Here are the lists of Cherry mobile android phones and their prices in the Philippines which you might be interested with.
To get updated with Crocs megasale schedule I suggest you visit their page on facebook or you may subscribe to this post. In addition to its smaller 5-inch offerings, the company has announced the new 5.5-inch CloudFone Excite Prime handset. Similar to the Thrill HD, every purchase comes with a free back cover and Spotify earphones.

Currently cherry mobile offer the cheapest or should I say competitively priced android phones and tablet pc line up that can compete side by side to some android phones offered by other big names in the android mobile industry. Wifi enabled has 2MP camera with 512MB internal memory at a very affordable price of P5499. A reasonably long amount of time should pass by before the Excite Prime demands recharging, all thanks to a 2820mAh battery.
Marquee Mall is located at North Luzon Expressway, Angeles City, Pampanga, Angeles City, Philippines.

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