Last week I was supposed to be enjoying a wonderful baby moon ahead of the baby boy being born.
You are not eligible to rejoin the Commission Junction Network and any attempt to do so shall be null and void.
So, I had to spend the rest of my vacation week dealing with this on and off, and here’s the story.
Of course the first thing I do is reach back out to Commission Junction and see what the heck is going on.
You must promote Advertisers such that You do not mislead the Visitor, and such that the Links deliver bona fide Transactions by the Visitor to Advertiser from the Link. There is nothing to stop someone from attacking me (How People Get Attacked Online) or even unintentionally sign-up twice, but I can tell you for certain I never encourage it. The real breakthrough came, most likely unintentionally, when I was clearing out my spam folder.
Of course I had no idea how I generated just 4 fake leads, but I told him I’d be happy to partner and look into it using my click tracking stats and server logs. Well, at least I knew what affiliate company was to blame for this and where I needed to start my efforts.
After failing to deal with this marketing company, I looked to dealing with the brand directly. However, I’ve recently been contacted by Patrick at ZZZ Marketing, who is handling your affiliate program via Commission Junction, and it has all been down hill since dealing with them and your Commission Junction affiliate program.
Then, earlier this week, Patrick from ZZZ Marketing contacted me out of the blue saying that I was sending bogus leads to him. When I brought this to Patrick’s attention by responding to his initial email request, he never responded, but instead, fraudulently reported me to Commission Junction as falsifying data. I have no direct request from you, but I highly urge you to reconsider doing business with this marketing company, as they are bad news for your brand. Well, the CEO responded first thing the next morning, which I have to give him great credit about – and he forwarded the email to the appropriate people within his company, and I got nothing but immediate responses from their CMO and the person who manages their affiliate program internally. At this point, like you… I have had a few concerns that I will be taking up with Patrick directly and we will be taking pretty direct action to ensure the integrity of our program, the management of the program and ultimately… the quality of our affiliates & their experience with us remains high.
This program was put in place specifically for affiliates like yourself to earn more with us, outside the standard referral program we have… so your experience is concerning to say the least. 1)      Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We take this seriously and action will be taken.
2)      We are committed to making our affiliate program work and to build strong win-win relationships with affiliates such as yourself. 4)      We are putting pretty significant efforts now to ensure that the technical side of our affiliate implementation is sound and to ensure that empty leads in our system are in fact incomplete… as opposed to a technical glitch on our side.  We appear to be in good shape now, but in light of this situation we will do another round of testing to be sure. Now that I had made contact with the brand, I still had to get things resolved with Commission Junction. On the brand side, the internal affiliate manager called Commission Junction, and let them know what happened and that this was an error.
I wanted to let you know that I spoke to CJ yesterday and they have lifted the suspension on your account. I want to thank you again for bringing this awful matter to our attention, and for being so gracious during this process. It took about three days, a lot of emails, and a lot of stress, but I was able to get my Commission Junction account reinstated. But brands rely on these affiliates to share the benefits of their companies, not the negatives.

Second, brands have to realize that, in the lead generation business, you’re going to get bogus inputs on your system from people wanting to try it out. However, it is important that you leverage technology that can help protect you, or at least keep accurate records.
Once you know who you’re dealing with, you can direct your inquires to the right place. However, every now and then, there will be an unscrupulous marketing firm that is out to make a buck off of bloggers and website owners at the expense of the brands they are supposed to represent.
Hopefully this post serves as inspiration and a blueprint for what to do if you ever find yourself in this situation.
About six months ago I worked really hard on building a free resources page with affiliate links to things that will not cost my frugal readers anything to sign up for. I just ran though your site and I think you should write a post about something to do with credit. But based on your article I’m seeing that it looks like they handle some directly and that they also are an avenue for other marketing companies as well. If CJ is tracking the clicks and paying the people, then why was ZZZ marketing company even involved with that aspect?
In many cases, ZZZ Marketing will handle a lot of online marketing for you in general, not just affiliate programs. I’m just getting started at blogging and looking at the different affiliate marketing programs to diversify my income streams a little. I’ll probably post this question at the Yakezie forums too (not sure if you participate there).
Adsense already serves a boatload of vanguard ads to my page and my target demographic would benefit from their services (well, anyone would).
This blog post is going to be reviewing a long time affiliate program in the affiliate marketing industry Commission Junction. Fact: Commission Junction has grown to be the largest, and most well respected affiliate programs in North America. Fact: Commission Junction has a lot of fortune 500 companies for an affiliate to promote like Godaddy, Norton, Verizon wireless, Geico, Yahoo Affiliate Program, Payday Loans, Liberty Mutual, as well as countless other big companies. Choose your native language, your home Country, and the currency you use like The U.S Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar, GBP, RMB or Chinese Yuan, as well as Swedish, Czech, Polish, South African, or Danish currency. The dashboard inside the Commission Junction control panel can be confusing if your a newbie to affiliate, or internet marketing in general. CJ is a good affiliate network, with some quality products that you can make money promoting, even with the few drawbacks that I have found in my review. Commission Junction as a whole is still very well worth signing up for, finding some quality products to promote, so you can increase your online revenues. AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: You should assume that I am an affiliate for products that I recommend through my website.
This termination and removal is the result of non-bona fide transactions performed on your account in violation of the Commission Junction Publisher Service Agreement you agreed to follow. You shall not cause any Transactions to be made that are not in good faith, including, but not limited to, using any device, program, robot, Iframes, or hidden frames.
I also haven’t received any affiliate payouts from the ZZZ CJ program – any insights? Therefore we will let you know if a change is made, but as it stands the account is to remain as is. In searching for solutions to my problem, I came across countless forum posts from people experiencing the same thing.

I actually think it’s a little crazy on CJ part that they will suspend then account of a valuable website over the word of one company.
This has never happened to me, but it’s great information for somebody dealing with this problem. Being honest and transparent is the only way to do things on the internet when it comes to money.
Tell Me Your Favorite Email To Send It Directly Below Huge list shows you where you should be looking for laser targeted web traffic in 2016 and well into the future. You can make money as an affiliate promoting any of their products, or services in Commission Junction’s affiliate database. AffiliateTip: Find high paying affiliate programs that pay $100 plus per successful sale that you generate to them, and all you will have to do is sell one thing that month to get paid. Payouts are made monthly by check, or wire transfer if you are in the countries that are approved for option number 2.
I personally like to promote various webhosts because the affiliate payouts are high usually a $100 dollars a sale. You may or may not be compensated for Transactions where You or Your agent are the Visitor.
They should get both sides of the story before making any decisions, at least that’s how it makes sense in my mind. Unfortunately, I have made a whopping $1 so far, even though there have been hundreds of clicks per link. Tip: If your just looking to promote some products as an affiliate marketer choose the publisher option. Choose your marketing tools and place them on your website, social networks, email list, or however else you wish to promote your affiliate programs.
Obviously you will be striving for more, but at least you will not have to make many sales before you are eligible for a check. But I am an experienced marketer, so keep that in mind if your just starting out as an affiliate.
Multiple Leads from the same individual, entity or IP address may be considered non-bona fide Transactions. As I begin looking for affiliate opps, I’m glad to have this heads up that all is not what it seems.
Note: Make sure you read the publisher agreements so you know how you can promote each individual product. The competition in the webhosting niche is very competitive, but at the same time, there are tons of other high paying affiliate products, or services that you can promote just by browsing the affiliate marketplace. In fact, I oftentimes am able to negotiate a lower rate (or bonuses) not available elsewhere online. I contacted CJ (where most of the links are through) and asked if everything was working right on their end. Such as: What internet marketing tactics the merchants allow, and which internet marketing strategies they do not!

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