Anyway, one there was enough successfully-beaten egg white goo to make just one of these little guys, and it turned out perfectly — crispy along the edges, with a runny yolk in the middle (Get it? This entry was posted in BB Songs, Recipes and tagged eggs, Gabriel & the Hounds, Kate Bush, Takka Takka, vegetarian by Laura Leebove. I knew I wanted something that looked like clouds, which often, unfortunately, is going to mean egg whites.

To be safe, break each egg white into a small, separate bowl first, then dump it into the mixing bowl, because this won’t work with even the tiniest big of yolk in it.
Her full-time gig is in the editorial department at eMusic, and she spends most of her free time in the kitchen of her south Brooklyn apartment. For the yolks, you can either keep them resting in the eggshell (see photo) or slide each one into its own separate bowl and set aside.

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