Comcast's new Stream service offers a limited number of live streaming television channels, plus on-demand and cloud DVR services for $15 a month. Stream is currently available as a free beta in Boston and will officially launch by the end of summer there, followed by Chicago and Seattle. Twelve or so live channels is decidedly less than the more than 70 live streaming broadcasts available to Comcasta€™s television subscribers.
The impact on you at home: In recent months, Comcast has been rolling out a variety of programs and features for the streaming revolution.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Sign in to your Comcast Business online account and select Email from the Manage Services menu. If you are sending a large number of emails in certain periods of time your email account may be temporarily blocked from sending email. See the Differences between MAPI, POP and IMAP article to learn more about the different email protocols available with your Comcast Business email. If your email client is not syncing a folder with your Comcast Business email, access the email or syncing settings of your email client. If your email client is only syncing email from the past few days, access the email or syncing settings of your email client.
There is a limit of 20 MB (megabytes) per email message, including the email content, headers, and attachment(s).

Phishing is a method used by Internet scammers who imitate real companies in email messages to entice people to share usernames, passwords, account information or credit card numbers. If you are still having problems with your email, please call Business Customer Support at 1-800-391-3000.
To help maintain your company's outgoing email security, follow these instructions to configure your modem.
Learn about how to resolve issues related to email bounce back messages, including: Code BL006, exceeded limits and more.
Symantec, the Symantec Logo, the Checkmark Logo, and Norton, Norton 360 and Norton by Symantec are registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation ©2014 Symantec Corporation. On Sunday, Comcast announced Stream, a $15 monthly add-on for Xfinity Internet subscribers that gives them access to live and on-demand TV online. Nevertheless, ita€™s still a good amount of television and by offering the major broadcast networks Stream could be a better deal for many viewers than upstart Sling TV. Subscribers will only be able to view live TV content in their home as that service is tied to Comcast's physical cable network and not an online account, a Comcast spokesperson told PCWorld. Stream also gives you the rights to use Comcasta€™s TV Everywhere service via the Xfinity TV app for on-demand viewing and access to Comcasta€™s cloud DVR service.
In August 2014, Comcast announced Xfinity on Campus, a live and on-demand streaming service for college students. The service will likely be good enough to prove competitive to Sling in terms of contenta€”yet it doesna€™t have enough channels to convince hordes of TV subscribers to give up their fat cable packages.

Comcast tell us that future plans for Stream include the ability to add different premium channels from genres such asA sports, kids, movies, and lifestyle. If you receive the message it confirms that you can send and receive email through Outlook Web Access. Select Email from the Manage Services menu, then select View DNS Settings to view server information for your email account.
The protocol you use must be supported by both Comcast Business email and your preferred email client.
Learn how to check the current available mailbox quota using Outlook 2010 and more on this topic in the Size and storage limits article.
The most common ploy is to copy the look and feel of a major web page and use that design to set up a nearly identical page that appears to be part of the company's site.
Stream offers a limited number of live TV broadcasts from a€?about a dozen networksa€? includingA ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS, Telemundo, Univision, HBO and HBO's various multiplex channels such as HBO2, HBO3 and so on.
See the Help protect your business from email phishing article for more information and to learn how to report suspicious emails. More recently,A Comcast expanded its live and on-demand streaming selection for regular TV subscribers.

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