and simple to integrate with existing systems.
It's like a dream come true, for a kid to grow up, play for his favorite team and play here for 20 years, his entire career.

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